43 Times Entitled Brides Wanted The ‘Perfect’ Wedding, So They Went Overboard With Their Lists Of Demands

Every bride wants the perfect wedding: starting from the guest list and the x-tiered cake to the gorgeous venue and the magical atmosphere. However, real-life isn’t perfect and there are no perfect weddings. Far from it! But if you demand perfection, then you’ve got to be the perfect bride to all of your guests and bridesmaids, too.

Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that not all brides are wholesome, joyful, and loving—some have got plenty of entitlement to go around that’s making some guests wonder whether to skip the happy occasion altogether. We’re not talking about your regular “we prefer wine over flowers” deal. Oh no! It’s the kind of entitlement and lists of demands that you’re likely to see on the legendary ‘Choosing Beggars’ subreddit.

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With wedding season in full swing, you’re likely to get invited to a wedding or two this summer. So here’s a list of posts made by entitled brides that will make you glad that your loved ones and friends are nowhere near as bad. Remember to upvote the pics that you think should to act as an example of what to avoid doing in life and let us know about the biggest bridezillas you’ve ever encountered in your lives, dear Pandas.

Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society shared with Bored Panda that the pandemic has shifted some wedding trends away from materialism and toward a different way to celebrate the happy day. “We’re all being forced to reinvent what a wedding looks like and often now that means toned down, simplified and meaningful. Honestly, if people are looking to go with the trend of a big, gaudy, expensive wedding, that boat has well and truly sailed,” they said. Read on for the rest of the interview.

#1 What Is It About Weddings That Brings Out The Choosiest Of Beggars

Image credits: _icaruslives

#2 Let Me Not Ask For Permission To Have My Wedding Here (God’s Plan)

Image credits: SpacemanSpaceLy

#3 Hey, I Know That I’ve Given My Wedding No Thought But I Want You Dedicate The Next 48 Hours Of Your Life To It

Image credits: Adora90

“The new trend that we’re constantly seeing (and which we believe is here to stay) is having a day that is filled with meaning and feeling, rather than things,” Anna and Sarah pointed out to Bored Panda that current trends show people moving away from the things we’ve read in this list.

The wedding experts also shared with me their wisdom on how to approach situations where the happy couple might have very specific demands of their guests.

#4 “Fortunately I’m Not In A Position Where I Need To Pay To Work”

Image credits: carlayyy_13

#5 Cb Asks To People Pay To Be In Her Wedding

Image credits: MotherofChins

#6 Cb Bride To Be Complaining That Her Fiance Proposed To Her With His Grandmother’s Diamond Instead Of The ‘Blingy Ring’ She ‘Always Wanted’

Image credits: Koshka69

“As a guest, if you’re invited to a wedding where there is a specific code of conduct, dress, or gift, you’re ultimately going to have to respect what is being asked of you or decline to attend,” they said. However, there is a ‘but.’

“If the marrying couple are close enough to you, you should feel comfortable being honest in a kind way as to your reasons. And if the couple are the people that you know and love, they’ll understand,” Anna and Sarah noted that your relationship with the couple really does count for something.

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#7 Bride Gets Rsvps From Wedding Guests And Only After The Fact Tells Everyone Who Said They Were Coming That They Need To Pay $75 Per Plate

Image credits: Ldeezy

#8 Bride Demands 30k

Image credits: protoss12345

#9 Sorry You Can’t Come To The Wedding, Send Us Money Anyway

Image credits: juaninazio

During an earlier interview, Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society went into detail about the various aspects of weddings and perfection with me. They put it very simply: instead of focusing on all of the tiny details and trying to control everything, you should shine the spotlight on the marriage itself. Because that’s all that really matters.

“Trust us—you’re only going to truly enjoy the day if you’re focusing on what matters—the marriage. Everything else is just details,” they told Bored Panda earlier.

#10 Bride Wants My Photographer Friend To Learn Another Photographer’s “Style” And Basically Give Her A Discount For A Wedding That’s In A Couple Of Weeks

Image credits: moonage-day-dream-6

#11 A Lifetime Opportunity: Wedding Party With A Contract

Image credits: loudbaboon

#12 I’ll Just Pay For My Whole Wedding With Experience Points!

Image credits: shoretee

The duo from The Wedding Society suggested that brides shouldn’t obsess over a single thing, even one as important as a wedding dress. “The concept of a ‘perfect wedding dress’ really only matters deeply to those who are probably focusing on the wrong thing,” they said that we should all step back, reevaluate the situation, and remember what’s truly valuable here. 

#13 Yeah Because Photographers Who Would Normally Charge $2000 Or More Are Just Waiting Around Bored And Willing To Do Your Wedding For Free

Image credits: jnels808

#14 Bride Upset That Nobody Gave Her Cash At Her Engagement Party

Image credits: yodaonethatiwant

#15 Bride Is Expecting Everyone To Spend $400 Or More On Her Wedding Gifts

Image credits: DexOrangeCounty

“There are literally thousands of incredible dresses directly available to you—it’s almost a physical impossibility for only one to be right for you and, if that’s how you’re feeling, it’s probably worth stepping back, taking a deep breath, and re-shifting your priorities,” they said. Similarly, focusing on gifts isn’t the way to go either because it takes away the focus from the celebration of love and shifts it towards material things and social status.

#16 Kindly Refrain From Upstaging The Bride On Her Big Day — Oh, And No Admission Without A Gift Of $75 Or More

Image credits: laika_cat

#17 Give Me A Free Wedding Song

Image credits: agentskully25

#18 Woman Tries To Get Me To Take A Day Off School To Take Photographs Of Her Wedding

Image credits: Babytemptress

According to Anna and Sarah, too many people are “caught up in the party and the image” because they want to impress their social circles. Letting go of the need to impress takes a lot of stress off your shoulders and leaves more time to spend with the people that are supposed to mean the most to us. Entitlement and arrogance serve no one, especially not the person using both as a way to try and get the ‘perfect’ wedding.

#19 Nobody Wants To Pay A Bare Minimum Of 250 Dollars In Gifts To Go To A Wedding

Image credits: FiredLifeMod

#20 Need You To Work For Free, Can’t Pay You Because I’ve Already Paid Others 10 Grand For My Wedding, Lmk

Image credits: mimiscg

#21 Beggar Bride Asks Stranger To Be Bridesmaid Because She Gives Expensive Gifts – From Wedding Shaming Fb Page

Image credits: NothappyJane

#22 “Getting Married, Venmo The Bride” Car Paint

Image credits: Noshikme

#23 From A Fb Group I’m In, An Actual Wedding Invite Someone Received. “You Don’t Have To Give Money But If You Do, Don’t Be A Cheapskate!”

Image credits: madammayorislove

#24 I’ve Officially Dropped Out Of The Bridal Party. I’m A Size 12 With No Plans On Dropping To A Size 8 By December

Image credits: junebugg85

#25 Bride Is Pissed Her Bridesmaid Has The Wrong Color Toenail Polish, Gets Super Defensive In The Comments

Image credits: IDreamInCheddar

#26 Woman Wants To Pay A Photographer Only £100 For 11 Hours Work To Cover Her Wedding. But Only Wanted Professionals

Image credits: TheSimbaNinja

#27 Sorry For Being So Rude And Ugly For Not Wanting To Donate A Brand New Wedding Dress To Someone I Don’t Know

Image credits: JnatasQ

#28 Bridezilla Wants Her Sister’s House For Her Wedding!!

Image credits: SergioFHAR

#29 Come To Our Wedding And Pay $700 To Stay In The Guest House But You’ll Be Sleeping On The Pullout Couch Because You’re The Only Singleton. Also, Did I Mention You’re Cooking For Everyone?

Image credits: mellybee222

#30 Cb Bride

Image credits: wingkingdom

#31 Shoot My 6-Months-Away Wedding For Free Because ….my Kid Needed Braces?

Image credits: ThatWordChick

#32 My Mum Is An Artificial Florist And Had An ‘Influencer’ With 70k Followers Ask For Free Wedding Flowers For Exposure

Image credits: PepperBundle

#33 Man, This Person’s Family Is Gonna Run Me Out Of Business! I Mean A Wedding Video For Free? I Can’t Compete With That

Image credits: Lightwrider1

#34 Anon Doesn’t Want To Drive A Free Bmw Or Tesla To His Wedding

Image credits: weezy_latez

#35 Bride Cancels Her Wedding Because Her Guests Didn’t “Donate” A $1,500 Each To Fund The Event

Image credits: Re-l-Mayer

#36 Bride Tries To Force Friend To Do Photography For Her Wedding, Insists That He Pays Her For The Privilege

Image credits: fynn34

#37 Covid Bride Town Clerk Wants You To Lowball Yourself For Some Free Publicity At Budget Meetings

Image credits: innocentsubterfuge

#38 Woman Expects Me To Photograph Her Wedding For $150 But The Exposure Is Priceless

Image credits: nerdsforbreakfast

#39 Bride And Groom Ask Friends For Free Labor And Food And Then Demand That They Buy Special Clothing To Wear At The Wedding

Image credits: Caa3098

#40 Bridezilla Calls Passive Aggressive Dibs On A Public Use Area In My Neighborhood Where We All Walk, Atv, And Camp. No Permit, No Contact Info, No Restrooms Or Trash Facilities, And Definitely Not Enough Woods For A 50+ Person Blowout

Image credits: wet_leaves

#41 “I’d Rather Take A Pic On My iPhone Lol”… For A Wedding Photographer

Image credits: JaredScheppers

#42 Wedding Shoot

Image credits: sitdownchair

#43 Pay For My Historic Wedding, Y’all!

Image credits: AntsNMyEyes

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