45 Frugal “Hacks” And Memes Shared On This Satirical Online Group

62% of employees have reduced their short- and long-term savings contributions amid high inflation and concerns about a possible recession. Moreover, 71% of employees said money-related stress has negatively affected their work and personal lives, a 7% increase from 2021.

And while we at Bored Panda don’t have the instruments to change the monetary policy, there is something we can do to help the situation. Have a laugh about it. After all, humor makes everything better, doesn’t it? So this time, we invite you to join us in exploring the subreddit ‘Frugal Jerk.’

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Its 147k members constantly share memes about being poor, often taking things to ridiculously extreme levels to accentuate the painful realities of bills, taxes, and everything else related to personal finances.

“We, the proud few who stand on the cutting edge of frugality. We hold our heads high as we steal toilet paper, shoplift lentils, reuse condoms, syringes, and drink our own piss to save multiple dollars each year,” the people behind the online community write in its about section.

So continue scrolling to check everything out and don’t miss the chat we had about spending and saving with Doug Nordman, who managed to retire at 41 and now runs the website Military Financial Independence and is the author of The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement.

#1 Could Becoming A Murderous Clown Be The Secret To The Ultimate Frugal Lifestyle?

Image credits: SkyGuardianOfTheSky

#2 Saving Money This Christmas

Image credits: I_am_chris_dorner

Nordman told Bored Panda the biggest mistake he sees people make in their early steps toward financial independence is trying too hard.

“Frugality is challenging and fulfilling, and it’s sustainable,” he said. “Deprivation has its uses (paying off credit-card debt) but it can lead to burnout. Strive for work/life balance, lead a quality of life that makes you enjoy the journey, and put your investing in autopilot.”

#3 How To Furnish A Home

Image credits: Yoyodude1124

#4 Deli Meat And A/C Are For Fat Cats

Image credits: onethousandllamas

#5 Tip: How To Do Laundry For Free!

Image credits: Muffinizer1

It’s easy to form bad financial habits. For example, a 2021 study found that panic buying transformed into impulsive buying.

The survey of 2,000 online shoppers, commissioned by Slickdeals and conducted by OnePoll discovered that Americans impulsively spend an average of $276 every month. (That adds up to an extra $3,312 spent every year and about $198,720 in a lifetime.)

The most common spontaneous emotional purchases were food and groceries (48%), household items (42%), clothing (40%), and coffee (33%).

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#6 Join The Revolution, Brothers

Image credits: hellotherehomogay

#7 Cat Trying To Collect Insurance

Image credits: AccidentalBirth

#8 Not A Bad Idea

Image credits: dwill91

#9 It’s The Perfect Crime

Image credits: ChuckieOrLaw

To get rid of these pesky (and often expensive) habits, we need to be mindful about our budgets.

“Start by understanding your spending,” Nordman suggests. “If it’s valuable to you then you’re willing to work for the extra years of life energy to pay for it.”

#10 How To Get Free Grapes

Image credits: AtomicDeaths

#11 When The Machines Try To Take Over

Image credits: whitpavel

#12 It’s The Thought That Counts ???

Image credits: dr_analog

#13 This Guy Understands Us

Image credits: muklan

“If it’s wasted spending then cut it ruthlessly and invest it in your retirement accounts. Here’s the important part: automate your investing so that it’s a habit you won’t have to decide with every paycheck,” Nordman added.

“You used to be a person who lived only for today. Now you’re the person who’s stacking new habits for a better life.”

#14 I Got Outed As A Fat Cat

Image credits: Higher_Position

#15 This Genius Has A Good Idea About Keeping Rent Low

Image credits: therock21

#16 Saving On Graduation Pics

Image credits: thadowski

#17 My Father, Smuggling Cheese Slices Into A Local Burger Joint, Rebelling Against Their $.60 Upcharge… Resist!!!

Image credits: MalcolmDrake

It looks like people have been increasingly interested in saving (or earning) an extra dollar. At least on the internet.

For example, membership on the subreddit r/FinancialPlanning grew 87% between June 2020 and 2021 to more than 241,000.

And in the past year, it nearly doubled, reaching 423,000.

#18 This Wendy Person Is Clearly An Elitist Fatcat!

Image credits: ForgottenJoke

#19 If You’re Not Part Of The Economic Elite That Can Afford To Flush

Image credits: gunna-f-u-up

#20 Live Frugal, Die Frugal

Image credits: Yobecks

#21 Save A Fortune In Christmas Presents

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

For investing-specific conversations and news, over 2.1 million users turn to r/investing. (That subreddit’s membership grew 83% between June 2020 and 2021.)

Then there’s the subreddit r/personalfinance with a whopping 16.6 million-member army that hosts conversations about anything and everything related to spending, earning, saving, and investing.

So there’s much more than memes to discover. Although these are savage, not gonna lie.

#22 Easy Grill

Image credits: Morememes_

#23 Imagine Thinking You’re Poor When You Have Four Whole Slices Of Bread!

Image credits: bouquineuse644

#24 I Already Live In A Cardboard Box And Don’t Eat, When Do I Get The Money???

Image credits: notsure500

#25 How To Get Absolutely Hammered (In A Frugal Manner)

Image credits: _G-o-d_

#26 Stickin’ It To Those Goodyear Big-Wigs

Image credits: L1ghtningMcQueer

#27 Next Time You Are Visiting Someone’s Home, Try To Get Yourself Alone With Their Toaster. A Great Bounty Awaits You

Image credits: hoikarnage

#28 Practical Thinking

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 5 Dollar Thrift Store Chair. On Mondays Everything Is Half Off So We Got It For $2.50. Upon Bringing It Inside We Found $3.88 In The Cushions. #blessed

Image credits: FkWorkLetsRide

#30 You Know The Vibes

Image credits: ftkardashian

#31 Our New God?

Image credits: Ubervisor

#32 The Gods Smile On Me Today

Image credits: Thumbs0fDestiny

#33 Found This And Thought It Was Fitting

Image credits: -_-DerpFish-_-

#34 Fellers I’m Set For Life! I Found A Beverage With Infinite Servings Therefore Infinite Calories

Image credits: Yoyodude1124

#35 Lpt: Peel All Produce Before Weighing To Save $$$ At The Grocery Store

Image credits: jesusisacoolio

#36 Today I’m Mortgage Free At 27!

Image credits: notsure500

#37 Look At Mr Fancy Pants Here With Tupperware. I Use Leaves To Carry My Food

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Arrivederci, Suckers! I Just Scored Some Sweet Waterfront Property. Off To Join The 1%!

Image credits: dangerevans007

#39 Finally Had My New Pool Installed. Nice Knowing You Jerks!

Image credits: fatdrunkdude

#40 Holy S**t Guys, This Ice Cream Store Has A Cup Of Sample Spoons Covered In Free Ice Cream Just Sitting There

Image credits: GenuinePorkChops

#41 Wasteful Fat Cats

Image credits: PetrichorEnigma

#42 These Crumpets I Found Behind The Tesco Came With Free Antibiotics To Cure My Infection!

Image credits: TeaBreezy

#43 Now Who’s Really Controlling The World??

Image credits: LivingRaccoon

#44 Instant Breakfast! Eat That You Fat-Cat Bastards!

Image credits: pageplant97

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