46 Before And After Pics Of Rescue Cats That Have Flourished Since Being Adopted (New Pics)

Domestic pets are some of the most vulnerable members of our society, so it can be heartwrenching when they suffer due to human malice or negligence. Conversely, however, the stories of their rescue, adoption and recovery can be inspiring and heartwarming. That’s what the /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption subreddit is all about.

The subreddit actually accepts photos of all pets, but we’d like to give a special shoutout to the cats today that are living their best lives thanks to their loving owners’ care. If you need a pick-me-up or to restore your faith in humanity’s kindness and love, then this one’s for you!

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#1 She Was Found Tiny And Sick On The Streets Of Brooklyn And She’s Now The Biggest Personality And The Sweetest Baby

Image credits: johnstamosluvr

#2 My Most Recent Rescue Baby Merlin’s Before And After, Cannot Thank The Rescue Center We Adopted From Enough

Image credits: rosie-buns

#3 Gigner Old Cat That We Rescued In 2022. Now He Is Adopted

Image credits: ElectricalTravel1671

#4 My Sweet Orange Boy

Image credits: allthecatsforevr

#5 Barn Cat To Lap Cat

Image credits: hunnyymustarddx

#6 From Terrified Orphan Stray To Fluffy Queen In One Year

Image credits: liremo

#7 He Was Actually The One Who Saved Me

Image credits: Low-Jeweler737

#8 Mochi

Image credits: demons_soulmate

#9 Nimbus Glowed Up

Image credits: 211av8r

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#10 Biscuit: Best Thing I Ever Got From A Whataburger

He lived on the Texas streets for 2-3 years and survived the big freeze. So happy my son wanted ‘Whataburger’ that night at 1 am and I am so happy I said I would take him. Biscuit is the most spoiled now

Image credits: Downtown_Ad_1131

#11 Meet Lina. From A Scrawny Kitten With Fleas To Current Polite Angel

Image credits: Etryphun

#12 Today Marks One Month Since I Started Fostering Baby Gremlin! I Know It’s Not Technically An Adoption, But It Will Be Once He’s Neutered!

Image credits: UncleGael

#13 Before N After From Kitten To Cat

Image credits: zatrogofyu

#14 Bulka Cat. I Rescued Her In 2021 She Was Suffering From Frozen Pregnancy And Pyometra. When I First Saw Her She Was Dieing. The Vet Gave Her 1 Percent From 100 To Survive But She Was A Fighter

Image credits: ElectricalTravel1671

#15 We Found Little Otho At A Car Wash Back In October. Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Cat Now

Image credits: cheezballs

#16 I Found This Guy Living In My Storage Shed. After Some Much Needed Dental Surgery And Months Of Living Indoors, He’s A New Man

Image credits: onside_trills0v

#17 Found Him In A Parking Lot, He’s Sleeping A Lot More Comfortably Now

Image credits: rorofoshoo

#18 Then And Now

Image credits: Sea_Land_1944

#19 Spent A Week Driving An Hour Each Way To Trap This Guy!

Image credits: Hoperosaliex

#20 Reeves Was Found After He Was Attacked By A Bobcat

I called the vet when I was on my way in. I didnt think he would make it to the vet. 2 vets told me to put him down but 1 was willing to try! After vet stays and physical therapy he recovered and was adopted

Image credits: Hoperosaliex

#21 Believe Me, It’s The Same Cat!

Image credits: MoniHaavi

#22 Found This Baby Near The Stable Wandering Around And Crying, Now Look At This Beauty!!!

Image credits: frogannihilator

#23 Before And After Of Crusty Boi™️

Image credits: vafyalorki

#24 When I Was Asked To Take This Girl, I Was Told The Vet Didn’t Think She Had A Chance

She was found on the highway, burned paws, emaciated, alone. After multiple vet stays, 24 hour care at my house, she went into rescue and was adopted! This is why I rescue/foster on my own. I won’t give up!

Image credits: Hoperosaliex

#25 Meet Trinket, I Got Her To Foster The Day She Was Born, I Officially Adopted Her At 8 Weeks. My First Foster Fail, And The Biggest Grouch. I Love Her More Than Anything

Image credits: grayshush

#26 Rabbit & Cricket, 1 Year Later

Image credits: YoungPopess

#27 Before And After. Toptyga Cat That I Rescued 6 Months Ago

Image credits: ElectricalTravel1671

#28 Before And Current Of This Rescue Boy Otto

I was 5 hours away when I saw the fb plea for helped and arranged transport to the vet and boarding and medical help until I got home 5 days later. He is thriving with care, food, love and medication and his eye looks so good!

Image credits: Hoperosaliex

#29 Who Would Have Guessed Burrito Will Live? He’s Turning 4 Next Month!!

Image credits: melocatmom

#30 What A Difference A Loving Home Makes

Image credits: corgioreo

#31 This Is Ellie, We Found Her On The Streets In January 2022. We Don’t Know What Happened To His Mom Or Siblings But She Was Starving And Severely Underweight. After The Vet We Removed Over 25 Fleas. Nowadays She Sleeps Between My Legs Almost Every Night

Image credits: nhozemphtek

#32 My First Bottle Baby Foster Kittens After A Neighbor Found Them In A Rainstorm vs. Four Months Later In Their Forever Home!

Image credits: marceldushit

#33 Meet Bobby!

Image credits: triplesspressso

#34 Ten Years Ago Today I Went For A Walk And Came Home With A Kitten. From Tiny And Dirty To Large And In Charge: Happy 10th Gotcha Day, Melvin!

Image credits: snerdie

#35 Gigi After A Year In My Care. I Found Her On The Street Last Year And Decided To Rescue And Adopt Her

Image credits: janelagasse

#36 This Little Guy Was Left Alone In The Rain

Image credits: jehad_mamdoh

#37 Sushi Aka Chompers. What A Difference A Year Makes

Image credits: Shellyysauruss_Rexx

#38 From Filthy, Crusty, Smelly Street Rescue To Happy, Spoiled Cat

Image credits: littlelostangeles

#39 1 Year Update! Day 1 When We Rescued Her From A Trash Can, 1 Year Later She Suddenly Turned Into A Fluff Ball ?

Image credits: celcelcel333

#40 This Is Jonesy. He Had Been Thrown Into A Ditch. Here He Is Three Months Later

Image credits: Flaky_Zombie_6085

#41 One Year Ago Today, I Rescued My Baby Girl. Meet Mango

Image credits: Vidsaays

#42 I Adopted Him Like This In May 4th’22. So I Am Guessing This Is His Birthweek. Happy Birthday To My Precious, Name’s Cutu (Parents Named Him. Derived From Cute) Irony Is, They Told Me Not To Keep Any Pets Now He Is Their Favorite As Well

Image credits: _kozak1337

#43 Lucian Was Attacked By A Dog Before I Adopted Him

Image credits: throwawayyourvalues

#44 Lucky About A Week After Showing Up On Our Porch At About 6 Weeks Old, And Now About 9 Months Later

Image credits: sarcasticofarfalla

#45 Charlie Pippo. Spotted Him While Pulled Over In The Country On A Trip To Wisc. Brought Him Home. After A Month Of Projectile Diarrhea, We Solved His Problems And Now He’s Our Best Buddy

Image credits: gkpetrescue

#46 Gotcha Day June 14th // Just Yesterday! Baby Kahlua Is Literally Perfect For Us

Image credits: BoogieBoggart

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