5 Tips for Putting Together an Impeccable Design Awards Entry in Record Time

So you’re thinking about entering the Core77 Design Awards this year, but getting the entry together feels like an uphill battle. We know how it goes—things get really busy, and before you know it, you’re facing an impending deadline approaching fast. But not to worry! Our Regular Deadline for the 2022 awards arrives on Tuesday, March 8th and there’s still plenty of time to get your entry together.

Wondering how to put an entry together quickly that also checks all the right boxes? Here are five tips to get you started:

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1. Ask yourself: how would you elevator pitch your product?

First impressions are everything, and in the Core77 Design Awards, that first impression comes in the form of your entry’s project summary. To get one together with maximum impact, have a go at writing up a summary of your product and why you created it in less than 300 words. Recite it to a friend, and get their feedback. Are they compelled and excited by the project after listening? Do they understand what your product is about after hearing this description and can relay a summary back to you? If so, then congratulations! Give yourself one final edit to cross t’s and dot it’s and you’ve got your entry’s project summary ready to go!

2. Good images matter—make sure you’ve got yours in order.

When it comes to design awards, you’re often presenting your work to juries full of industry-leading designers, which means visual presentation is top priority. Show us your best product photos within the entry, maybe along with some renderings, context, and process shots to give the judges a full idea of what your product looks like and where it’s going to be used (But not too many! We’ll get into that in a second…).

3. Edit, edit, edit!

Creating an amazing entry is all about balance—how do you present the right information to judges without overwhelming them? One great way to test whether or not you’re getting your message across efficiently is to read your entry aloud and time yourself. Does your writing sound coherent when you say it aloud, and does it flow easily? Did you mention all the key points within the entry while keeping the recitation under 2 to 3 minutes?

Make sure you’re following basic rules of editing too. Write in an active voice as much as possible, cut long run-on sentences into two shorter ones, and nix filler words like “that”. This will all help with the flow of your entry!

And finally, don’t forget to stick to the essentials when it comes to image sharing. Are there any photos included that, if deleted, wouldn’t significantly affect a reader’s understanding of the product? If the answer is yes, throw it out.

4. If you can include a helpful video, do it!

Videos are often a great way for judges to get an overview of the product in a succinct and engaging way. If you have any helpful videos you prepared in the process of creating your project, think about including it.

And if you don’t have a highly produced and edited video, that’s okay too! Even something like a product demo shot on your phone can be helpful if it feels relevant.

5. Make sure you are conveying a crystal-clear purpose and (bonus points!) future impact.

Judges love to see that you’ve thought a product through, and presented context as to why your product is important. Don’t let the judges surmise themselves the significance, tell them straight up! Successful products often directly address very relevant cultural issues, so make sure to state clearly how your innovation relates to current events and phenomena. And if you’re able to give evidence to show how you’ll test its impact after launch, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Ready to get started on your Core77 Design Awards entry? Enter now, Regular Deadline arrives on Tuesday, March 8th!

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