50 DIY Fails That Went So Wrong, People Just Had To Share Pics Online

When the term DIY (do it yourself) comes into question, many of us have different associations with it. Some people are avid fans of it and even like to repurpose old items with creative twists, while for some people… the term quite literally means a disaster in every way possible.

Let’s be real, even those who are rather skilled at making things themselves have failed quite a few times before they got it right. However, sometimes we not only lack the patience and skills to execute the plan, but also the literal sense to know when something is not going to come out the way we want it to. Some ideas are just meant to never be executed for our own piece of mind, unless we don’t mind nightmares, that is.

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Now that all of that is out of the way, we suggest you check out some of the DIY fails submitted by the members of the r/DiWHY subreddit community. And unless you want to intensify your nightmares for tonight or just have a good laugh, make sure to check out previous posts here, here, and here.

#1 This Subreddit’s Title Says It All

Image credits: only-an-entity

#2 Up For Some Spam?

Image credits: The_Pranavster

#3 Biblically Accurate Furby

Image credits: Christinedrink

In a previous article, Bored Panda had reached out to IAMmojo who is the moderator of the r/DiWHY subreddit. We wanted to know how moderation works when it comes to such a big page in general.

“It’s not too difficult in general, but on certain days there are influxes of [crap]posts and reposts which can get crazy. Even with rules, these will continue to happen. It’s why I use Automoderator to handle rejections of any new accounts or low karma accounts as a baseline.”

#4 I’m No Electrician, But I Think I’ve Solved The Mystery Of Why Changing The Lightbulbs Didn’t Work

Image credits: gardenpea

#5 Your Grand Kids With Cherish These… Or Bury Them In The Backyard

Image credits: cllrbattley

#6 Ouch

Image credits: esseeayen

The moderator also shared one of the most common recipes for a DIY (or should we say DIYWHY) disaster. Can you take a guess on what it is? We are sure, the answer might not be that surprising but it is funny nonetheless.

“If you ask the sub, they will surely mention the hot glue gun as the main ingredient. I think most posts in general have a humor element to it in common.” They told Bored Panda.

#7 All Mail Is Nuked For 10 Seconds To Destroy Any Tracking Or Listening Devices Put There By A Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: vermithrax

#8 DIY And 5 Minute Crafts In A Nutshell

Image credits: officialunitedstates

#9 Flood Preparations????

Image credits: discojon84

With all of that being said, the moderator was sure to mention that failing in something should not be taken as something upsetting but rather as an opportunity to improve. “Keep working on your craft! What you make today maybe be the next big thing tomorrow! Not everyone is a skilled artisan, we can only try our best.”

#10 Socks For Human Beings

Image credits: Nintendophile79

#11 You Can Do Many Things That Is Not This

Image credits: ybbaaabby

#12 My Mom Bought A New House And This Is What The Previous Owners Did To The Pool!

Image credits: ThePwningKiller

And remember, no matter what anyone says, there is still hope, whether you’ve had an interior design flop firsthand or you’ve simply witnessed too many hilarious DIY fails to try. Give it a go, who knows maybe your idea won’t turn out as bad as it did for these fellow redditors.

With that in mind, what was your favorite DIY fail, Pandas? Let us know in the comments as we’d love to hear your thoughts!

#13 Repurposed Jeans 🙁

Image credits: Regallybeagley

#14 I Wouldn’t Tell Anyone I Won The Lottery… But There Would Be Hints

Image credits: READlbetweenl

#15 Just Because You Can

Image credits: IndianaRN

#16 Sticking Herbs And Spices All Over Your Bathroom Wall To Make The Room Scented

Image credits: LL112

#17 How About This Centrepiece, Seen At A Dentist’s Office?

Image credits: TypicalCricket

#18 This Motorcycle Was Made Into An 18-Wheeler… Type, Thing

Image credits: READlbetweenl

#19 Can’t Say I’ve Seen Something Like This

Image credits: Zzazy1

#20 A Car Around Town

Image credits: 8LeggedSquirrel

#21 How To Maximize Your Rim Size On A Budget

Image credits: BruceInc

#22 Ah Yes, The Classic Baby Lamb Seasonal Decor!

Image credits: SirZanee

#23 Okay….

Image credits: Gundam07

#24 Because Getting New Faucets Is Too Hard

Image credits: aoi4eg

#25 “And When The Sun Hit The Porch Just Right, The Rocks Sing”

Image credits: vorpalpickle

#26 My Friend Went To Look At An Apartment Today And This Was The “Shower”

Image credits: chinchillen

#27 My Computer I Decided To Build In A Jerry Can

Image credits: Munken46

#28 Because It Gets Hot In The Workshop And There’s No Ac

Image credits: neuroticsmurf

#29 Is Duct Tape Cheaper Than Paint?

Image credits: megaWobbly

#30 It Was Suggested I Share My Resin Encased Sausage Here

Image credits: kaylynstar

#31 My Moms Boyfriend Built An Outdoor Pisser So He Doesn’t Have To Use The Fence Anymore

Image credits: YUH80808

#32 My Dad’s Razor

Image credits: Fukushime

#33 Because Tap Shoes

Image credits: neuroticsmurf

#34 Absolutely Disgusting

Image credits: desoaps

#35 Jairs

Image credits: scrith

#36 “What Are We Cooling The Outside” -My Mom

Image credits: CryptoStunnah

#37 I Just Spent $2 Worth Of Duct Tape To Fix A $1 Backscratcher. Totally Worth It

Image credits: dave999dave

#38 Local Artist’s Custom Paint Job

Image credits: Derpcepticon

#39 This Tyre Tube Face Mask

Image credits: Gurtek86

#40 Op Said “Phone Will Not Charge Without Pressure”

Image credits: pumpkin2500

#41 Take A Ride On The Death Swing

Image credits: Sacuna9999

#42 Hmmmm

Image credits: spad160

#43 Redneck Penthouse?

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#44 Because Cat Bed

Image credits: neuroticsmurf

#45 Nail Polish Heel..

Image credits: toocoolforuwc

#46 The Gaming Chair

Image credits: Gurtek86

#47 Don’t Worry, No Smell

Image credits: DragonSin1313

#48 My Younger Brother (11) Has Inexplicably Hot-Glued Colourful Buttons To Random Keys On His Keyboard

Image credits: schartzmuggle

#49 My Dad’s Home Made Dog Door. It Lives On. In Fact, It Now Has A New Custom Door Stopper

Image credits: ToysNoiz

#50 Friend Of Mine Told Me To Post This Here. My Glorious 0.5$ Drawing Glove

Image credits: PuffedRabbit

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