50 Pets Who Thought They Were Hiding, But Actually Weren’t

Pets are a wonder — they never stop brightening up our days with their hilarious shenanigans and weird little quirks. After all, looking at them jumping, pouncing, and getting us just as excited for the day as they are is a source of entertainment right there.

However, sometimes our beloved goofballs feel this overwhelming urge to crouch behind furniture, run underneath the bed, or bury their heads in the couch. Especially when they’ve done something mischievous. But while some of them are true masters of camouflage, others hilariously try to go unnoticed and fail in the best possible way.

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Today, we bring you a list full of amusing pictures of our beloved four-legged friends who are so terrible at playing hide-and-seek, their owners just had to take a brief pause from laughing, snap a photo, and share it with everyone online. So continue scrolling, upvote the ones that made you smile, and make sure to check out Part 1 of this post right here!

#1 Hashbrown Hasn’t Completely Figured Out Hiding Yet

Image credits: auspatri

#2 I Got You, Fren

Image credits: DelayedACK

#3 Hiding In Plain Sight

Image credits: tuayfoo_the_samoyed

The concept of hide-and-seek is uncomplicated to us humans — one hides, the other seeks. But our pets seem to have their own idea of what going under the radar actually means. Whether they get scared, chew on something they’re not supposed to, or simply want to act all goofy, our companions are drawn to the cozy confines of private spaces. But the truth is, we can often see them in plain sight.

To find out more about this peculiar urge to hide and what we should do about it, we reached out to Kate Mornement, Ph.D., who goes by the handle @petbehaviourist on Instagram. Being a qualified animal behaviorist and founder of the consultancy Pets Behaving Badly, she strives to help people better understand these charming creatures living under their care.

She told Bored Panda that animals usually hide because they’re afraid. “When pets hide, they’re telling us they’re scared or need space. Things that often cause pets to hide include loud noises, unfamiliar people or animals, and things they associate with unpleasant experiences, such as the cat carrier coming out before a vet visit.”

#4 He Got In Trouble For Barking (We Live In An Apartment) So He Threw A Tantrum And Went To Hide Under The Fridge

Image credits: shamls

#5 There’s Nowhere To Hide At The Vet’s Office

Image credits: SeveralBookkeeper

#6 Found A Loose Seal In My Bathroom

Image credits: ihopethiscomesoffwitty

Kate explained that some sneaky critters also try to go unnoticed when they have an object they shouldn’t have. “They hide because they’ve learned that that delays or prevents the item being taken away,” she added.

It seems this behavior is based on their natural instinct to escape potential danger. “It’s part of the ‘fight, flight or freeze response’ which is a survival instinct,” Kate told us. “Hiding when you’re eating food is also a survival instinct. If you eat alone, you consume more compared to eating with others competing for the same food.”

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#7 Hiding From The Vet

Image credits: tiffanywebb87

#8 My Friend’s Dog Is Terrible At Hide And Seek

Image credits: DontFearZombies

#9 My White Cat Attempting To Hide So I Can’t Clip His Nails

Image credits: reddit.com

Pets move around in their surroundings using impressive senses of smell, sound, and vision. But as you scroll through this list, it can be quite surprising to see how many pets are simply terrible at the art of stealth. Even cats, the most celebrated hiders out there, seem to hilariously fail sometimes. Though they’re trying their best, and we love them for it.

#10 My Kitten Likes To “Hide” In This Jar, And Her Brother Is Confused

Image credits: MyLittleGirl

#11 Master Of Disguise

Image credits: Otomasoteraph

#12 I Finally Figured Out Where Tank The Cat Has Been Hiding. I Only Saw Him Because A Bird Chirped On TV And He Stuck His Head Up Slightly. Who Sees Him?

Image credits: Ellekm730

When asked why some of our four-legged friends can’t seem to find a well-concealed hiding spot, Kate noted it’s probably because they don’t understand the concept of the game.

“I think we misinterpret a lot of our pets’ behavior in general, so it’s important to learn how to read your pet’s body language to ensure you understand them and can help them overcome any fears they may have,” she continued.

Still, happy pet owners enjoy taking pictures of and genuinely laughing at these funny failures: “Sometimes our pets do goofy things that make us laugh. Sharing these moments with others who can relate makes us feel good.”

#13 You Can’t See Me

Image credits: imgur.com

#14 They Both Chose The Same “Hiding” Place At The Vet

Image credits: _flower_

#15 My Big Boy Likes To “Hide” When It’s Time To Leave The Park

Image credits: sharkee1

The good news is that you can indeed help your pet stop spending so much time hiding under or behind objects. “Training pets not to hide under things involves helping them be comfortable with the situation that causes them to hide,” the animal behaviorist explained.

“For example, if your pet hides when visitors arrive, teach your pet that visitors predict good things by having the visitor throw your pet their favorite treats. Also, ask visitors not to approach your pet or try to interact until your pet initiates interaction. This will help alleviate their fear over time,” she added.

So if you ever want to try out hide-and-seek with your beloved companion, Kate said that playing games with pets is a fun way to bond with them. “Just make sure that your pet is also enjoying the game!”

#16 Found This Little Guy Today. He Felt Safe Hiding In My Girlfriend’s Hair

Image credits: butitsa10-33

#17 I Wonder Where My Cat Is Hiding

Image credits: gavinsblog

#18 Trip To The Vet. She Thinks We Can’t See Her

Image credits: itskaymay

#19 Google Reminded Me Of How My Dog Used To Hide In The Couch

Image credits: Entershikari

#20 My Cat Truly Thinks He’s Successfully Hiding From Me

Image credits: BottomShelfWhiskey

#21 This Cat Thinks She Is Hiding And Can’t Be Seen

Image credits: Jax7284

#22 I’m A Shelter Photographer And This Kitten Was Not A Big Fan Of My Camera. This Was Her Idea Of “Hiding”

Image credits: finstantnoodles

#23 Hiding After Being Fussed At

Image credits: wattzilla

#24 All Time Hide And Seek Winner

Image credits: FifthEyeBlinded

#25 Velma Thinks We Can’t See Her Behind The Curtain

Image credits: the8itch

#26 Stealth Doggo

Image credits: Hexyyyy

#27 Worst Hide And Seek Player Of All Time

Image credits: NAEEMP

#28 Hide And Not Too Much Seek

Image credits: cameltoe681

#29 Favorite Hiding Spot

Image credits: Phil_MCrackin

#30 Maybe If I Hide Here, She Won’t See Me

Image credits: luna_belle0825

#31 Nothing To See Here

Image credits: CyberBuda

#32 This Is My Mom’s Cat. I Think She’s Beautiful. She Hides From Birds

Image credits: tafunast

#33 When Lola Is Tired Of Playing She Hides From Our Other Dog So She Can Get Some Rest. This Is Her Hiding

Image credits: nickgonzalez771

#34 My Cat’s Attempt At Hiding From The Vet

Image credits: sgthompson640

#35 My Cat And His Incredible Hiding Skills

Image credits: Cotran61

#36 I’ll Just Hide In Here, So No One Can See Me

Image credits: issius

#37 His Favorite Hiding Spot

Image credits: Cheosta

#38 Simba Doesn’t Quite Get Hide And Seek Yet

Image credits: ishkish69

#39 She Did Her Best To Hide

Image credits: yunoookumura

#40 My Husband Took Our Cat To The Vet Today

Image credits: ohiob

#41 Watching Our Guests Sneakily

Image credits: HalalMead

#42 A Master Of Stealth

Image credits: camperjohn64

#43 Absolutely Unexpected Trap

Image credits: Did-ko

#44 He Doesn’t Know We Can See Him

Image credits: JuanaLesbaPorelano

#45 Knew My Cats Were Plotting To Kill Me, Ninja Hiding On My Way To The Bathroom

Image credits: espan1

#46 That Feeling When You’ve Found The Perfect Hiding Space. Nobody Will Find Me Here

Image credits: pennythecoonhound

#47 My Huge Senior Dog Is Afraid Of Fireworks, And It Is Well Known That The Shower (Where He Clearly Doesn’t Fit) Is The Safest Place To Hide From Them

Image credits: So_queer

#48 We Brought Home A Cat. He’s A Little Scared, So He’s “Hiding”

Image credits: Neverstillcreations

#49 This Is Snacks. This Is Where Snacks Hides When She Gets Yelled At

Image credits: ashleyandracchio

#50 He Meows Really Loud And Then He Goes And Hides Here For 20 Mins. He Thinks He’s Hidden

Image credits: Cheeznchips

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