50 Raw And Funny Pics From People Who Were Just Trying To Get Through A Summer Heatwave (New Pics)

If all of the heatwaves and forest fires haven’t yet made it clear—the summer this year was an extreme one… just like the ones before it. And unless you’ve been living under an especially cool rock, you probably spent a lot of time making sure you’re drinking enough water, lounging in the shade, and praying for cooler weather.

Our team at Bored Panda has collected some of the most powerful photos from the past few summers to show you just how bad things have gotten and how everyone—person and animal alike—is trying to keep the heat at bay. Scroll down for our compilation of pics, but be careful, they practically radiate heat.

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Read on to find out how you can protect your health in the heat, and how you can help your canine companions avoid heatstroke. Vet Catherine Burke, from the PDSA, the UK’s largest veterinary charity, walked Bored Panda through the symptoms to look out for in pets and how to cool them effectively. You’ll find her expert insights below. “It is important to be aware, whilst any dog can develop heatstroke, flat-faced, overweight, giant-breeds, thick-coated, very old, and very young dogs are most at risk,” she warned.

#1 A Stranger Helped Me Save This Squirrel After It Collapsed From Dehydration During The Heatwave. Now She’s Part Of His Family

Image credits: Domm4578

“Heatstroke is an extremely dangerous condition that develops when a dog gets too hot. It is an emergency so it’s very important for owners to know what to look for and what to do if they suspect their dog may be suffering from heatstroke,” PDSA Vet Burke explained to Bored Panda.

“Normal body temperature for a dog is between 38.3-38.9°C, (100.4-102.2°F), this can rise a bit with exercise or stress. If your dog’s body temperature goes above 40.5°C (104°F) they are at risk of heatstroke, which can cause seizures, organ damage, internal bleeding, coma, and even death.”

#2 Just Chilling, Dog

Image credits: sheldonpooper

#3 How My Dog Got Through The Heatwave In The UK

Image credits: willdawsonz

The vet noted that individual dogs have different abilities to cope with the heat. Factors like their breed, overall health, and how used they are to hotter temperatures can affect it, as can things like the humidity of the day. “While the risk of heatstroke may seem obvious when we’re in the middle of a heatwave, it’s essential that owners know how to spot the signs of heatstroke in their dog, as some may struggle at surprisingly low temperatures,” she warned.

“Signs of heatstroke in pets include:

  • Excessive panting or faster than normal breathing
  • Stopping on walks or seeming to tire easily
  • Confusion
  • Bright red or pale gums
  • Shaking
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Having fits/seizures
  • Falling unconscious”

#4 Seen Today During The Heat

Image credits: Ugottabekittenme3

#5 It’s Been So Hot, The Nara Deer Ditched Themselves

Image credits: JapaneseBaobao

#6 There Was A Heatwave, So I Tried To Cool Her Down With Ice Cubes. Turned Her Into A Dino Instead

Image credits: Hardwell9

According to Burke, heatstroke is more dangerous the longer it lasts. That’s why it’s vital to cool your pet down ASAP. “If you think your dog could have heatstroke, start cooling them immediately with cool water, before traveling to your vet, to give them the best chance of recovering,” she said.

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“To cool your pet effectively, move them into a cool space and gently pour cool water over their body, avoiding their nose and mouth. If they are able to drink, offer them fresh cool water, and keep pouring water onto them. Phone your vets straight away and follow their advice,” the PDSA Vet said.

#7 This Bear Beating The Heat In Burbank

Officers were on-scene after the bear was spotted in a hillside neighborhood before taking a dip to cool off.

Image credits: Burbank Police Department

#8 Heatwave In Canada And This Is The Only Water Left At The Supermarket

Image credits: lili_yeah

#9 Nice To Know There’s One Place On My Body That I Didn’t Sweat From During This Heatwave

Image credits: IAMgrampas_diaperAMA

“On warm days, it’s always better to stay safe and not risk going out in the heat with your dog. Some top tips include:

  • Never leave your pet in a car, caravan, conservatory, porch, or shed, especially on hot days.
  • Make sure they always have access to lots of shelter and shade.
  • Always make sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh cool water.
  • Don’t walk dogs during the hottest part of the day – choose a time when it’s cooler, such as early morning or later in the evening, but if it’s particularly hot, skip the walk completely – missing one or two walks is much safer than risking it.
  • Keep any walks to a short gentle stroll with lots of breaks and avoid heavy exercise like running and games (such as fetch).”

#10 Irish Sheep Can’t Handle The Heatwave

Image credits: lppppl

#11 Postal Worker Cooks Steak On Truck Dashboard To Showcase “Inhumane” Working Conditions During Extreme Heat

Image credits: azhousegop

#12 Baby Bella Cooling Down On A Hot Day

Image credits: Pellinoreisking

PDSA Vet Burke added that it’s vital for your dog in an emergency that you’re comfortable knowing how to perform pet first aid. “PDSA has a free Pet First Aid guide, full of tips for pet owners including heatstroke advice, should the worst happen,” Burke shared.

“If you’d like to help wildlife in a heatwave, simple actions, such as providing access to fresh, clean drinking and bathing water as well as some shade can make a huge difference,” she added how everyone can help their local animals during extreme weather.

#13 Keeping My Pupper Cool During This Heatwave

Image credits: amanimaedesign

#14 This Is How We Were Dealing With The Heat In Brazil

Image credits: lucasavancini

#15 Some Candles After A California Heatwave

Image credits: frankiev805

It seems like every single year we keep hearing the same things about how this year’s been the hottest in a long, long time. This year’s heat waves that hit Europe and the United States have made the continents swelter and faint. Meanwhile, fires like the ones in Greece have been covered by news outlets around the world. This heat and fires pose a huge threat to people and animals.

According to Julie Arrighi, from the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center, heat is “among the deadliest types of disaster.” 

As reported by the BBC, extreme heat can be deadly, with over 61k people estimated to have lost their lives due to heat-related causes in Europe, in 2022. The elderly are especially vulnerable. Meanwhile, the heatwaves in July 2023, may have been “virtually impossible” without human-induced climate change, according to one scientific study.

#16 The Heat Melted This Chain Into The Dumpster At My Work

Image credits: riffmasterflash

#17 An Amazing Guy Feeding Dogs In 45°C Temperature And During Extreme Heatwaves

Image credits: Samir925

#18 Heatwave In Portland

Image credits: BertSmith21

As heatwaves seem to become more and more common, it becomes increasingly important that societies react accordingly. That means spreading awareness of how to take care of one’s health in extreme conditions, but it also means changing how cities are built. Using heat-resistant materials, having more green spaces, and providing more shade—these are all ways to make cities more livable in hot zones in the future.

Dr. Andrew Carroll, a family physician from Arizona, previously walked Bored Panda through staying healthy in summer. “Living in Arizona, you learn how to live in the heat, “ he shared that the heatwave he experienced in 2021 saw temperatures rise to 117 degrees F in the afternoon (47 degrees C). 

“Dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, fatigue, body aches can be the first signs of heat exhaustion. If it’s a hot day and you start seeing these signs, get into air conditioning and start drinking fluids with electrolytes (PediaLyte, Gatorade, etc.),” Dr. Carroll shared with us during an earlier interview.

#19 Heatwave… Gotta Stay Cool

Image credits: Harlez188

#20 This Heat Has The Squirrels Splooting In The Shade To Try To Cool Off

Image credits: Satci

#21 California Heat Has Made This Fan Very Sad

Image credits: altruios

“You should not return to outdoor activity anymore that day. Heatstroke is typically extreme fatigue, confusion, abdominal and body aches, and lack of sweating. Heatstroke should be evaluated at an Emergency Room, as it can be life-threatening,” the family physician warned Bored Panda.

The healthcare professional shared his advice on how to restructure your day to survive the summer heat better. 

“We survive it by:

  • Going out to exercise as early as 4:30 am in order to get back by 5:30 am;
  • Most people who work outside (construction, landscapers, roofers, farmers, etc.) start working around 5 am, and make sure to get back indoors by 2 pm at the latest;
  • Get most errands done early in the morning (groceries, gas, etc.);
  • Wait until the sun is no longer shining down before returning to outdoor activities;
  • Park your vehicle under a tree when you can find one.”

#22 POV: You Are In A Heatwave And Don’t Own An Air Conditioner

Image credits: StepheneyBlueBell

#23 A/C Stopped Working. Everyone Is Hot. Guess Who Has Set Up Shop In Front Of The Fans And Is Dramatically Melting?

Image credits: JayKayEng

#24 So Hot In Arizona That Before Bringing Chicken Eggs Inside, They Had Already Started To “Hard Boil”

Image credits: JaromBeus

It’s equally vital to remember to stay hydrated. According to Mayo Clinic, men living in temperate climates ought to drink 15.5 cups or 3.7 liters of water per day while women ought to imbibe 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters per day. Harvard Health, on the other hand, notes that 4 to 6 cups of plain water per day is enough for people. This will depend on your level of physical activity and the heat, though. The hotter it is, the more active you are, the more you should drink.

#25 It Was So Hot This Week That My Cola Candy Turned Into Cola

Image credits: tortillabois

#26 When Your A/C Is Broken

Image credits: Bertoe

#27 Bailey Staying Cool In The Heat

Image credits: bakedmon

“Wear clothing which covers the skin completely and a wide-brimmed hat. Exposed skin will lead to dehydration more quickly, and increase your risk of skin cancer due to sun exposure. Do not wear confining or constricting clothing as it can impede your ability to sweat, which is crucial in keeping you cool,” Dr. Carroll told Bored Panda.

Share your experiences dealing with the summer heat in the comments, Pandas. In the meantime, for some more photos of heatwaves and extreme weather, check out Bored Panda’s previous features.

#28 It’s Been So Hot My Horse’s Rump Is Covered With Salt From Dried Sweat

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 That’s One Way To Beat The Heatwave

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 How Hot Does It Have To Be To Melt Crayons? Our Junior High Students Discovered That Today’s 100ºF Temperature Did The Job

Image credits: Mt. Olive School District #5

#31 This Heatwave Is Not Normal (Arizona)

Climate change or not, this heat is affecting people and plants. The medical examiner reports nearly 300 people passed away during this heatwave. The cactuses in my area are falling over from the heat. This is NOT normal. 

Image credits: Jay_Beckstead

#32 You Know It’s Hot When The Palm Trees Melt

Image credits: Kyle Crosland

#33 Central Bilbao, Northern Spain, This Afternoon. It Got Even Higher! I Have Never Seen A 50 Before

Image credits: Inma Ferrer

#34 It’s So Hot In San Francisco That My Cat, Who Hates Water And Anything On Her, Let Us Put This Wet Towel Over Her

Image credits: Butterball_Adderley

#35 Looked Out My Window And Saw These Two Trying To Stay Out Of The Heat

Image credits: schlongdongtron

#36 It’s So Hot In Texas, The Emblem On My Buddy’s Truck Is Melting

Image credits: 2-tree

#37 Here’s My Munchkin During The Heatwave

Image credits: Frikandelneuker

#38 Sonya And I Can’t Wait Until These Rounds Of Summer Heatwaves Are Done For Good (Not Quite Sure If This Counts As A Sploot Or Not)

Image credits: judgmentalbookcover

#39 The Marine Heatwave In Florida Is Brutal – It’s Been Truly Heartbreaking Diving Our Outplant Sites These Past Few Days

In just 3.5 weeks, many of our Acerv outplants have bleached completely, and chances of recovery are slim – the hottest months of the year still lie ahead…

Image credits: jennamdilworth

#40 Staying In The Shade On A Hot Day

Image credits: peachishwill

#41 Palm Tree Falls In Spain Due To The Excessive Temperatures Of Nearly 45 Degrees

#42 It Was So Hot My Kickstand Left An Impression On The Asphalt

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 This Georgia Heat Tired Out My Bar Guests

Image credits: listlesslisper

#44 Murphy’s Having A Hard Time In The Heatwave Here In Denmark

Image credits: LeaHin

#45 Las Vegas Heatwave In 2017 Was No Joke… We Fried An Egg – Cooked It In Less Than 10 Minutes

Image credits: johnnyzerocool

#46 Found This, Felt It Was Appropriate

Image credits: oh_such_rhetoric

#47 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Image credits: DailyLoud

#48 Australia, Where A Heatwave Will Cause Bitumen To Melt Shoes

Image credits: autodidact31

#49 Starbucks Cup Melted In The Parking Lot Due To Heat

Image credits: Mauinic

#50 It’s September And Still So Hot The Gum In My Car Exploded

Image credits: 2ndlawofthermo

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