51 People Share The Creepiest Things They’ve Witnessed That They Don’t Have An Explanation For To This Day

We as humans have spent countless hours working hard to answer as many of life’s questions as we can. We know how far away the Sun is, why the sky appears blue, and we’ve created vaccines to prevent many deadly diseases. But no matter how hard we try, we’ll never have all the answers.

Reddit users have recently been sharing chilling stories of the most unsettling things they’ve ever witnessed that they just could not explain, so we’ve gathered their creepiest tales down below. Enjoy reading these stories that might have you wondering if ghosts and aliens are actually real, and be sure to upvote the ones that will keep you from sleeping tonight!

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I was in my 6th grade and going through the stored stuff (looking for old books, letters, scrapbooks…)in the dilapidated part of my ancestral home .
I swear I could see my great great grandfather’s brother (whom I had seen only in old photos and had died very young) from outside the window yelling at me to get out. I got scared, ran out and the whole roof came crashing down

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Shortly after my mother passed away I was going through and organizing her belongings in her room. I was talking out loud as if I were talking to her. There were some boxes with family photo albums I’d been looking for that I hadn’t been able to find and it was really worrying me. I was sitting on the floor and said aloud “where did you leave those albums, mom?” Very slowly, her closet door opened on its own. A slow, creaking movement from nearly totally closed to halfway open. I was as terrified as I’d ever been in my life… I froze and didn’t move, but I looked at exactly eye level and there was a cardboard box labeled “Albums” in my mothers handwriting on the lower shelf of the closet.

I am not a religious or even spiritual person, and I thought that there might be some imbalance in the hanging of the closet door. I went back to the door many times and tested it by wiggling it back and forth and leaving it in different positions but it’s never moved that way since.

To learn more about how this conversation started in the first place, we reached out to the Reddit user who posed the question, “People who have seen something they could never explain, what was the thing?” Lucky for us, he was kind enough to have a chat with Bored Panda.

The OP, Jacob, shared that he’s a big fan of some of the paranormal subreddits but found them to be “very pro or con; in singular direction of the subforum.” So he thought, “Hey, why not ask it as a general question and see what people say?”


Was talking on the phone to my dad in the garden, about 15 years ago. Saw an orange light slowly come up over some trees behind my house then take off straight up at a ridiculous speed. Stood there in silence and so did he.

Explained to him what I’d just seen and he said he’d just seen the exact same thing. He was over 100 miles away in Manchester at the time.

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Not me, but my dad.

When I was younger, my biological mom and her husband kidnapped me and took off to another state. My dad said that he was finally starting to accept that he may never see me again after nearly a year of searching, and then one day when he was on a walk, this little girl came up to him and asked

“Are you looking for a little girl?”

He looked at her, confused, and she just turned around and pointed up the block at a group of kids playing, and said,

“She’s right there!”

He walked closer, passed the girl, to try to get a better look and saw me in the group. He turned around to figure out what the little girl’s deal was, and she was just gone, without a trace. Turns out my bio mom and her husband had come back to visit family for whatever reason.

I used to call bs because the story is just so insane, but throughout the years, it’s the one story of my dad’s that never changed. Not one detail. He’s told it so many times that I can recite it word for word, and he’s always so f*****g awestruck when he tells it; like I can almost *see* him racking his brain, searching for the most logical explanation. I was ~2-3 when it happened, and I’m now 26. He still can’t piece it all together to this day

We were also curious if Jacob had ever seen anything he could not explain with his own eyes. As it turns out, that’s actually one of the reasons he started this conversation. “I’ve seen lots of unexplainable things and have gone to Reddit in the past to see if others have experienced something similar or had the answers!” he shared with Bored Panda.

“One particular unexplainable [experience] for me was what I would consider multiple shared encounters in a ‘haunted’ house,” the OP says. “Loud footsteps, things moving, hearing breathing when no one’s around. Me and my roommates in university went through the list of how to explain it. We were able to put an X beside all the known possibilities, and it left us all questioning our sanity a little bit.”

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Image the situation. Me, 13 years old girl walking with my dog in fresh snow. Really fresh 5 cm of snow. No one around. I see big (really really big) black dog. I look at my dog. My dog is terrified and trying to get home. We run home. I wait for 10 minutes and go check that dog (I was stupid, yes). There are no dog footprints. None at all. On fresh fresh snow. Only footprints of me and my dog. I checked all area – nope, nothing. It wasn’t hallucination. My dog nearly peed when he saw that black gaint dog.

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My nephew was pointing at a picture on the wall saying “boo!” and laughing, then the picture fell onto the desk below it.

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As far as what Jacob thought about the responses his post received, he shared that he was “blown away by the sheer amount” of replies. “There’s so many interesting ones,” he told us. “What I really enjoyed, overall, was the scope and how the Reddit community does what they do! Many potential answers were shared to explain the unexplainable. And in some cases, [people that have witnessed] things that are just so strange they are isolating could find others to relate to!”


A tree fell in front of us while we were driving. It almost killed us. Moments later a group of men dressed in nice clothes just happened to have chainsaws in their car, that was black and black tinted windows. They started cutting up the tree. We quickly turned around and said “nope”. I tried to tell myself that it was just Mormons, who happened to have chainsaws in the back of their car. I called my mom the other day to see if she still remembers that incident and she does.

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I fly helicopters for a living. I was working on a powerline one year and was going back to our landing zone and noticed an opening in the trees what appeared to be a leg. I came back and tried to get as low as I could into the clearing, thinking, it was a person, it was a full grown cow that had been completely skinned. There were no farms around and the animal didn’t appear to be cut up in anyway. I went back to the landing zone picked up one of my Ground crew members and flew back with him just so he could verify that I wasn’t crazy. The flight back, we were both kind of in awe because we have no idea how that animal got to where it’s at. Even more so that it had no skin on its entire body, it looked like a perfect cow sans skin.

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When it comes to how common experiences like this are, Jacob supposes that unexplainable events happen all the time. “The question is how often is it explainable with a little digging or help from others,” he added with a laugh. “I know there are a few down right strange things I’ve witnessed. Some [eventually] made sense, while others were just way out there, and I may never truly understand them. I think lots of people just black those experiences out as one offs because they didn’t make sense.” But Jacob guesses that those who have experienced “truly impactful moments, or [those who are] intrigued by those one offs, would see those oddities more often!”


I got sleep paralysis and then I was pulled off my bed

I was home alone.

I couldn’t move but I could see, and I didn’t see anything.

I don’t go into that room anymore.

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A voice sounding like my friend’s sister calling out his name from a tree line in a park, me and friend were walking home near the middle of the night, both of us heard it. He was called out 3 times.

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Finally, the OP added that he really enjoyed getting such a fascinating conversation rolling. “I haven’t even had the opportunity to read all the responses, and I’m sure I will get hours more of interesting and educating moments out of it. I hope the rest of the community likewise enjoyed the share!”


A few years ago I was staying in Alabama with a friend. One day I was driving down a steep road in the rain and fog, it wasn’t quite night yet but it was getting dark. Within the blink of an eye there was a little girl on the side of the road walking towards my car and I thought I was about to hit her head on and she disappeared. I panicked and turned around and there was no one. I’ll never forget it because my brain just can’t make sense of it.

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I was walking along a park sidewalk blowing off grass clippings. Got under some pine trees and through a break in the canopy an 8-10 pound rock came tumbling out of the sky, bounced and chipped the sidewalk and rolled down into a creek. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

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When I was 18 years old, I was driving home from a friend’s house with another friend. We were on the highway doing about 110kmph (70mph) and made this trip often. It’s a big highway between two Towns, so just fields either side. Something on two legs ran alongside my car. I saw it in the rear view mirror and out my side window. It was not a kangaroo, it was human like. Had long arms and obviously extremely fast. My friend saw it too and then it just went off the road back into the grass. Neither of us could explain it.

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I think I was 14 at the time, living in a nice part of a very busy city. I woke up, had breakfast and waited for my parents to come downstairs. They didn’t come. I looked for them but couldn’t find them, couldn’t find my sisters either. I went outside an there was no one. Literally zero people in an incredibly busy area on a weekend. I panicked fully. I looked everywhere for people but they just weren’t there?? I fully freaked out thinking everyone disappeared. I even checked if there was something on tv about. There was live tv with people so i calmed a bit, other people still existed. I think it was around afternoon when I stopped looking around and walked home. When I got home my parents and sister were luckily there. They insisted they were in and around the house all day and I even saw them at breakfast, I broke down crying because it was simply not true. To this day I swear people disappeared for half a day. After my break down we went for icecream and my city was busy again, hundreds of people doing their thing. I have no clue what the f**k happened but I feel gaslighted by life.


I worked as an under-butler in a large Scottish castle in the early 2000s. One night, I was the only person in the house, and decided to throw a load of laundry in before bed. I walked down to service hallway, into the ironing room, and from there to the washing machine room. I got my laundry in, and then started to leave.

I turned the lights off in the washing machine room, and suddenly everything was black. The lights weren’t on in the ironing room. My first thought was “it’s weird that I didn’t turn the lights on in here when I came in, but they aren’t on so obviously I didn’t.” The ironing room had huge ironing tables the size of snooker tables, and as I started to walk through, I kept bumping into them. After a couple of times of bumping into them, I was suddenly filled with a terrible, accompanied, watched, spine-tingling feeling that something was there and not to look toward the sewing room (another room that came off the ironing room). I fumbled my way through the ironing room, back to the service hall in a panic. The hall lights were on and everything was fine.

That is the whole story. I didn’t see anything. However, there are some problems.

To this day, I am confident that I turned the lights on in the ironing room when I went in. It wasn’t possible to move through the room without bumping into things a bunch of times, as my exit demonstrated.

The light in the ironing room was controlled by a very large switch that made a loud clicking noise. I didn’t hear it click off when I was in the washing room.

In the days that followed, the family and the butler returned home, and I had forgotten about the entire incident. A week or so later, I suddenly remembered it happening, and said to the butler “I’ve never heard of any ghost stories at the castle. Are there any?” He kind of dismissively said “oh they say there is a white lady in the ballroom, and [room name redacted] is apparently haunted, but that’s it. Oh and they say the sewing room is haunted.” I kind of gasped and told the butler the story. He seemed fascinated. He told the family, and a couple of them agreed that the laundry room was unsettling.

I don’t believe in ghosts, and think it was likely an unfortunately timed electrical fault and an over-active imagination. Still, I’ll never forget how sudden and strong the feeling of a presence was when I was fumbling my way out of the ironing room.


2 missing hours

Setup: I used to be a home health aide for the disabled/elderly. I stayed overnights to help them get up, use the restroom, change, clean them, etc. I used to take care of a man named Mr. M.

We kept an old large clock alarm that chimed every hour. Every 2 hours we’d roll Mr. M over, and change his pads. We recorded everything that happened in a notebook by the clock.

Story: It was a usual day until around 2:00 am. I heard the chimes ring (twice) wrote down that I was going in, then went in, wrote what I did (changed his pads) wrote the time I got done, then went back to the kitchen where I sat every night, having my laptop set up to pass the time.

About 15 minutes pass, and I hear the clock chime again… 4 times. I look at my computer, thinking the clock was wrong, and no… 4:00 am. I look at the notes, no new notes. I write that I’m going in I go in to change Mr.M’s pads… I walk in, and he looks at me and asks “Weren’t you just in here?” I said yea, then went with changing his pads (they were dry, a rarity)

I still have no idea what happened to those 2 hours. It was like 2 hours passed in 15 minutes. And 3:00 was skipped completely.

I was watching a youtube series at the time, and my video would have ended in that 2 hours.

I have no idea to this day what the hell happened.

To those suggesting a time change/DST, this happened December 11th, 2016

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My ex-boyfriend is a diagnosed schizophrenic and he often told me about the things/people he saw and heard. One summer, on several late nights, he kept seeing a big, dark “creature” in the middle of the road on the way to drop me off home. He’d stop the car in a panic and wake me up (I’d always fall asleep on the way home) and tried to get me to see this creature. I never saw anything so I told him it was probably his schizophrenia. Well, on one night I stayed awake on the drive home and I saw the damn creature in the road. It had the body of a huge bear, long horse-like legs, it didn’t seem to have a neck, it was blacker than night, and had a glowing white Cheshire grin. I said, “what the f**k is that?” And my boyfriend said “see, I’ve been trying to tell you.” We watched it cross the road and disappear in thin air. That was the last time he and I ever saw the thing.

This was about 10 years ago.


In eastern Kentucky when I was around 14 a friend and I were on a walk in the middle of the day when we realized there were two moons in the sky. We watched for around 15 minutes as one of the “moons” slowly shrink until it disappeared. 17 years later and my friend and I still talk about it.

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I was visiting home, and my mom, my dad, and I decided to go to my maternal grandfather’s grave to pay our respects. We have a tradition where for the first 10 years after a person’s death, a cross has to stay over their grave, otherwise the person might have a hard time crossing to whatever place comes after you die. He’s been dead for 7 years, so my dad checked that the cross was sturdy and didn’t need to be propped up or anything. We all checked it. It was definitely not going anywhere. About a week later, we had a wind storm, and after that, I started waking up in the middle of the night because I felt like someone was shaking me awake. This kept up for almost 2 weeks before I had a dream that my grandfather was sitting on the edge of my bed and he asked me to go to his grave and fix the cross because it had fallen. I told my parents about this and we all had a laugh about it. The dreams kept up though, at a disconcerting frequency because I was starting to be exhausted all the time from a lack of sleep. My dad and I, on a whim, went back to my grandfather’s grave. Lo and behold, the cross had been knocked down. Gatekeeper said it probably got knocked down in the storm. We picked it up and I stopped seeing my grandfather in my dreams.


In college my wife (girlfriend at the time) had a nightmare that her pet iguana (at home with her father) had frozen to death after being left outside. She woke up sobbing and that woke me up. I calmed her down and told her it was just a dream. We both eventually got back to sleep.

The next morning her father called to say that her pet iguana had been left outside overnight and had frozen to death.

This wasn’t a recurring dream or worry for her. This was the only time it happened. Nether of us can explain the events without the aid of religion or one in a trillion coincidence.


not seen, but felt/heard.

was 14, sat at my computer picking/biting my lips, which my dad always hated. someone pulled my hair (as he always did to get me to stop), and said my name.

my dad died when I was 13.

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One night, years after high school and I’d gotten married, I had a vivid and very sad dream about the first boyfriend I ever really loved. We were 15 and 16, broke up about 3 years later because he really got into drugs. I had this dream maybe 9 years after that.

I dreamed I was walking down a crowded sidewalk in some big city and I bumped into him going the direction I just came from. He was crying and he asked me for help. I can’t remember if the dream changed then or I woke up but it was just that little snippet of seeing his face. It was so clear. I still remember how his beautiful blue eyes looked.

I don’t know why I waited a couple more years to call his mother and ask about him one day when I recalled that dream for some reason. But I did call her.

It turns out he had died in a freak accident around the time I had that dream.

He had a car in his garage that he was working on. He had climbed on the hood for some reason, to do something, and he fell. Broke his neck and it was fatal.

Now I’m always sad and a little creeped out every time I think of that dream. Probably always will be.


Middle of the day, I was out surfing just looking to the horizon and I see something hovering in the sky in distance. I immediately thought it was strange because it didn’t look like a helicopter, was more like a shiny metal ball. It stayed there for a minute or so then suddenly shot across the sky at impossible speed and vanished.


A giant footstep on the ground. Human foot shaped, but twice the size of the largest human foot you can think of. Might’ve been a prank (or a fetish thing, I do not judge lol), but I don’t understand why someone would leave a footprint like that anywhere.

Image credits: unwavering_stillness


I saw myself behind me through the mirror. I know for a fact it was there

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Short version : 14 years old, pretending to sleep at a friends house and instead walking around the city (Colorado Springs, Colorado ) at around 3am , and suddenly for about 2-3 minutes it’s bright as day across the whole city. I could clearly see mountains probably 5 miles away. And then poof , back to dark.

There was no obvious source of the light.

That was around 35 years ago. Still have no clue what it was.

Edit: (surprised this post got any attention, also amazed at how many others had very similar experiences).

Agree with the feedback suggesting a meteorite is the most likely explanation. It was not a cloudy night so I think electrical ground source bouncing off clouds is less likely.

Those suggesting iridium satellites , this was mid to late 80’s so I don’t think they launched yet.

And yeah, there’s a ton of military stuff in the area , NORAD , the Air Force Academy , Peterson AFB and I think a few others were mentioned. I think these are less likely than a meteorite because of how far up and down the mountain range I could see.

Also folks mentioning a meteorite probably wouldn’t last 2-3 minutes. I think my time perception could be off. I froze up and just stared at the basin for of the city and the very prominent mountains for however long it was. It *felt* like a few minutes , but maybe it wasn’t?

The odd thing with any explanation is that the light source was clearly on my side of the Rocky Mountains (the whole front range was visible) , so the source seems like it had to be from above; yet I couldn’t see any point of light in the sky where intuition says it had to be.

Still , i suppose the have been nestled behind some geography that blocked my view but didn’t block it casting light on the basin of the city/mountain range. That seems plausible.

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My buddy and i spent the night repo’ing cars.

We pull up to the light in Manchester NJ of 527 and 70. Going straight. In the left turn lane, getting on to 70 East, a blue, 97-98 Honda CRV.

The person driving had no face.

Just blank. Like the green man from Always Sunny or NoFace from D**k Tracy.

My buddy and I both saw it. Nobody believed it.


I was standing on the seaside walkway with a bunch of other people watching the sunset. A red orb came speeding down the coastline at like 50-150m altitude. Didnt think much of it until it instantly stopped and speeded back the way it came until it was out of sight.

No noise, too low for a plane or helicopter and wasn’t a flare because it was flying fast, stopped instantly and then flew back the way it came.

Several people saw it but this was before mobile phones with cameras were a mainstream thing.

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I was staying the night with a cousin on his ranch and in his front yard there was a basketball hoop on a homemade wall like concrete bricks stacked upwards, and we both to this day swear on god we saw what looked like a 8 foot tall coyote standing up against the wall tugging on the hoop, we closed the blinds quick and that was the night we established the existence of the ranch’s very own cryptid. I think we called it like “doom dog” or some s**t (we were 9-10)

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My best friend died unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident, some lady pulled out in front of him in front of the police station in our town. A little context, he was a great guy, never crazy on a motorcycle, just had a baby, and baby momma wouldn’t let him see her/sleeping around. The lady who hit him was the daughter of a wealthy politician in town, and not only didn’t get charged with anything, but was gone before the ambulance even got there. Assuming she had drugs in the car or whatever, they let her go to prevent her going to jail.

He wasn’t ready to die.

Cut to his funeral. His family was taking photos at the visitation, and he’s standing in the background. Clear as day. White skin, hair fixed and same outfit he is wearing in his coffin, 10 ft away from where the picture was taken. Still gives me the chills looking at it. That was almost 10 years ago.


In my old town house, the bedrooms had L-shaped door handles . I lived alone and it was a two story town house with the bedrooms upstairs. Had multiple nights where I’d be laying in bed watching YouTube videos on my IPad, when my door handle would twist and the door would slowly open. The first time, I thought someone broke in. Each subsequent time, I’d go through the town house and no one was there. The hallway light which was also the stair light, had a switch at the bottom of the stairs and top that controlled the same light. Multiple times while in bed, the light would turn on. So I’d get up, do a search of the entire town house. Nothing there. Then the TV would turn on in the living room at some point, and I’d wake up and walk downstairs to the tv being on. This went on for months and I eventually moved. Nothing like this occurs in my current apartment. But could never explain what was happening.


In my early 20s I was home alone. I woke up to my cell phone ringing but missed the call. The phone number I missed the call from was my home phone number. I got up and found the cordless phone on the kitchen counter. I looked everywhere, but no one was in the house and the doors were all locked.


When I was like 10 or so, it was storming in the middle of the night. I was asleep in my bed and I was having a dream that I had to pee. If felt so real that I work up and ran to the bathroom. Got in the bathroom realized I didn’t actually have to pee. There was a loud crack and what felt like an explosion. Lightning had struck a tree and it fell through the roof into my bedroom.


I live next to an RAF base, lucky enough to be on the landing path. I swear on my life that I not only saw something come off a plane from the wheel well but heard it hit the ground. Queue me rounding everyone to look around, only to find nothing and be called a bulls**tter.

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Me and my brother saw light coming through a bricked off vent in my house about 20 years ago. It was a powerful light like there was a mini sun in there. Light has never come through it before or since and we both still remember it.

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This incident happened to me when I was 10 years old. My friend and I were cycling. It was around 7:15, and it had gotten dark. There was a road where we usually cycled, but it was a dead end. There were bushes on one side and a wall with barbed wires. At the end of the road, there was a residential complex on the right side, and a small route led to the farms.

The middle part of the road was all quiet and dark. My friend and I were just chatting and cycling when I heard a sound. I don’t remember it well, but it seemed like a little girl weeping. Just as I was about to ask my friend, “Hey, did you hear that?” he shouted, “RUN! AHHHH!”

When we reached the other side of the road where the residential complex was, I asked him, “What the heck, bro? What happened?” He was shivering in fear and said he saw a woman in the bushes with a big white eye. When some people appeared on the road, we quickly left. We were shivering with fear, and to this day, we don’t know how to explain it.


When I was a student in Chemistry class, I heard a beaker break behind me. I jumped, but nobody else reacted. A few people were looking at me weird. It turns out that nothing broke and I was just hearing things. 30 seconds later someone dropped and shattered a beaker behind me…

I spent a year wondering if I had some weird undiscovered super power.


I, 13 at the time, was about to go to bed. I was brushing my teeth in front of my bedroom window, staring into the dark, when I suddenly heard someone screaming outside. I stopped brushing so I could hear it better. Someone was screaming out my name. I sort of froze and kept listening. More voices joined, all screaming my name and laughing loudly. It was kind of like an audience at a sports game. It went on for about five minutes. When it stopped I (in shock) went downstairs to my parents to ask them if they’d heard anything. it was impossible not to hear as it was very loud. They had not heard anything.

I assume it was some sort of a hallucination. Still feel weird when I’m alone in my room late at night.


I live in an appartement on the 3rd floor in a pretty old building. A couple of months ago, my girlfriend went on a skiing trip, so I had to spend the nights alone with my cat, which I usually don’t mind. My cat always sleeps on our bed, keeping guard like a dog would do. We have a security camera installed, pointed at my front door due to people breaking in a couple of weeks earlier. I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard loud and aggressive banging on my front door, I even felt the door shaking. My cat threw an anxious look at the banging door, and immediately jumped under the bed. I panicked, and figured that I was in a dangerous situation, alone in the middle of the night.

I walked towards the kitchen to grab a knife, because I was afraid someone was banging on the door with bad intentions. I opened the door and the hallway was quiet af. No lights on, no nothing.

I decided to call the cops, afraid of whoever or whatever did it still being in the building.

I immediately checked our security footage, and there is me, waking up in panick, grabbing a kitchen knife and walking up to the front door to find nothing but peace and quiet.

Creepy thing is that on the camera footage, there is no banging or loud noises at all, everything is quiet, just a normal night. I swear I heard all of it, even my cat did. Still creepes me out to this day.


I stole my mom’s car one night with this guy, and we were on the way to pick up my friend. She lived down a long, narrow road of desert in Arizona. We are driving, and then we see two stars alongside the moon. They were huge. We both noticed them, and we were drawn to them. So big and bright. Then one moves. It literally hovers slowly toward the other one. We are so intrigued by this weird hovering light and pull over to watch. Then the other one hovers over. So now the two little stars are directly below the moon. Out of nowhere and even bigger star comes flying by (think shooting star) and literally sucks the two stars up as it passes. A huge light emitted and they are all just gone. Creepiest, weirdest s**t ever. We just went home after that.


When I was about 16, I was at a sleepover LAN party with some kids from my school. They were more of the sporty types. Sort of friends, but more so acquaintances. One of them wanted to go to the store and I went with them (it was night, probably 9 or 10pm). This was in a very small town in New England by the way. Anyway, we’re driving, and this monkey-cat looking creature just hops out of the woods and lands right in front of the car. We just stopped and froze, then it hopped into the other side. And this was two total hops. Thing went farrr. We spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what animal that was. Anyone know? I was thinking about that the other day, but I never really talked to the kid in the first place and haven’t seen him since highschool.

Edit: had a really long tail. Thinking back, more like the head of a cat and the body of a monkey. It wasn’t very large, but definitely not small. Light brown


A drive that usually takes me less than 3 hours took me more than 4 once. I don’t know how it happened. No traffic, didn’t take the wrong path, didn’t see anything strange in the road, same speed as usual. Everything was normal until I noticed it was starting to get dark, then checked the clock and freaked out.

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I live outside city limits, there are very few houses near my home and many tall bushes and trees around the house, there is a small mountain at some distance. The nights are very quiet and there is no street lights so after dark the only lights are the lights from my house and the moon light.

There are two trees a little far from my house that are standing close to one another. One night while I was outside my house with a flashlight doing something I realized there was only one of those trees, I looked around that tree with my flashlight but there was no sign of the other tree, like it never existed.

The next day I went there during daytime to see exactly what happened to the other tree and they both were there just like I remembered. I looked around them and even climbed on them to see anything strange but nothing was out of ordinary.


I was 7 or 8 years old. My mom had put me to bed and went to my sister’s room do the same for her. I was tucked in with my head on my two pillows. Both my hands were wrapped up in the blankets because it was a cold night and we didn’t have too much money to heat the home.

Then, without warning, one of the pillows flew out from under my head toward the wall with an insane force, as if someone had violently pulled it out from under me. I turned over and there was nobody there! There’s no way someone could have pushed it and I was facing the direction it would have been pulled from. I ran to my sister’s room to hug my mom and ask her what on earth happened. She dismissed it and told me to go back to bed. Naturally I stayed up the whole rest of the night lol

I still can’t work out the physics of what happened to this day.


UFO in Arizona , about 6 red lights in the sky. I thought they were transmission towers, but alll of a sudden they scrambled back and in forth across the sky and shot away into space . Defied the laws of our known physics


There’s an old closed down road through a bunch of fields around the corner from my house, me and my girlfriend were walking the dogs there one night at around 11pm because we wanted to look at the stars. As we pass through the railings at the entrance we both notice someone coming out from deep in the bushes to the left of the road, only visible as it was full white and almost reflecting/glowing from head to toe (even tho it was pitch black with no lights anywhere near, thats why we go there to see the stars). At first I assumed it must’ve been a cyclist as it appeared to be literally gliding up the road (which is a very steep hill) with no movement other than forward, no head bobbing from walking, but at the same time no movement in the legs and this thing was dead silent, it was close enough to hear if it was a bike. the dogs were barking like crazy but we just kept walking in silence i dont know why i assume we were almost in shock. As it disappeared around the corner my girlfriend turned to me and said “did you just see that”, I replied “I didnt want to say anything because I didnt want to scare you”. We still dont know what it was but i know for certain it made no sound coming out from the bushes and didnt appear to be dragging a bike through, it was just literally gliding or floating. I didnt realise until after that the reason the road was closed was because it was the most deadly road in my town for collisions so they built a new one and closed it down. Still creeps me out to think about it possibly being someone who lost their life on that road, but im still in denial trying to refuse to believe it. I still tell my girlfriend it must’ve been a cyclist just so she will still come for walks through there with me, but I know and so does she it was not.


This happened like a week ago. I went back home to my country for the first time in years. The house has 8 bedrooms and me being 20years old, I didn’t want to have to share a room with anyone so I took one of the empty ones down the hall. Each room had its own switch board panel for its respective lights and ceiling fans. These switches are “heavy” ig you could say, so when u flip them, they make a loud clicking sound. Now it was around 3-4am and i wake up to that same clicking sound. Imagine a child playing with the lights, on and off and on and etc. But at a certain pace. At night, each individual room is locked. If its occupied, we lock it from the inside, so no one could’ve come into the room. I was laying on my side so I didn’t have direct eye contact with the switch panel and honestly I was too scared to moved. But at this point I’ve been hearing this clicking sound for like 5 mins now. So i slowly turn my head and I see a shadowy figure in front of the panel and what looked like an arm extending to the panel. I slowly turned my head back closed my eyes, and just stayed completely still. That sound went on for about another 30 mins before it completely stopped. My family always told me about supernatural events thats happened in this house when i was a kid but I never believed it til now.


I was in Ghana, West Africa, and two people were arguing about family land or something like that. One of them removed his pants, sat down on his bare a*s and said, “if I’m lying, may I be struck by lightning,” and he was immediately stricken by lightning. We all started running. I guess he was lying, It was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever witnessed. When I came back home I researched into African occult and beliefs but I still don’t know or understand what that was. S**t still gives me nightmares.


When I was a little kid I had a very small rock “collection”. In all reality it was just a little glass jar full of those polished rocks you get at museums. Anyway I would just take the rocks out and look at them every so often, so I was pretty familiar with my little set of rocks. One day, I dumped out my jar, and I found two solid black rocks that I had never seen before. I was certain that I would have remembered getting them because they were so cool. I asked my parents and they didn’t know where they came from either.

Not the craziest story, but I still wonder about that sometimes.


I grew up in a rural part of California. We lived in the country and I had an ATV that I rode all over. We were in the creek and stopped hanging out for a few before heading home. About 1/2 a mile away all of a sudden 5 lights came on hovering in the sky about 50 or so feet above the ground. They hovered there for about 5 minutes. Then moved directly towards us and passed us at an incredible speed not making a single sound nor did they disturb a single leaf on any of the trees in the area. The lights stopped a ways away and hovered for another 5 or so minutes. Then again without disturbing anything and no sound they shot into the evening sky faster than anything I have seen before or since.


Dad was a pilot.

Flying at night one time he saw a huge light in the sky, like a spotlight, but there was no visible ground source for it.

Pops and his wingman turned and flew toward it for a while to try and figure it out, but never managed to get visibly closer. It was like flying toward a rainbow, or the moon. (No, it was not the moon – at least not directly)

Then it ‘went away’ – looked like it suddenly receded into the distance.

He thought it was some sort of weird, exceedingly rare atmospheric phenomenon. Not little green men.
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