55 Tattoos Gone Terribly Wrong, As Shared By People Online (New Pics)

Tattoos are common enough that most people are able to look past the old, disproved cliche of “What will it look like when you are old?” However, not all tattoos are created equal, and a few “lucky” people have adorned themselves with pieces that are questionable at best and a warning to others at worst.

Netizens “inkshame” the worst tattoo designs out there, as both a warning and a monument to “the customer is always right.” So get comfortable as you scroll through and be sure to thank your lucky stars you didn’t get one of these tattoos. Upvote your favorites and comment your thoughts below. 

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#1 Literally What Is This

Image credits: Brook Kidd

#2 It’s Supposed To Be A Cat Nose

Image credits: anon

#3 Someone I Knew Got A Tattoo On Vacation… Is It Completely Hopeless?

Image credits: anon

While it’s not as common as our parents (or grandparents) would have led us to believe, tattoo regret is still an issue. One survey found that, among 600 respondents, about 75% thought they should not have gotten at least one of their tattoos. As one can imagine, these days people will get multiple, so the issue is more around a specific piece, not the idea of tattoos in general.

If you put yourself in these people’s shoes, it’s easy to see how this could have happened. Take yourself back to a younger age and think about something you were obsessed with. If you felt a momentary pang of cringe, now imagine getting that thing, a band, film, quote, or something else, etched on your skin. 

#4 Ooof Local Shop

Image credits: anon

#5 “Award Winning Been Tattooing For Over 15 Years”

Image credits: Grace Sutton

#6 Friend Posted They Got A New Neck Tattoo And The Artist Did A Fantastic Job

Image credits: anon

#7 The Skull

Image credits: Morgan Levoškin

#8 Dude Said He Was Fine With A “Free Tattoo”

Image credits: Jay Wassner

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#9 Nice Watch Bro

Image credits: Alexandra McKay

#10 The Longer You Look The Worse It Gets

Image credits: anon

#11 It’s The Constant Bragging About Getting Free Tattoos And Then They All Look Like This

Image credits: anon

#12 The Client Paid Extra For Name And Shading, Apparently

Image credits: Lauryn Woodcock-Jones

#13 Just… Why?

Image credits: anon

#14 Found On Tiktok

Image credits: Brianna Lynn Mosley

#15 I Have No Words

Image credits: Ally Platt

#16 Local Nc Artist

Image credits: Moriah Breeden

#17 Super Bad

Image credits: Emmanuelle Le Normand

#18 Mercedes Benz Logo Anyone?

Image credits: anon

#19 A Friend On My Timeline From A Local Shop

Image credits: anon

#20 Big Yikes. Found On Tik Tok

Image credits: David Jimenez

#21 I Finally Have Something To Post! So Much Going On. One Of My Matches On A Dating App

Image credits: Hayley Livingston

#22 Spotted Out In The Wild In Bali

Image credits: Chantal Francis


Image credits: Cat Starr

#24 Someone Commented “The Last Dandelion”

Image credits: Gab Wil

#25 Sorry But What The F Is This?? The Placement???

Image credits: Loranda Tutt

#26 Bro Actually Does Great Work… But What Happened Here

Image credits: anon

#27 Castiel From Supernatural Lookin Rough Here

Image credits: Jess Knight

#28 Saw This In An Acotar Group… Love The Idea, But Why’s It So Hard To Read?!

Image credits: anon

#29 Local Shop Post

Image credits: anon

#30 Yikes

Image credits: anon

#31 Loyaty

Image credits: anon

#32 On My Instagram Feed… Someone In The Comments Asked What It Was Supposed To Be & The Owner Said It’s Gonna Be A Semi Colon, She’s Just Waiting For It To Heal First

Image credits: Kaylee Smith

#33 My Friend Is Showing Off His New Tatt. He Is Super Proud Of It. I Wonder If I Should Tell Him

Image credits: Lara Lara


Image credits: Zella Nyx

#35 The Hands

Image credits: anon

#36 I Don’t…. I Can’t Understand It. The Longer You Get… The Worse It Is

Image credits: anon

#37 I Just Can’t…

Image credits: anon

#38 This Guy Is From My Hometown. I Don’t Even Understand What This Is Supposed To Be About

Image credits: anon

#39 Someone Posted This In A Apa Pool Group. Just Awful

Image credits: anon

#40 I Did It Guys… I Finally Found One In The Wild

Image credits: Lara Cottrell

#41 A Friend Of Mines Tattoo? We Tried Talking Her Out Of Getting It ? She Wanted It So Bad She Couldn’t Wait

Image credits: Chloe Angelos

#42 The Fact That Someone Tattooed This, Took A Picture, And Uploaded It ? Not The Worst I’ve Seen But It Definitely Isn’t The Best. Especially The Nails ?

Image credits: Melissa Palmier

#43 From An “Artist’s” Page… My Eyes! My Eyes!

Image credits: anon

#44 This Guy Usually Does Really Good Work. Idk What Happened Here

Image credits: anon

#45 I Know Theres Definitely Worse Ones But… I Dont Like It

Image credits: anon

#46 Lines And Shading Are So Bad

Image credits: anon

#47 Apparently They Are Slugs Not Poop ? My Friend Was Going To Get A Tattoo From Her But Thankfully I Checked The Insta Needless To Say She Dodged A Bullet

Image credits: anon

#48 Found This In A Thread Of Winnie The Pooh Tattoos

Image credits: anon

#49 The Arms And Hands Though

Image credits: Chrissi Jenkins

#50 On My Timeline… What Do We Think?

Image credits: anon

#51 This Is Atrocious ?? It’s Supposed To Be The Evil Queen From Once Upon A Time ? ?

Image credits: anon

#52 So I Am An Emt And I Was Looking Up Ambulance Inspired Ink.. I Came Across This Gem

Image credits: Merri Kali Whitman

#53 Another Tinder Find

Image credits: anon

#54 Found In The Wild…

Image credits: Stacy Fleming


Image credits: Miriam Cla

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