57 People Show How Their Beloved Cats Have Changed Since Being Adopted (New Pics)

For animal lovers, there’s nothing quite like seeing a once-stray or neglected pet find their forever home; the glow-up a critter can go through in the hands of a caring owner has the power to convince us that the world is not a dark, cruel place but rather a source of love and hope.

So we at Bored Panda would like to invite you to take a look at one of our favorite subreddits, r/BeforeNAfterAdoption. More specifically, its felines. This place has plenty of then-and-now pictures to showcase the transformative power of adoption! From scared and undernourished cats to healthy and playful family members, these images can be just what you need to start the week with a smile on your face.

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#1 Second Chance

Image credits: Master1718

#2 Found This ~7 Month Old Kitty Hanging Around My Shop May 31st. Super Friendly With Everyone

Covered In Grime, Dirt, Oil, Etc. Decided To Bring Him Home And Let Him Live The Life He Deserves Since He’s A Good Dude

Image credits: Particular_Wasabi663

#3 Got Kimchi Out Of A Vending Machine

Image credits: WarlordOfMaltise

#4 Toast The Day I Brought Him Home And Then A Few Months Later!

Image credits: UncleGael

#5 This Is Doutor Before And After Adopted

Doutor Means Doctor In Portuguese And I Gave Him This Name Cuz I Found Him In The Entrance Of A Hospital. The Pics Have A Little Less Than 2y Of Difference

Image credits: 666c0rpse

#6 My Sweet Boy, Lez! He Was Half Dead, Found In The Snow In Brooklyn. I Got Him Off Of Craigslist Lol

Image credits: addieprae

#7 One Year Of Good Care And Love

Image credits: brujasinpoderes

#8 She Was Shaking Like A Leaf And Kept Burying Her Head In Our Arms

One Month Later, She Climbs Up On The Counter To Greet Me With Soft Trills And Purrs Every Morning (She Also Loves The Sink)

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Image credits: HelloYellow17

#9 1 Year Ago I Found This Tiny Kitten In The Middle Of The Parking Lot At My Work. Scroll To See Xena Grow Up!

Image credits: zmeknits

#10 The Day They Were Found And 3 Years Later

Image credits: Few-Comment9314

#11 13 Year Old Pouncer Is A Hospice Foster Fail! He Was Neglected And Ignored After His Mom Died. I’m So Lucky To Give Him A Happy Home Until He’s Ready To Join His Mama On The Other Side

Image credits: ShivsButtBot

#12 People Won’t Look When She Was On The Streets 2 Years Ago. Now They Are Amazed By How Much Beauty She Has To Offer

Image credits: thehowsph

#13 Five Years Ago I Fed A Stray Kitten, It Followed Me Home

Image credits: Momriguez

#14 My Handsome Boy Fry

Image credits: Almanoli

#15 She Was So Scared When She First Arrived That I Could Only Get A Picture Through A Security Camera. Now She’s Happy, Healthy, And The Most Majestic Floof Ball I Ever Did See!

Image credits: Autumnalibi

#16 Found In A Dumpster With Very Bad Eye Infections

Image credits: Sea-Reflection-1373

#17 Rabbit & Cricket, 1 Year Later

Image credits: YoungPopess

#18 Taken Exactly One Year Apart Such A Handsome Grown Boy

Image credits: skelexxxx

#19 This Guy Just Appeared In Our Doorsteps And Demanded To Be Let In. He Has Not Left Since

Image credits: periwinkleskies

#20 My First Foster Kittens – At My Home Before, In Their Loving Forever Home After!! (Fostered Back In 2020)

Image credits: Daisystar99

#21 Found Him Omw To Work And Couldn’t Leave Him. He’s Getting Handsome

Image credits: Helstark

#22 First Day vs. More Than A Year Later

Image credits: invaderxim

#23 Sushi Aka Chompers. What A Difference A Year Makes

Image credits: Shellyysauruss_Rexx

#24 Hermes, Only A Few Weeks Apart

Image credits: CorinPenny

#25 My Delilah The Day She Came Into The Shelter I Work At, To A Very Recent Picture

Image credits: starsturnblue

#26 Found In A Ditch With Worms, Now The Most Lazy Spoiled Orange Boy Ever

Image credits: cadrinnnn

#27 I’ve Been Rescuing For 15 Years. This Is A Favorite Before And After

This Girl Was “Wild” And Torn Apart By An Ac Unit When She Had Her Babies Inside. They Gave Her Babies Away And Left Her To Suffer. I Got Her Immediately When I Heard She Was Suffering On Facebook And Got Her Into The Vet

Image credits: Hoperosaliex

#28 Before And After Adoption. Masia Kitten, That I Rescued This Autumn From Ruined Barn

Image credits: ElectricalTravel1671

#29 Adopted The “Grumpy” Shelter Kitty. Only 11 Days Later, And He’s So Much More Vibrant And Has The Cutest Personality! So Proud Of His Progress… He Just Needed A Home

Image credits: spacecowkitten

#30 My First Bottle Baby Foster Kittens After A Neighbor Found Them In A Rainstorm vs. Four Months Later In Their Forever Home!

Image credits: marceldushit

#31 Additional Pictures Of Mister Fluffy’s Misadventures

Image credits: theHermanator119

#32 Saw Him Looking Way Too Small And Sick. Now Healthy And So Fluffy

Image credits: dachinesechicken

#33 Here Is My Before And After Adoption Of Gordita. Second Picture Is A Bonus Of The Car Ride Home

Image credits: Tnally91

#34 Got A Litter Of Kittens With My Stray Adoption

Image credits: imbaylee

#35 Hank Was A A Heartworm & Fiv+ Feral Cat Living On The Streets. After Three Years, He’s My Office Cuddle Buddy

Image credits: Ch0rdeva

#36 From Tiny Sickly Homeless Kitten To Sir Naps-A-Lot Kitten!

Image credits: ShivsButtBot

#37 Arno, From Blind Stray Kitten To Still Vision-Impaired But Happy House Cat

Image credits: FamousSquash

#38 I Adopted A 10yo That Had Been At The Shelter For 7 Years. Took Him A Few Days, But Now I Cannot Move. This Is Kevin Frickin Solo

Image credits: doesamulletmakeaman

#39 Squidge Turned Up In Our Garden Emaciated And Scruffy

After Multiple Vet Trips And Looking For An Owner For A Few Months We Have Officially Adopted This Sweet Girl. She’s Around 9 Years Old And Full Of Love And Head Bumps

Image credits: Muddlepops

#40 We Found Ernie Under Our Neighbors Shed While Their Kids Were Feeding Him Doritos. He Is Much Happier 8 Months Later Being In A Loving Home

Image credits: jgilmet89

#41 My Neighbors Saw A Cat Get Hit By A Car. Unfortunately, She Couldn’t Be Saved. Then They Heard A Kitten Crying Under A Shed

I Work In Rescue So They Brought Him To Me. He Was A Week Old. I Took Him To A Friend That Does Bottle Baby Rescue. He Still Has A Long Way To Go But Has Grown So Much!

Image credits: ambermackay

#42 This Little Guy Was Found Abandoned In A Trunk. I’d Say He’s Doing Better Now

Image credits: Totally-Not-A-Llama

#43 Before And After. Toptyga Cat That I Rescued 6 Months Ago

Image credits: ElectricalTravel1671

#44 Found This Scrap Of A Kitten Under A Bus Stop. Was Worried She’d Be Blind, But Look At Those Beautiful Eyes Now!

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 The Difference From Exactly Two Months Of Love, Proper Vet Care, And Having A Family

Image credits: SunlitLavenderFields

#46 Hello, We Are Glória And Joaquim

Image credits: CPh2SYKiuqa53

#47 Mr. Moby When He Was Found And Several Months Later Sharing Snuggles With Baby Sisfur

Image credits: kitocatman

#48 My Rescue Kitten Gigi After 6 Months Of Care

Image credits: janelagasse

#49 Buki She Is About 14yrs Old Now. She Was Rescued From Off The Street Covered In Mange

Image credits: Peasant_Stockholder

#50 Chadwick 2 Years Post Adoption And One Floofening Later

Image credits: Delmire

#51 My Sweet Emcee The Day I Found Her, A Few Weeks Later With Her Little Ones, And The Whole Happy Family A Few Months Later

Image credits: Laney20

#52 My Three Kittens Before And After!

Image credits: TheLastLunarFlower

#53 From A 6 Week Old Starved Kitten Dumped By An Auto Shop To A 7 Month Old Chunky Man!

Image credits: R3DR0PE

#54 This Little Guy Is Almost 6 Months Old! His Foster Mom Got His Litter At Around 2 Weeks And He’s Been With Us Since 2 Months

Image credits: thiccstrawberrry

#55 Celebrating Fiona’s 12th “Found Day” This Month!

Image credits: trippedcat

#56 Before And After (12 Weeeks Later). Kartoshka Cat

Image credits: ElectricalTravel1671

#57 Found This Little Guy In The Streets A Year And A Half Ago. Now He’s Looking Dapper Af

Image credits: Adel_Ahmed77

Source: boredpanda.com

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