60 Times Dads Radiated Pure ‘Dad Energy’

Dads have a unique approach to life on Planet Earth. They’ll fully support you while also gently teasing you. They’ll embarrass you while teaching you the most important values to have in life. And their jokes and pranks are some of the best that the internet has to offer. We feel like dads deserve a lot more love and attention than they get. And this article is our way to show our respect to fathers all over the globe.

We’ve collected the most hilarious posts that radiate pure dad energy from the legendary r/madlads subreddit, as well as elsewhere from the net. Check out the best of the best below, Pandas, and upvote your fave pics as you scroll down. Though keep in mind that the cosmic dad radiation is so intense, you might feel inspired to spout dad jokes all week long. You’ve been warned!

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Meanwhile, read on for Bored Panda’s interview about how busy dads can find time for their family and kids with relationship and dating expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man.

This is also a gentle reminder to call your parents and tell them you love them.


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It can be incredibly hard to juggle work and family life, and with the constant stress, it’s no wonder that some parents end up utterly exhausted, and wanting nothing better than to have a lie down when they come back home. However, it’s vital that dads find the time for their families. It’s vital that they spend quality time together, when they’re not distracted by anything else.

“It is important because if your wife or kids don’t feel like a priority, they will begin to seek love from elsewhere,” relationship and dating expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man, explained to Bored Panda that dads should prioritize their families.


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The relationship and dating expert warned that if fathers ignore their families, their wives might feel the need to flirt with other men. Meanwhile, the kids might seek love from friend groups or from the parents of their friends. In other words, the family becomes atomized, more distant from each other. Certain members of the family might feel alienated.

“Both your wife and children should feel loved, noticed, and appreciated. However, as a man, you do need to have goals and ambitions as another priority. It’s not all about your wife and kids,” Dan stressed that men should compartmentalize their lives if possible. Being a dad is important, but being a parent isn’t the only thing that you should focus on.

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My dad recently got a 3d printer and made a stool sample for his doctor.

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That entails working or exercising during certain hours “to ensure that he has ‘free time’ with his wife and children,” relationship expert Dan said. “For me, free time for my wife and kids is on the weekends as well as after work on most nights. I could work all weekend as well, but it wouldn’t be good for me or for them in the long run. There always needs to be a balance in your life, otherwise, problems begin to emerge.”


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It’s not enough to just be around your family without giving them proper attention. Dads need to be present, focused, and actually there mentally. “When a man is spending time with his wife and kids, he should try to avoid playing with his phone too much or focusing on other things that don’t involve them. He should mostly focus on having interactions with them, so the bond remains and grows over time, rather than physically being around them, but seeming to not want to be there at the same time.”


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My dad was the only one at the office today, so he made this picture and sent it to my family

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There’s no such thing as ‘perfection’ when it comes to parenting. At the core of being a good parent lies the need to take care of your child’s basic needs. “You might not feel as though you’re doing a great job, but is your kid fed, clothed, warm, safe, happy, and loved? Then you’re doing brilliantly—cut yourself some slack,” single mom and comedy writer Ariane Sherine, with an 11-year-old daughter, told Bored Panda recently.

According to Ariane, parenting is very hard work, but it’s “the best thing” and “so worth it.” From her perspective, the main lesson that parenthood teaches you is learning to put another person first and thinking of their needs before your own. That means sacrificing some hobbies and social time with your friends. Though not all of it.


My wife hates being embarrassed, so we surprised her at the airport.

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However, something that would-be parents ought to ask themselves is why and if they actually want to have children. 

“I truly believe that’s essential to being a good parent. If you don’t love the thought of being a mum or dad, you’re likely to resent having to put your children first. Secondly, that love for them is what powers you through the difficult times—and there will be difficult times. So do it because you know your life wouldn’t be complete if you don’t,” Ariane told Bored Panda that it’s best to answer these questions honestly.


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“Plenty of people are very happy and fulfilled without being parents. It just so happens that I wouldn’t have been one of them, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a perfectly valid life choice,” Ariane said that people shouldn’t have kids just to “tick a box” or because they’re pressured by society and the expectations others have for them.


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“Your kid will probably grow out of whatever behavior they’re displaying now. The first four years are the most difficult. But at age 4, they go to school, and then you get your life back a bit, for at least six hours a day. See if you can get some help each week, whether that’s grandparents doing a bit of childcare or paying a childminder. Use the extra time to exercise self-care and pamper yourself, whether that means having a massage or just a soak in the bath—do things you wouldn’t be able to do while looking after your child,” she shared some advice for all parents on how to carve out some time for some well-earned rest and relaxation.


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What’s the best parenting advice that you could give someone else, dear Pandas? What, for you personally, is the best way to find time for everyone in your family while also taking care of your health, work-related stuff, and having enough time for your hobbies? We’d love to hear what you think, so drop by the comments and have a chat with all the other Pandas. We hear they appreciate a good dad joke (or two)!


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Mad dad photosops baby in mad danger to madden family.

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My dad mid heart attack, in an ambulance, taking a selfie.

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My dad is colorblind but can still see these shades.

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I’ve been rejected from university twice now, so my dad bought me this pair of socks for Christmas…

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