61 People Who Look Both Old And Young At The Same Time

Some people have all the luck in the world when it comes to looking far younger than they really are. While others have the misfortune of inheriting certain genetic traits that make them look a lot older. It’s often disconcerting to see a person whose age you can’t determine, and it turns into a guessing game, whether they’re actually 13 or 30.

There’s an entire community on Reddit called ‘13 or 30’ that is dedicated to people who “look multiple ages”, and is chock full of pictures that will befuddle and confuse you, and have you raising your eyebrows. Here’s an awesome list of the best pictures the subreddit has to offer, so grab your friends and start a guessing game. Upvote your faves, write us a comment with your thoughts and remember to keep on scrolling.

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#1 20 Or 40? Man Or Woman?

Image credits: ah_nahii

#2 6 Or 30?

Image credits: MichelleMone

#3 Acosta’s Daughter

Image credits: Cocktupus

My mom and I are two people who look way younger than we really are, and I can tell you that life can get pretty interesting. We’re used to fun little surprises like getting asked for our ID when buying a newspaper that has a free DVD that is meant for teenagers aged 12 and above, for example. Not to mention that we look like brother and sister whenever we’re walking side by side. And don’t even get me started on how many times we’ve been mistaken for an incredibly young couple when we’ve taken my sisters to the playground.

#4 “Child” Filmed Smoking At Football Match Is Actually 36

Image credits: yureginikoyortaya

#5 A Giant 3 Y/O Or A Baby Faced 23 Y/O?

Image credits: Batguy92

#6 Me At 14 Looking 40

Image credits: ShredderZ122

The Guardian writes that Dutch scientists are close to answering the question of why some people look younger than others. Rotterdam scientists published a paper in 2016, stating that they found a gene that affects how old individuals appear. When this particular gene has mutations, people look about two years older than they are.

#7 The Head Of A 12 Year Old Transplanted Onto The Body Of A 30 Year Old

Image credits: jovialmaverick

#8 11 Y/O Boy, 22 Y/O Drag Queen Or 38 Y/O Lesbian?

Image credits: lexaquin

#9 Thomas Brodie-Sangster… 28 Going On 12

Image credits: superhobbitsam

Professor Manfred Kayser, an expert in forensic molecular biology at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, had this to say to the media: “This is the first gene we have found for perceived age, and this single gene has an effect of two years. We know there are others out there. We are just at the beginning.”

#10 Child’s Birthday Or 50 Year Olds Early Retirement?

Image credits: stuffaboutsomestuff

#11 8 Or 80?

Image credits: hey_underoos

#12 Baby Daddy? Baby? Daddy?

Image credits: Typo_Qeuen

However, it’s not all down to genetics. Lifestyle is important as well when it comes to different aging rates. Too much sunlight and smoking, for example, have negative effects and can make you look older.

#13 Not Sure Whether He Wants To Sell Me Insurance, Or Buy A Lollipop

Image credits: call_me_cookie

#14 The Author Of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Forgot To Age

Image credits: Lamabunnyvile

#15 12 Or 80?

Image credits: WoxicFangel

Do you look different from your real age? Do you know anyone else who does? How has this affected your life? Let us know — we can’t wait to hear from you.

#16 15 Or 45?

Image credits: Shervivor

#17 Star Trek Cosplay

Image credits: Karmaluscious

#18 5 Or 50 (To Life)

Image credits: StreetBob2016

#19 7 Year Old Kid Or 30 Year Old Tennis Instructor Named Derek

Image credits: TheMinimob

#20 5 Or 25?

Image credits: -saucesoy-

#21 This Woman In Her Thirties, Who Succesfully Fooled Child Protective Services Twice By Pretending To Be 13 Years Old Girl And 13 Years Old Boy

Image credits: monkatx

#22 Is This The Victim Or The Perpetrator?

Image credits: DisgruntledCoWorker

#23 9 Or 49?

Image credits: Spondgegar

#24 Well, Actually….

Image credits: Dudleysdad

#25 Patrick Renna From The Sandlot With His Son At The Field Where They Shot The Movie. He Has Been In The 13 Or 30 Club His Whole Life

Image credits: cheezedragon25

#26 Jamie Foxx, 18 Years Old

Image credits: quercky

#27 “Mom Said I Can Invade Normandy But I Have To Be Back Before 9:30”

Image credits: meme_sweeper4hire

#28 18 Or 45?

Image credits: TezCooley3

#29 Hmmmm

Image credits: delphoxlover

#30 19 Year Old Rookie Or 47 Year Old Coach

Image credits: Mo_damo

#31 My Friend, Who Is 17. His Face Screams Primary School But His Outfit And Mannerisms Make Him Look Like A Middle-Aged Accountant

Image credits: BaraLovesCats

#32 Is She Even Old Enough To Get Arrested?

Image credits: BruceVFL

#33 26 Year Old Kenyan Footballer, Joash Onyango

Image credits: evanthompson123

#34 I’m Actually Confused On This One

Image credits: that_one_shark

#35 26 Or 6 Years Young?

Image credits: Mcramblett

#36 15 Or 50

Image credits: Akintoss

#37 Hi I’m Professor Babyhead Grownbody

Image credits: Nate082407

#38 Not Sure If This Is A Venezuelan Secret Service Agent Is 13 Or 30

Image credits: TurkFebruary

#39 Child Playing Dress Up Or Actual NFL Punter?

Image credits: likeitorknot

#40 13 Or 30?

Image credits: sjmbr

#41 My Husband, Far Left. 13 Or 35 Year Old Bank Teller?

Image credits: whocaresanywayright

#42 Saw This Chick On Youtube. Is She 25 Or 65?

Image credits: spillledmilk

#43 Found In A Clothing Discounter Brochure, 25

Image credits: 4saria

#44 Toddler Face, Adult Body

Image credits: helloimcold

#45 From The Tlc Show “90 Day Fiancé”

Image credits: nogills

#46 Came Across This One On Tinder… 12 Or 20?

Image credits: concernedstudentLOL

#47 Friend Suggestion I Just Got On Facebook

Image credits: okay_sky

#48 This Lady, 20

Image credits: theonlycelerymaster

#49 16 Or A 40 Year Old Mum Of 3?

Image credits: jazz1801

#50 I Truly Cannot Figure This One Out!

Image credits: sagelface

#51 12 Or 21?

Image credits: iknownuting

#52 13 Year Old School Boy Or 26 Year Old Member Of The German Parliament?

Image credits: KantenKant

#53 It Ain’t Easy Being Soccer Mom And Soccer Daughter

Image credits: bzzinthetrap

#54 No Joke, Met Him In A Bar, Said He Was 21 Not 12

Image credits: K-Double

#55 I Met One As An Uber Driver In The Wild

Image credits: Trippy_Styx666

#56 13 Or 22?

Image credits: futuredrake

#57 Adult Or Bearded Child On Jerry Springer??

Image credits: tayferg

#58 19 Or 57

Image credits: [deleted]

#59 Let Me Just Age 20 Years Real Quick

Image credits: breezeeboo

#60 Excuse Me What The Freak

Image credits: Aardvark_An_Aardvark

#61 14 Year Old Or 22 Year Old Soon To Be Father?

Image credits: javaspirits

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