64 Times People Made Something So Great, They Just Had To Share It On This Online Group (New Pics)

Have you ever wandered through a store and thought, I could do that myself? Well, there are some truly creative people who took this emotion to heart and started making something. And through the magic of the internet, they are able to share these things with the world. 

The “Something I Made” internet group gathers creatives to share their DIY projects, from embroidery to painting, and even sculpting! We also reached out to Sara, from the Kitschy Stitcher to learn a bit more about embroidery and other DIY projects. So be sure to upvote your favorite creations and comment your thoughts below!

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#1 Something I Made With Pencils On Paper

Image credits: fabiodesenhando2

#2 I Designed A Hummingbird Earring Of Only 1.36 Cm And Tried To Carve Out Its Feathers

Image credits: COPPERTISTWU

#3 I’m So Happy With How This Custom Needle Felted Dog Turned Out! What Do You Think?!

Image credits: TwoFeltedFox

Bored Panda reached out to Sara, from the Kitschy Stitcher, who specializes in all sorts of cool embroidery, to learn more about some tips for beginners. First, we wanted to know, at least for embroidery, where someone should start: “I taught myself how to embroider by hand from youtube tutorials and by trial and error. PRACTICE! Practice, practice, practice. That’s the only thing that you need to be successful with embroidery (and any new skill!).”

“There are also a large amount of embroidery technique books available online and at bookstores/libraries with a huge catalog of different embroidery stitches to learn. I also have uploaded a number of video tutorials for beginners on my Instagram: @thekitschystitcher.” While this page focuses on embroidery, the advice would be just as true for any craft, hobby, or skill, just keep practicing. 

#4 Jacket I Made From A Sleeping Bag!

Image credits: ropedropdesign

#5 My Designer Dress In A Folk Style

Image credits: EVALIZA

#6 I Made A Mouth Chair Out Of An Old Folding Lawn Chair

Image credits: sealcouch

Alongside practice, new “crafters” often have to consider the buy-in costs for materials, so we wanted to know how important it is in embroidery. “One of my favorite things about hand embroidery is that you don’t need fancy supplies to get started! If you’re just learning for yourself as a hobby, everything you need is at any local craft store. You can buy a hoop, fabric, and thread all for around $5. If you want to begin selling your work down the road, then you could invest in nicer quality embroidery hoops, etc.”

#7 I Painted A Cup Of Coffee In Watercolor

Image credits: juliaockert

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#8 I Made This Ceramic Mallard Duck!

Image credits: happyclaypot

#9 «northern Sky In Early Spring» Sweater I Knitted

Image credits: soulartes

“Any basic embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, and cotton fabric will do, though! As for the thread, I’ve always used DMC brand thread which is at all the major craft stores. I’ve even used the 97-cent fat-quarter fabric samples from Walmart to create some beautifully stitched pieces. Just remember to stay away from stretchy fabric because it can warp your embroidery design as it moves when you stitch onto it! I always go for either a sturdy Cotton or a Linen blend fabric.”

#10 I Made Some Neon Paper Clips!

Image credits: isotropy

#11 I Made This Gown And My Friend Photographed Her Beautiful Grandma Wearing It

Image credits: MOASSincoming

#12 I Made Some Cats In Flying Saucers

Image credits: yoyo138

When it comes to embroidery in particular, many people can sort of picture it, but it’s rare that they actually know what’s going on. So we also wanted to hear what are some of the more common misconceptions the experts have come across and let them set the record straight. “The number one misconception is calling it Cross Stitch If I had a dollar for every time someone called my embroidery pieces cross-stitch. They are similar though so I can see how they could be confused.”

#13 I Made These Nature Inspired Necklaces, And They Feel Magical!

Image credits: hazelwoodcottage

#14 Polymer Clay Berries Made By Me

Image credits: fairyclay_88

#15 Jewelry With Pomegranate Seeds Made By Me From Polymer Clay And Epoxy Resin 🙂

Image credits: fairyclay_88

“Cross stitching (also known as x-stitch) is a type of counted needlework that uses little crosses or ‘x’s to create a tiled pattern or design. Embroidery is more free-flowing needlework where you don’t have to follow a graph or specific lines. I love the utter freedom of embroidery; you can go wherever your needle takes you! The possibilities and combinations of techniques are literally endless.”

#16 My First Serious Attempt At Wood Carving! Made This Feather Spoon Out Of Limewood 🙂

Image credits: TheWitchcrafter

#17 I Made A Dragon Out Of Discarded Bottle Caps

Image credits: Tyromonium

#18 I Love Sunsets, So I Made This One

Image credits: florifyingmoments

“I’d say another misconception is that embroidery is something our grandmas did to napkins and tablecloths as its only purpose. Nowadays, there has been an explosion of new and modern twists on this ancient craft! The amount of innovation and creativity I have seen in the needlework community since I started 9 years ago is astounding. I am so glad the “embroidery bug” has caught on around the world! It’s a very addicting and fun thing to learn and I highly suggest it to anyone who is interested.”

#19 Leather Messenger Bag I Made Recently

Image credits: Mrhydez

#20 I Handburned This Armadillo On Basswood

Image credits: dirk_the_pyrographer

#21 Some Smiley (And One Worried) Wood Carvings I Finished Recently

Image credits: clintseed

“There are tens of thousands of beginner patterns to practice all over the internet, with my website being one place to offer them! I currently offer over 70 colorful digital embroidery patterns that can be downloaded immediately, as well as some cute little sewing notions and a couple of kits (& more coming!) with all supplies included. From clothing embellishment to jewelry, to hoop art you can admire on the walls in your home embroidery is a versatile and lovely talent to have.” So if you want to learn more or get inspired, check out the Kitschy Stitcher on Instagram and Facebook! And if you want to see more cool craft collections, click here, and here!

#22 I Made This Medieval Fantasy Outfit For My BF: Shirt, Doublet, Sash And Pants

Image credits: fel0ra

#23 I’m A Young Bladesmith In South Africa And I Made This Knife That I Called ‘African Sunset ‘

Image credits: Dessitroya

#24 Got Inspired By Pinterest And Gave My Ordinary Denim Shorts Some Summer Vibes ☀️

Image credits: wikkiwonka

#25 I Made American Gothic In Stained Glass…with Pugs

Image credits: yoyo138

#26 I Made Camel Wool And Cotton/Linen Hoodies For Spring

Image credits: kozak3

#27 Run Away With Me. Wet Charcoal And Pastel Art By Me

Image credits: nobrakes1975

#28 Embroidered Rhinestone Suit I Made

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 My Charcoal Drawings From Last Year (Swipe For Full Pics, See Body Text For Full Info)

Image credits: alexflemingart

#30 Quick Work Selfie Of An Outfit I Made Recently!

Image credits: ZetaMakesThings

#31 Can’t Draw Images Worth A Darn, But Patterns All Day

Image credits: FriggnNarsty

#32 Just Wanted To Share A Painting I Finished Today. Oil On Canvas, 61 X 76 Cms

Image credits: GeneralPrestigious13

#33 Winterproof Cactus

Image credits: MrMrsGlass

#34 Started Painting After I Lost My Job And It’s Actually Going So Well I’ve Been Making Rent

Image credits: iartnewyork

#35 Spring Flower Plates. Which One Do You Like More?

Image credits: artglassceramic

#36 Needle Felted Donkey Sculpture

Image credits: Uniquewoolgifts

#37 Oil Paintings I Made On Thrifted Fabric Sheets

Image credits: sydedunn

#38 I Hand-Embroidered Entomological Collection

Image credits: MossAndFloss

#39 I Drew A… Magical Bookcase Mushroomy Moon

Image credits: Nerdy_Goat

#40 I Made An Iridescent Stained Glass Floral Moon Panel

Image credits: samanamana

#41 Made My Boyfriend A Backpack As A Birthday Present! It’s Either 2 Months Late Or 10 Months Early

Image credits: soggybutter

#42 My Handmade Cloud Cardigan

Image credits: by_VerShy

#43 Hi! I Made A Leather Corset Belt With Labradorite Inlay!

Image credits: hakunamamerel

#44 I Made This Simple Pink Dress!

Image credits: _ZZZer000_

#45 Been Wanting To Make A Longer Bedsheet Dress For A While Now ?

Image credits: ropedropdesign

#46 Made My Wedding & Reception Dresses

Image credits: Odd-Butterfly1052

#47 I Made Stained Glass Stormtroopers

Image credits: yoyo138

#48 Lavender Embroidery On A Hat

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 One Item Took A Few Hours, Another Took Several Weeks And The Last Took Several Months

Image credits: Sylvadragon

#50 I Made This Blouse In White A While Ago But Decided To Remake It In Black (Both Skirt And Blouse Made And Patterned By Me)

Image credits: ZetaMakesThings

#51 I Made A Little Nut Goblin To Guard My Succulents!

Image credits: Spooky_Gecko

#52 I Made Elaine’s Dancing From Seinfeld As A Wood Wall Piece. I Hope You Like It

Image credits: markhizio

#53 Embroidery + Watercolor

Image credits: rebordacao

#54 Just Finished This Crochet Bag ?

Image credits: Cat_Crochet

#55 I Painted A Little Picture Of A Little Void!

Image credits: Old_Climate

#56 Portraits Of Hades & Persephone In Stained Glass

Image credits: GildedMoth

#57 River Anapo Here In Sicily, Me, Oils, 2017

Image credits: StevenBeercockArt

#58 The Rainbow Shawl I Made With A 1 Skein Of Yarn. Size 75×39 Inches After Blocking

Image credits: AlyonaBerezka

#59 Starry Night 3.0

Image credits: magicnikki1213

#60 I Made This Print And The Shirt, Printed It On Linen. I Love Wearing It Everywhere Now, Its Breezy And Stylish. A Picture Of My Friend Rocking It

Image credits: mahnstudios_in

#61 Rainy Road, My Oil Painting On A Canvas Panel 12″X16″

Image credits: kznsq

#62 Handpainted Wood Cutting Board I Made

Image credits: AnakenSkaiwoker

#63 I Made Some Bookmarks From My Lino Print Seconds

Image credits: spearmintjoe

#64 Needle Felted Fox Sculpture Made By Me

Image credits: Uniquewoolgifts

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