67 People Share The Scariest Examples Of History Being Written By Winners

Herodotus is widely credited as being the first historian—he traveled across Ancient Greece and wrote down what he saw and the stories he heard.

Classical scholar and poet Peter Levi said that what made him the first serious historian was his combination of great scope and precise focus, as well as his imaginative power as a storyteller and his rationalism, his concern with truth. However, while some call Herodotus ‘The Father of History’, others say he’s actually ‘The Father of Lies’ and could’ve included more than facts in his tales.

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Of course, current academic historians are more than just storytellers. Most of them have developed a rigorous approach to studying the past. But they are only as accurate as their sources.

In an attempt to see how misleading they can be, Reddit user Vo_Lair asked other platform users to share examples of the phrase “history is written by the victors.” And they did!

Continue scrolling to check out the replies as well as the talks we had on the subject with Tudor historian and bestselling author Hayley Nolan and family historian, author, and digital archivist Andrew Martin.


I mean, the US technically stole Hawaii from a legitimate government.

But we have just normalized it as a state.

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At first, you might wonder why should we care about such questions in the first place. But the past (and our relation to it) can teach us a lot about the present.

“History repeats, so if we have a true understanding of how history has played out before, we can hopefully try to make better decisions so it never happens again,” Hayley Nolan, whose book called ‘Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies‘ has become a number one Amazon history bestseller, told Bored Panda.

“From the average person’s point of view (as opposed to a monarch or parliamentarian), this can mean recognizing certain behaviors in politicians and thinking ‘perhaps I shouldn’t vote for them.’ Or seeing how a person in history was treated and recognizing those same patterns in, say, the modern media in how a celebrity is being treated and just questioning the narrative we are being fed.”


Anytime someone says “Well, by the standards of the time, it was okay.” When talking about an atrocity or horrific practice.

It usually means “By the standards of the people doing the atrocity.”

For example, Slaves *knew* the Slave trade was evil. But when we say “People thought it was okay” we arent counting the slaves as being people.

The victims of history are voiceless, even if our sensibilities have evolved over time. We try to justify things by saying ‘they couldn’t have known’ and almost always ignore a large group of people who certainly did know.

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There is a bunch of Chinese history that is pretty much speculation because whenever a new king would conquer places, pretty much the first move was always to burn all the records and take out the historians to establish dominance.

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Andrew Martin, who has been researching his family tree over the last 25 years and also hosts ‘The Family Histories Podcast‘, agrees that history has so much to offer us all.

“Studying it academically, or simply casually consuming historical information allows us to learn where we (as a population) have been before – whether that’s geographically, politically, morally or another factor,” he told Bored Panda. “With knowledge behind us, we as nations and individuals are able to navigate our lives right now, and plan a path in the future without being defeated by the same things every time. History enriches our understanding of the world and our place within it, and therefore having a knowledge of history helps us become better people and achieve more.”

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You need only to look at Ukraine. If Russia would win, people living there would forever be taught that brave Russians saved Ukraine from Nazi government and evil NATO influence.

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The UK’s affect on India, and the 45 trillion dollars worth of material they stole from India.

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Notice that everything people are pointing out is well documented.

“people dont care” is not the same as history being erased.

It’s a nonsensical thing people say. We have MANY records of people that lost conflicts. “History is written by the literate” is a more apt statement.

If history was only written by the victors we would have zero historical context for Jews even existing.

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Nolan thinks that the phrase “history is written by the victors” is absolutely true. “I quoted it in the first chapter of my corrective biography ‘Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies.’ Anne Boleyn’s story is the perfect example of this. As the infamous second wife of King Henry VIII, evidence in my book proves that Anne Boleyn was an activist and humanitarian who was taken down when she wanted to set up a rival government council in order to launch a Poor Law, providing free healthcare for the people of England,” the historian explained.

“King’s advisor Thomas Cromwell framed Anne for adultery and she was executed, while he, the victor, re-wrote her story so that the world only knew her as a scheming, cruel adulterer.”


The Philippine-American war. Because of WWII the americans were portrayed as heroes who had the Philippines’ best interest at heart. But few people know about the genocide during the Philippine-American war that started in 1899. Almost 200,000 civilians dead, with civilians dying to disease, famine and US troops wiping out villages.

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Pretty much any indigenous population that got in the way of any colonial power. No single country has a monopoly on the violence and oppression that was done worldwide as the colonial powers expanded. ALL were guilty of it..

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Surprised to see no one mention the massacres of Caesar during the gaulic wars. He deliberately targeted certain gaulic tribes to make them cease to exist, which straight up is genocide. Almost every time I hear someone speak of the Gaulic wars I see them either side lining them to the civil war that followed it or it is a heroic struggle from both sides. The Gauls are trying to remain free while Rome is trying to expand and civilize.
Almost every time I read about it the atrocities are omitted which I find to be really bad.

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Martin also finds these words to be true, but he thinks they can possess plenty of nuances, too. “Sometimes there is not a consensus of who ‘the victors’ are,” he said.

“For example, a country that goes to war with another may appear to have a victor, but you often find that both claim to have won through their country’s media or published literature. A lot of history has also been written and published by white men – allowing for a very patriarchal or incredibly biased view to be depicted of what they deemed to be everyday life, as well as some truly horrific events. You can see this in historical accounts of colonialism and slavery from around the world, and the shadows of those are still present today. Sadly, this is only just beginning to alter, as modern historians re-interpret the evidence and allow other historians from different cultures to contribute to these accounts,” Martin said.


Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Astor, Mellon, Morgan, Schwab, Stanford…

They were called robber barons for a reason. All those schools and music halls and community centers are all built on the backs of crushed men and named after the men who crushed them.

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Carthaginian Civilization existed for well over 600 years. They controlled large parts of North Africa, Spain, Mediterranean Islands, and had trade networks going All over the Mediterranean and even explored the African coast. They were powerful enough to bring Rome to the brink of defeat in two massive wars.

Romans won, and as a result, not a single Carthaginian primary source exists.

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The Kyrgyz genocide. In 1916 when Kyrgyz families of the north (tired of oppression) refused to join Russia’s army in WWI, Russian soldiers massacred around 30% of population of the northern tribes. Now they present it as an uprising, which happened because of German-Turkish spies.

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After the Paraguay war, there were no losers left to write history… I guess Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina was what was left.

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Nolan pointed out that historians, in their pursuit of truth, have to let go of any preconceived biases they might have. Whatever it is you’re researching, you need to look at the person, event, or period without dismissing any research just because it doesn’t align with your own views and feelings.

“My book never set out to paint Anne Boleyn as an innocent martyr, and there is a whole chapter dedicated to the questionable decisions she made in life,” Nolan said. “Similarly, the history books, or even historical movies as this is how the majority consume their history these days, should always endeavor to present a balanced view of an event, country or person.”

“Yes, it’s uncomfortable to face some of these truths, particularly if it’s our own history, but if we are to learn from the past then we have to know what really happened first,” the historian said.


How Spain always claimed to have conquered the Americas by killing and fighting millions of native Americans.
They did not. Most died of sickness but they played the badass army card for quiet some decades.

By today’s standards it would be embarrassing to tell about how good of a genocide job you did.

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How nobody cares about the thousands of native American children that were taken out by the Canadian government until 1998

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The Vietnam War. America didn’t win but we sure as f**k told everyone we did. And glossed over the crimes against humanity.

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Not really a scary one, but I’ve always found it interesting that the word “barbarians” is used in such a negative way. It simply means people of different language and culture. But if you’re the one writing history it gets a very negative connotation

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All of that being said, it’s still difficult to pinpoint sources where we can search for historical data without having to worry about its legitimacy. “This is so difficult … because even academic literature isn’t immune to bias,” Nolan said. “The main problem with the manipulation of history isn’t usually the facts that are included, more so the evidence that is strategically left out.”

“It really is a minefield knowing who to trust, and I share the readers’ frustration! I think having a healthy level of skepticism helps. If someone is promoted as all good, or all bad, or if the blame is conveniently heaped entirely upon one person, then just be aware that there may be more to that story.”

The historian believes this also extends to modern-day news. “Question what you are told; the good and the bad, check the sources listed in the history books; if the evidence listed is vague or not there at all, then perhaps take it with a pinch of salt,” she said. “But I think our generation is so much more aware of propaganda now, which is great because it will make it harder to be hoodwinked. So trust your instincts when something doesn’t ring true and read as widely as you can on a topic in order to form your own opinion.”

At the end of the day, since the past is not directly observable and is not repeatable, history can only make educated guesses about what happened.


Nobody cares about the massacres in Africa by Belgium and King Leopold. When I read the stories it gave me absolute shivers. It is absolutely outrageous and incredible that there is a few who are aware of such atrocities.

The Croatian massacres towards Serbian population during the WW2 with the help of the Nazis.

The Greek massacres in the south of Albania in 1940-46.


I knew when I saw this thread stuff like this would come up. I’m a Japanese person, and I would never defend any of the horrific things Japan did in the past.

But I’d like to defend the majority of our citizens who are sick and tired of the revisionist fascist government we currently are stuck with. I sentiment I was so sick of I left. If you know anything about Japanese politics you know that the current party doesn’t have a serious contender party and hasn’t for a while. Racist boomers rally around the “nothing bad ever happened” party, while the rest of us can’t rally around a credible threat.

I was a teenager when I learnt what our country really did, and it was horrifying. I wish I could do more than just post a reddit comment, I’m sorry I don’t know what to say anymore.

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Until relatively recently, the mass r*pe of German women by Soviet soldiers. They r*ped anyone with a vagina, including liberated prisoners, young girls and old women.

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WW1. Germany especially are always seen as the bad guys and in western films like Wonder Woman for example, that’s especially the case. But in truth the war was far, far more complex then that and so there wasn’t a clearly defined “good vs bad” like WW2.

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The Treaty of Versailles (or how the War to end all Wars didn’t end no war because of FRANCE and also UK)

* Italy didn’t get invited, not was given the land they were promised.
* The Arabs (you know those who fought alongside Lawrence) didn’t got the Independance they were promised.
* Germany got a way too violent punishment (asked by France) that caused the misery of the 20’s in Germany and brought you know who to the power.

I’m french, and I wasn’t taught all this in school, I had to search afterwards.

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In the UK, it is not taught that the famine in Ireland was a genocide committed by Britain. Our population still has not recovered.


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Robespierre, one of the main figure of french revolution has been taken out by political opponent, they tried to delete his name from history, accused him of all the kills during the Terror (3 years where a lot of people got killed bcs of a fear of a royalty return), they even used the body of a very ugly man to make ppl believe it was him (ppl still think its him except historian) and basically now he is seing as a monster by some ppl

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Christianity is the most popular religion on Earth and is seen as the religion of love, all because the Europeans were really good at genocide a thousand years ago.


Nobody is gonna talk about what china is doing to Hong Kong?


The Spanish conquering the Aztecs (and Mayans). History through the eyes of the Spanish paint the Aztecs to be these horrific, dirty heathens that practiced cannibalism. They also depict the Mayans to be the same way. However, over time we have found out that although Aztecs did practice cannibalism and sacrificed their own people, they were also very clean people that practiced routine hygiene and even had a school system for their children. The Mayans had whole libraries that included untold amounts of Mathematical knowledge. They were also master astronomers that discovered things about the universe that Europeans had no clue about for at least several hundred years. But, the Spanish destroyed all of this and told the rest of the world nothing of these great things.

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Germany being at fault for WW1, everyone was at fault during that period

Destruction of the natives in Canada

War crimes of Japan


for more info to japan: look up, “rape of nanking”, “Unit 731”, “Alexandra Hospital Massacre”, “bataan death march”, “comfort women”

For more info to Canada: “High arctic relocation”, “MMIW”, “Beothuk people”, “60s scoop”, “residential schools”

For Germany, just scroll down the thread, someone else had already made a good answer.

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That there’s no ban on communist symbols like there is on nazi symbols.

In eastern Europe you’ll hardly find a family that has not been touched by soviet war rimes. My great grandmother survived the gulag and had to see the symbol of her opressors every year on the 9th of May when russian minorities very publicly (and drunkenly) celebrated their victory and were upset that natives didn’t share the enthusiasm.


Pretty much anything about the pre-Columbian Americas. I mean it’s gotten a bit better in recent years, but most people still don’t understand just how much was lost. Even today, “Native Americans” are often talked about as a singular culture of people who “lived off the land” and had no technology or cities, when in reality, there were as many cultures with as much variation between them as there are between Norway and Botswana. Europeans didn’t just commit a genocide when they came to the Americas, they committed hundreds of genocides.

While the “civilized” people of western Europe were dumping their chamberpots out their windows onto the street and drinking beer because their water was too dirty, Mayans were using pressurized plumbing systems to distribute water and manage sewage. While Europeans were dying of horrible diseases from living off of contaminated meat, grain, and beer, numerous cultures of the Americas were using highly advanced agricultural practices like crop rotation, complex irrigation systems, cultivation, pest control, and many other techniques to give them rich, diverse cuisines. So many of the foods we take for granted today were carefully bred from inedible, often poisonous plants. Imagine Italian or Spanish food without tomatoes. Imagine modern American food without corn and beans. Imagine any western culture’s food without potatoes. Imagine a world without chocolate. All of those and many more were cultivated from mostly inedible plants by people in the pre-Columbian Americas.

I could go on – there are truly endless examples of agriculture, engineering, urban planning, architecture, art, and science in the pre-Columbian Americas that far surpassed their European counterparts. Europe decided to just go all-in on military technology though, so as backwards as they were, they were able to brute force their way through the Americas and beat the much more civilized cultures they encountered into submission and rewrite the story to make all those hundreds of cultures sound like one big group of dumb savages.


“Columbus Day”


During WW1, although Persia (now Iran) insisted that they didn’t want to side with any country throughout the war, they still were invaded by Britain and Russia in November 1915.

One of the first things that Britain did was to take over the grain storage of the country, resulting in multiplying the price of grains for the Persians. Not only that, the transportation of goods became difficult ’cause the roads were in control of Russia. So, you can imagine how hard became for the people to get their hands on grains, and soon after that, a massive famine happened across the country. The famine led to the outbreak of plague, typhus, etc.

Long story short, still to this day the total number of death remains to be uncertain but some historians have suggested it’s something between 2 to 3 million people, in the span of two years. Some researchers have even made bold claims and presume the number is something between 8 to 10 million. who knows? The victor didn’t seem to bother about the situation.

Source: The Great Famine & Genocide in Iran by Mohammad Gholi Majd. Harrowing stuff.

Image credits: David_Fade


Nanking Massacre

Japan’s actions during the war were both brutal and atrocious.

Image credits: lordluciferhimself




In WW2, the American/British bomber command took out some 600,000 German civvies. The US Bomber command encouraged something called “area bombing” in large civilian centers with firebombs which they supplied to British Bomber command. Many of the pilots were informed that they were bombing important railways/roads/military/industrial targets, and felt “something wasn’t right” when bombing cities like Dresden. America didn’t lose a single civilian to German bombers, and Britain lost 60,000. Thats 1/10 the amount they took out in their combined bombing campaign

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Aboriginals, the stolen generation.


Entire Indian tribes were wiped out with blankets that were deliberately infected with smallpox.


MacArthur covering up the atrocities of Unit 731 so the US could get the results of their chemical and biological experiments on POWs and undesireables.

Japan wanted it to fade away and so did the US and that is what happened. They were given immunity. No one paid for those crimes in the east. MacArthur forced all in the Pacific to sign NDAs before being released from duty. No one could talk about what happened in the Pacific.

My mother’s first husband was a POW in the Pacific. When he got back he started saying what happened and the authorities picked him up and took him away and would not tell her anything. They were Catholic and she had to annul the marriage as the one thing they did tell her was he ain’t coming back any time soon.

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I think it’s harder to find examples in modern history because there are many cases where the victors control the narrative, but it’s not so easy anymore to completely silence or erase alternative interpretations.

Still, two American examples spring to mind where most people (non-historians, at least) have it wrong. In the the enslavement of Africans and the genocide of Native Americans, it’s not the case that all those early Americans had a moral blind spot, but now we know better. Rather, those were contentious issues at the time, and many people opposed slavery and Native American genocide throughout America’s history.

For example, there were priests who opposed slavery on moral grounds from the start. Later, wherever there wasn’t already an entrenched ruling class who relied on slavery for their wealth, Quakers, Methodists, Baptists, other sincere Christians, and others who believed in “all men are created equal” fought hard and successfully managed to ban slavery early on, e.g., in Pennsylvania.

Then there was Andrew Jackson, clearly the Trump of his age, who ran on a popular platform of not honoring existing treaties with Native Americans, but instead killing and forcibly relocating them and stealing (“conquering”) their remaining lands for his voters. If it weren’t for Jackson, the U.S. would be smaller, but have less blood on its hands. And if it weren’t for the efforts of anti-slavery activists, who existed long before the civil war, it would have far more.


If you think back 200 years and further. Never was there a war that was won by the bad guy.


People in general view WW1 with less clear good guy-bad guy lines, but this leads to people thinking Imperial Germany was entirely clean of shitty acts


History being written by the ‘victors’ means certain things are erased and purposely kept from us.

Roanoke- the people who ‘vanished without a trace’ actually went to live with the natives, but that kindness was erased from history so no one would think twice about slaughtering the natives.

MKultra- which was labeled by the government as a big conspiracy theory until they had to release the documents. The CIA murdered Frank Olson, wasted millions on a microphone cat, and released deadly drugs to the public.

The third gender- from the native Americans, to the Greeks (who even had a non-binary god) the history of the existence of a third gender, and the fluidity of gender expression, has been suppressed and erased (and we act like it’s a new thing invented by millennials)


The Soviet Union getting away with invading Poland at the same time the nazis did and for Starlin killing millions more then hitler but they needed there help so it was ignored


The Philippines right now is an example of history being rewritten to ensure victory.


During WW2, the British firebombed German cities such as Hamburg (Operation Gomorrah) and Dresden with the express purpose of taking out civilians. Mass-scale firebombing is especially dangerous for civilians, as it massively depletes the oxygen in a given area, causing many people to choke to death. Operation Gomorrah alone took out 37,000 civilians and injured another 180,000 over just 8 days.

These fire-bombings were war crimes, but because the UK was on the winning side, no one was ever punished for it and now its never taught or mentioned here. I even remember my grandparents coming back from Cologne and commenting that they were disappointed there wasn’t much of the old town to see, apparently unaware that that’s because the British deliberately levelled the city.

The Germans definitely do not forget it though. But they didn’t win, so who cares right?

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Well, much of Roman history was written by the people who wanted to discredit whoever they succeeded. So all these weird stories like “so and so was f*****g his mother and enjoyed kicking puppies” should be taken with a massive grain of salt instead of being presented as “You’ll never believe this crazy fact!” Basically, when someone new came into power they launched a retrospective negative publicity campaign against their predecessor.


Soviet gulags. They were on the winning side, so there genocide got to be covered up.


The Bangladesh genocide caused by the fascist Pakistani army generals in 1971. It’s the reason why Pakistan and Bangladesh relations are bad. 3.000.000 bengalis got killed and 300.000 got raped.


That fact that not nearly enough people acknowledge the fact that Australia lost a war to Emus


Here’s a more recent example:

America rolled into Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan on false and/or baseless claims and waged long and brutal wars simply to fulfill their own political ego, intentionally killing thousands or even millions of civilians in the process, even knowing full well that they wouldn’t succeed in the long run. But the Americans kept it all hush-hush and now it’s just like “yeah, we did that” without acknowledging how terrible it was

…And then Russia did the same exact thing with Ukraine. Now Russia is seen as evil, sadistic, and huge threat to global peace. Which they definitely are. But America has plenty of blood on it’s own hands


How china massacred Tibet around the same time as the vietnam war and not many people seem to know about it (in my experience).

Buddhists do not believe in using violence, these people couldn’t even defend themselves. Just like how the western world delved into developing technology they developed their minds and did things that are almost miraculous. A lot of our findings in psychology also back up what some of their teachings, that they’ve known for hundreds of years. We don’t know how much information was lost because of that.


Modern Israel. I mean, I don’t support displacing anyone, but clearly the current regime is doing anything they can to fabricate a historical narrative that doesn’t paint them as the oppressors they clearly are.


People gotta understand any imperialist country does this and it’s not something that should then be normalized. Colonialism seeks to benefit those in power at the expense of the original inhabitants, and brain washing and erasure by writing history mainly about colonists and for colonists is core to this. Think about how indigenous people around the world have been viewed as “relics of the past” and “getting out of the way of ‘civilization’ and ‘progress.'”

History isn’t written only by the victors. This version is just what gets the most airtime because people think it’s the only history out there and is objectively true. That’s usually not the case. If you want to learn more, decolonization is all about revealing this myth and more. Take time to learn about alternative and indigenous histories.



The ‘Space race’ wasn’t ran between Americans and Soviets. It was ran between Nazi engineers captured by both sides at the end of WW2 when Germany had invested hard in research into rocket science.


The 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The US slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians (and to this day it still for some reason doesn’t count as a genocide) because of a lie.


Everything in the history of US and UK.

From another perspective, imagine if Germany had won the WW2


the Armenian genocide. countries deny it just to even keep their relationship good with turkey
F**k them.


everything japan did to china,korea and asian countries during ww2

usa doing the same thing russia is doing to ukrain but to middle eastern countries but since its usa its good


Did you ever reed an Italian history book? The ww1/2 parts are treats more like a good war for a better country but it was one of the wrost period of Italys history


War. You think so much about the atrocities the enemy did and not the “good” side


The giant propaganda war between the american board of health and the pfizer and bayer companies in the 1950s and 1960s regarding the difference between an immunization shot and a vaccine shot, unfortunately it has been erased from history books since the 90’s but i first learned about it in middle school history(1998) and it gets harder and harder to find real information about it. Unfortunately one of the few sources that havent been suppressed by big pharma is a video by Dr.Tent about viruses and vaccines, but it has some other unrelated, and off the wall, stuff in it, so its not the best source.

One of these days ill try and find a copy of my history books from middle school that had a chapter devoted to it. It was a huge lawsuit that went before the supreme court and was national news. It took place before and during the JFK administration.

Before i get downvoted into oblivion, my children are vaccinated and i am not anti-vax, but it is important to learn how the vaccines and immunizations are made and pick the company that creates them using a less or non-harmful way.

If anyone else reading this has more information on it, or some better sources, i would appreciate it. I have had little luck finding evidence and records on the internet, although i do remember reading news articles about it when i was a kid, and doing a test for the chapter in history class.

Edit: IIRC, one of the cases reviewed during the supreme court hearing was a batch of polio vaccines that had live virus in them and infected thousands of americans.

Another was related to viruses being contracted from the kidneys used to grow the vaccine, that where not the virus the vaccine was being designed for.


US history. How many times have you heard the same story about George Washington then skip ahead to the Civil War in a US history class?

The US ignores and leaves out the process of the westward expansion, the Indian Wars and treates the US has brokenkn. The atrocities commited and the graves of Native children in Catholic residential schools. One kid in my high school US history class thought the Native Americans were “extinct.” It breaks my heart to see the school system conveniently leave out “unimportant” details that just so happen to show when the US were the ones commiting the attrocities. Wounded Knee, Reservations, forced steralizations.


Post WW2 history was written with a serious bias.

1. “Hitler was mad” excuse for most generals, especially Halder for the generals poor decision making (Hitler unfortunately wasn’t mad – if he was 70 million people would be alive not dead in 1945)

2. Surviving Generals led by Halder whitewashed history so they were “clean” of mass murder

3. USA went along with it to make out Soviets were weak, due to cold war. Idea was Soviets only won as “hordes” out numbered the “superior German” soldier, and as America beat the Germans, easy to beat the Red Army….

This biased history became the “standard narrative” that is now being challenged with real facts.

It is dangerous as Hitler was a human being. So were the Nazi leaders to soldiers who shot civilians. They made bad decisions. We must learn from these. ANYONE of us could be seduced by similar ideologies. Just look at Russia now.

Worse it makes serious debate hard, and people label extreme views as “mad” (eg Trumpists) instead of engaging with them to bring them back.

I think people are scared by the fact Hitler was a normal intelligent human being who decided, ideologically, that 10s of millions must die for the “greater good”. He didn’t start out way. People prefer the mad label. But we must learn the temptation of simple solutions and hate lead to mass murder.


American war crimes in Syria.
that s**t is messed up


The entire British Empire as a ‘good thing’ brining civilisation and commerce to the ungodly rather than a mercantile driven rolling genocide with efficient admin


William the Conqueror was the Duke William before and during. He had a deal from the King of England’s successor that William would have the throne if the King died. The King died and the successor went back one his word and took the throne. England wanted the successor anyway. So Duke William gathered his men and Conquered England. To the English he was a conqueror but to William he was taking what was promised to him.


World war 2. The nazis were obviously awful but nobody talks about how awful Winstin Churchill was. It was only when his statue got vandalised during the BLM protests in 2020 I learnt that he wasn’t the hero that my grandparents and history teachers had led me to believe.
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