68 Poor Animals Who Ran Out Of Luck And Got Stuck While Eating (New Pics)

We’ve all been there—you feel so hungry that you’d do practically anything for a bite of food. It’s hard to control yourself when you’re ravenous, consequences be damned. It’s only after we’ve filled our bellies that we realize we may have been better off being a tad more careful. And our pets are no different!

Our team here at Bored Panda has compiled a list of photos that show poor animals that ran out of luck and accidentally got stuck while eating. Scroll down for a big dose of silliness. None of the animals in these pictures were hurt. Keep in mind that if you see an animal seriously stuck and in distress, you may need to gently help it yourself ASAP or ask for professional assistance. The key is not to panic.

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Bored Panda wanted to know what to keep in mind in case of such an emergency, so we reached out to the PDSA, the UK’s largest veterinary charity. PDSA Vet Nurse Shauna Walsh shed some light on this, and you’ll find her expert insights as you read on.

#1 At Least He’s Stuck Somewhere Tasty

Image credits: Tr0nJ0n

#2 Oh, Hi

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 This Dummy Got Her Head Stuck In A Bag Of Cheese-Its

Image credits: BMOforlife

The PDSA is a vet charity that operates 48 pet hospitals all across the UK, provided 2 million veterinary treatments in 2022, and saved the lives of 141,000 pets with life-threatening conditions. PDSA Vet Nurse Walsh had a lot to tell Bored Panda about what owners can do to prevent their pets from getting stuck in food containers, and how to react if our curious companions do end up requiring a helping hand.

“The world is fascinating for our pets. It is full of lovely things to sniff, taste and explore, but there are plenty of general household items which can pose as hidden dangers to our pets that we may not be aware of,” she told Bored Panda.

“The tasty scraps left at the bottom of tins and jars can be irresistible to pets, but sometimes getting in is much easier than getting out again! It’s all too easy for a tongue or paw to get trapped, and removing the container can result in injuries such as cuts as well. Getting stuck could even be life-threatening to your pet if their breathing and oxygen supply are affected. Always keep food containers stored well out of paws’ reach—in a cupboard or safely in a closed bin when empty,” she suggested.

#4 Someone Got Their Head Stuck While Trying To Sneak Some More Food. Caught Red-Handed

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 Rabbit In A Glass

Image credits: madscientitz

#6 So, My Dad Recently Got A New Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Image credits: cactipus

Walsh highlighted the importance of staying calm, cool, and collected during an emergency. “If your pet gets a container trapped on them, it can be hard not to panic. Just as with any accident, it’s important to try to stay calm, assess the situation, give your pet any necessary first aid, and call your vet. It’s helpful to remember the acronym: ‘Dr ABCs’ 

  • Danger—keep yourself and others around you safe.
  • Response—check if your pet responds to their name or touch.
  • Airway—is their airway clear?
  • Breathing—are they breathing?
  • Circulation—do they have a pulse or heartbeat?
  • Send—someone to ask for help!

#7 So You’re Stuck, Eh?

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#8 This Gentleman Was Apprehended Today While Committing A Burglary Of A Vending Machine At Pine Ridge High School

Image credits: VolusiaSheriff

#9 I Don’t Know How, But He Somehow Got Himself Stuck In A Froot Loops Cereal Box

Image credits: missayan

The PDSA Vet Nurse explained that in an emergency, our pets may feel frightened and react differently than normal. For instance, if they’re uncomfortable or in pain, they may even bite.

“Try to keep your voice as calm as possible and make slow, gentle movements to reassure them. If your pet is stuck, stay calm and gently try to remove the container. You may need to use a lubricant like butter or cooking oil, but be careful near their eyes and mouth. If you can’t remove the container safely, call your vet for advice,” Walsh shared.

“While some pets may feel whatever they found in the container is worth the trauma, many will be distressed by the experience of getting stuck—each pet is an individual so it’s important to factor in their individual needs to help calm them down. Once safe and free from a container, some pets may wish to retreat to their ‘safe space’ to have some time alone to decompress; others may seek out comfort and attention from you.”

#10 We Never Claimed He Was Smart

Image credits: marygigi14

#11 Dutch Police Dog Gets Stuck In A Yogurt Pot

Image credits: Pleasureman_Gunther

#12 If Eyes Could Ever Say “Help Me” This Is It

Image credits: ChrisRCross

The expert noted that it’s important to allow our pets to do whatever they need to help them calm down after such a fright. “Learning about your pet’s body language will help you understand what they are trying to tell you.”

The PDSA has created a free Pet First Aid guide to help pet owners in case of emergency, however, Walsh pointed out that it’s “always best to seek vet advice should an accident or injury happen.”

#13 Came Into The Room To My Puppy Just Sitting Completely Still With His Head Stuck

Image credits: Nibbler247

#14 Girlfriend’s Dog Got Stuck In The Chip Bag

Image credits: Tadunga

#15 My Little Rocket Scientist Got A Planter Stuck To Her Head Trying To Drink Rainwater. All While Having Just Drank From Her Big Fresh Bowl In The House

Image credits: Burnvictim49percent

Poorly-designed food and item containers can trap animals that are way too hungry and eager. Oh, getting your mouth right next to the delicious food might be no problem. But because of the materials or the way the openings of the containers are shaped, your pets might have a bit of a difficult time getting their heads and the rest of their bodies out.

Ideally, any food containers that you have around the house won’t have openings large enough for your pets to squeeze into. However, some animals are more flexible and petite than others, so they might find their way inside no matter how many precautions you take. Now, there are three main approaches here, and it all depends on the unique situation you’ve got on your hands.

First of all, you could try to coax your beloved floof out of the container with toys, compliments, and promises of even more delicious food. If the situation isn’t too dire, the animal should be able to work its way out of the tight spot with their own body while you keep hold of the container. If they’re considerably distressed, talk to them, soothe them, and keep them from panicking.

#16 Brigand Got His Head Stuck Into The (Freeze-Dried Chicken) Treat Jar And Now He Looks Like A Demon And Omg I’m Dying

Image credits: Madfluffs

#17 Goofy Likes Getting Himself Stuck In The Fridge

Image credits: JGruesome

#18 My Cat Was Looking For Food And Got Her Head Stuck In A Tim Horton’s Bag. My First Instinct Was To Take A Picture Before Helping Her

Image credits: JoeyDeNiro

Secondly, if your pet isn’t able to get themselves out of the tricky situation (or if they’re still busy munching on whatever’s inside), you could try to ever-so-gently remove them. Hold your pet and slowly pull the container off its head. If that doesn’t work, you might need to grab some lubricant: apply some cooking oil or petroleum jelly around the edge of the container. Then try pulling it off again. Gently, of course.

Finally, if that doesn’t work, you may need to cut or break the container. Use blunted scissors if you can and be extremely careful when breaking anything. Your priority is to ensure that your pet isn’t hurt! If you’re too worried about the risk, that’s where the third approach comes in. Get in touch with a professional, like your vet or somebody working at an emergency animal clinic. They’ll probably have tons more experience and will know what to do.

#19 She Got Her Head Stuck

Image credits: Liftingorthis

#20 Oh, The Shame! Had To Chase This Stray Kitty Around The Yard To Remove The Peanut Butter Jar Stuck On His Head. It’s Not Even The Brand We Buy

Poor guy, your head is stuck and your dignity is compromised!

Image credits: AmberCarpes

#21 When You Get Caught Stealing Someone’s Chips Because Your Snout Gets Stuck In The Can

Image credits: ayeeeeee_

The key things to keep in mind while you’re figuring out how to get your pet unstuck include keeping an eye on its distress levels, as well as whether it’s having any difficulty breathing. Try to keep calm so you can keep your pet calm, even if you’re panicking inside. If it’s an actual emergency, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local animal experts or drive your pet to their places of work yourself. 

#22 This Dummy Got His Head Stuck In An Acorn (I Removed It)

Image credits: pepperunderfoot

#23 Who Knows How Long She Was Like This

Image credits: 23poppies

#24 My Cat Got His Head Stuck In An Ice Cream Tub

Image credits: Ultimatehoopla

According to PETA, if you spot an injured wild animal outside, you should stop to help it. If you can move them safely, you could put them in a covered, well-ventilated carrier or box to get them to a veterinary hospital. You could also head to an animal control agency or a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

However, if you’re unable to move the animal, get in touch with authorities and wait for them to arrive. In the meantime, consider placing a towel or blanket on the poor animal to help it stay calm. Though you should avoid giving them food or water. Whatever you do, don’t try to take care of the wild animal yourself. Unless you have a license, leave it to the professionals.

#25 Every Night Maki Enters Her Hay Thingy And Gets Stuck

Image credits: Anjel375

#26 Blessed Pup With A Face Stuck In The Cat Bowl

Image credits: Larrythcat

#27 Deckle, Our Shar-Pei/Pit Mix, Was Sniffing Around For Crumbs When He Got A Little Stuck

Image credits: maggiemazz29

Have your pets ever gotten stuck like this, dear Pandas? What advice would you give your fellow readers and pet owners if their floofs ever got in a similar sticky situation? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Meanwhile, for some more silly pics of animals getting stuck while eating, check out Bored Panda’s previous feature right over here.

#28 So We Came Home To This Last Night

Image credits: rtollert

#29 Bag Of Chips

Image credits: Waldo_Blanco

#30 Good To The Last Drop

Image credits: Unlikely_Bag_69

#31 These Happy Meal Toys Are Getting Out Of Hand

Image credits: batmaninwonderland

#32 My Dad Just Took Home Two New Bulldog Puppies. One Of Them Just Got Their Head Stuck In The Food Bowl Slot. I’m Dying Of Cuteness

Image credits: babypton

#33 This Jerk Got A Bone Stuck On Her Jaw Yesterday. Vet Had To Cut It Off

Image credits: BizRec

#34 Friday Night Muzzle

Image credits: dobermannyoda

#35 Little Foster Pupper Got His Head Stuck In A Pickle Jar Going After A Chicken Bone. No Worries, The Jar Was Broken And He Made It Out Without A Scratch

My big dog got into the trash and knocked everything over. Pieces of chicken were tossed into the trash and there happened to be the jar inside. Pupper decided it was go-time! It was pretty scary holding him down and breaking it off. I slid cardboard between his neck/head to make sure he wasn’t hurt. Got me and my wife cut up though.

Image credits: mattcsan

#36 Abby Got Her Head Stuck In A French Fry Container

Image credits: anamorphose

#37 She Had A Puppuccino And Got The Cup Stuck

Image credits: ARegularRaggabrash

#38 My Dog Tried To Eat A Bagel. And It Got Stuck

Image credits: moomooplatter

#39 This Box Was Sitting At The Back Door With Another Box Inside Of It. He Was Gonna Get Those Last Little Crumbs

Image credits: thelmaandlouisedogrescue

#40 I Think Our Newest Foster Is My Spirit Animal

Image credits: FourOfFiveDentists

#41 My Oldest Boy Got His Head Stuck, Serves Him Right

Image credits: heartoutchloe

#42 Sister’s Dog Got Stuck

Image credits: drekian

#43 My Dog Got His Head Stuck In A Potato Chip Bag And Has A Broken Leg… I’d Say He’s A Hot Mess

Image credits: marmar_mm

#44 Got The Empty Cheetos Bag Stuck On His Head

Image credits: BlueLord100

#45 This Finch That Got Stuck In My Feeder. Got Him Out Safely

Image credits: HighPriestOgonslav

#46 This Morning My Rabbit Came Into My Room And Jumped On My Bed. I Had An Empty Dorito Bag In My Bed And She Smelled It So She Stuck Her Head In There And This Is What I Saw

Image credits: AppearanceDue6657

#47 Poor Girl Got Her Face Stuck In A Milkshake Cup. She’s Such A Mellow Dog That She Didn’t Even Try To Remove It Herself. Just Looked At Us For Help

Image credits: Jpyzik68

#48 My Corgi Stuck In An Ice Cream Container

Image credits: advancedshredder

#49 A Squirrel Got Stuck In My Bird Feeder Upside Down. I Set It Free

Image credits: sarahtron1212

#50 I Came Home To This. My Cat Had His Head Stuck In A Rice Cake Bag

Image credits: razmalriders

#51 He Fell Into Our Cat Food Bin And Couldn’t Get Out

Image credits: Asraia

#52 Woke Up To Marlow Stuck In His Hay Feeder

He ran straight for his water when I let him out so I really wish I knew how long he was stuck.

Image credits: blackbeary802

#53 I Would Rather Like A Cookie, Please

Image credits: charliewithabitofollie

#54 Throwback To When My Puppy Got Her Head Stuck In A Chip Bag

Image credits: 12GameDragons

#55 Our Dog, Thor, Got Into The Other Dog’s Food, But Got His Head Stuck In The Bag When He Couldn’t Get Out From Under The Table

Luckily there were only about two servings left and we found him soon after.

Image credits: procrastingreat

#56 Mufasa Casually Got Stuck In His Hay Bag This Morning. Woke Up To This. Safe To Say That I Won’t Be Using A Hay Bag Anymore

Image credits: mufasabun

#57 Poor Baby Got Stuck In The Ice Cream Tub For A Couple Of Seconds

Image credits: HunterVEVO

#58 My Dog, Shea Getting Her Nose Stuck In An Empty Soup Can Was A Nightly Thing, But The Box Was Particularly Funny

Image credits: dylan_eating_cereal

#59 My Dog Got Her Head Stuck In A Treat Box

Image credits: NolanClough04

#60 Got Stuck On Our Shelf Today Trying To Rip The Bag Of Guinea Pig Food Open

Image credits: Piccolo_Known

#61 What’s This? It’s Your Daily Dose Of Hazel! – Day 26: Oh Crumbs I’m Stuck

Image credits: LPUltimate

#62 Callie Stuck In An Tub Of Ice Cream

Image credits: shmolex

#63 I Found My Dog Stuck Like This After She Stole The Popcorn Bag Out Of The Trash

Image credits: Ieatoutjelloshots

#64 When Apollo Was A Puppy He Got His Head Stuck In A Milk Carton

Image credits: cellcube0618

#65 Was Leaving For School And When I Opened The Door I Saw This Little Fella, Stuck In A Can Of Cat Food. We Have Never Had A Cat

Image credits: Dr_Haus

#66 Stuck Trying To Lick The Bottom

Image credits: SpatulaPlayer2018

#67 Kept Hearing Rustling And Whining From The Kitchen. My Cat Got His Head Stuck In A Salad Bag

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 Got My Head Stuck In An Empty Packet Of Flaming Hot Cheetos

Image credits: CooperWhippet

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