68 Weird And Embarrassing Roommate Stories Shared For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

It’s Hashtags time, Pandas! Jimmy Fallon, the charismatic host of the legendary The Tonight Show, invited his fans to share the funniest, weirdest, and most embarrassing stories about their roommates on Twitter. And, wow, did they deliver!

Excited by Fallon’s challenge, Twitter users from pretty much all corners of the globe revealed the most hilarious things their roommates did and the utmost bizarre experiences they had while living with someone else.

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We’ve collected the very best of the bunch to share with you, Pandas, so scroll on down for a genuine mood-booster (laughter and smiles included, free of charge). As you’re upvoting your fave stories, have a think and tell us all about the strangest things your own roommates have ever done. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop by the comment section.

Meanwhile, when you’re done with this list, check out Bored Panda’s feature about Fallon’s previous roommate challenge right over here.


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The Tonight Show, officially known as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, obviously stars [drumroll] Jimmy Fallon. The project has been running on NBC since mid-February 2014.

However, there have been previous iterations of the show Between 1957 and 1972, we had Tonight Starring Jack Paar and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The current version of the show is filmed from Studio 6B in Rockefeller Center, in NYC, the same place where the other two shows were filmed. We absolutely love that continuity.


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If you’re a fan of Fallon’s, then you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. In May 2021, NBC officially renewed the show for 5 more years. So, at the minimum—barring any Earth-shattering Apocalypse—we should be enjoying him as a host until 2026.

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This means more awesome quips, jokes, bamboozles, and challenges for all of us in the years to come! That also means yours truly can gently annoy you by writing ‘It’s Hashtags time!’ for a bit longer. There’s no escaping that.


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The best tweets of the bunch always end up being featured on Fallon’s show. The cream of the crop from the #MyRoommateIsWeird challenge can be found in this video from The Tonight Show right over here.


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Living with a roommate can be either a blessing or the biggest curse you’ve ever laid eyes on in your life (there’s a lot of overlap here, just like with landlords). No, seriously. From our experience, it’s a literal coin toss if the person you’ll be sharing your kitchen, bathroom, and living room with for the next [insert favorite number] years will be pleasant or an utter disaster.


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Open and honest communication, setting and respecting healthy boundaries, fairly distributing the chores, cleaning up after yourself—all of these things make for a good roommate. And, well, if we’re completely honest, doing these makes you a quality human being either way. At home, at school, at work, at the Thanksgiving table. Maturity and common sense are seriously underrated these days.


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Let us ask you a very personal question, Pandas: have you ever eaten someone else’s food without their knowledge? Whether it’s conducting a clandestine ninja-like operation in the middle of the night to sneak a candy bar from someone else’s stash or spooning a couple of mouthfuls from their leftover pot in the fridge, odds are that at least some of you might have taken a nibble of your roommates’ food without asking.

And while everyone gives in to temptation at one point or another, most of us (hopefully) know to learn from our mistakes. However, if you constantly steal someone else’s food, whether at home, school, or work, then you might want to consider taking a good long look at your life.


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The main issue here is that food thieves don’t even think about the possibility of asking for permission. Look, the simple fact is that many of us are incredibly happy to share food with others. Bonding through cooking/giving/eating food makes us happy. But you’ve got to go through the motions. You can’t just help yourself to something you think we’ll probably agree to.


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We’ve covered stories about roommate food thieves countless times here on Bored Panda. Recently, we’ve looked at the extents to which some people go to catch the thieves in the act, after getting frustrated with their ongoing lies. One woman resorted to using a camera to catch the perpetrator red-handed; meanwhile, a guy shared how he switched the milk he drinks to finally prove that his lactose-intolerant housemate was eating at his expense.


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The woman, who resorted to using a camera, told Bored Panda earlier that there are a lot of reasons why someone would steal someone else’s food.

“I think there’s a lot of reasons. A lot of the time I think people just do it for convenience or affordability, thinking they won’t get caught. Or, especially in shared houses, people think there won’t be consequences to their actions even if they are caught, as opposed to stealing from a shop or business,” redditor u/Not_entirely_sure_ added that, in some cases, some people might be genuinely desperate and in need of financial support… though that often isn’t the case.


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“The best way is by trying to reason with housemates and establishing a shared understanding you won’t take each other’s stuff, but this doesn’t always work,” the woman told Bored Panda. She said that some ways around this issue can be getting separate mini-fridges. However, the best solution is to simply live with friends whom you trust. “Prevention is better than the cure.”


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