73 Painfully Relatable Memes And Jokes About Everything Programming And Computer Science (New Pics)

To me, programming and coding are nothing short of magic. You write some squiggles made of light by wiggling your hands above a keyboard and boom—you make contact with your computer. It’s talking to machines, Pandas, and I think it’s magnificently weird when you start looking at coding from an outsider’s perspective.

And even though I’m absolutely awful at programming (truly horrendous, just the worst, I am a metaphorical monkey with a mouse), something I’m pretty good at is humor. Especially recognizing a good joke when it’s staring me in the face. That’s why I’m so captivated by the r/ProgrammerHumor subreddit, a sprawling cyber-community that celebrates computer-related humor and has some truly hilarious content. We’ve collected some of their best memes and jokes that programmers will relate to and, we’re pretty certain, would make even a toaster laugh.

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In the mood for some more coding chuckles and keyboard quips? Don’t even worry about it, Bored Panda’s got you covered! We’ve written about the r/ProgrammerHumor community quite extensively in the past and you’ll find our last two articles about the subreddit here and here, written by my talented colleagues.

Bored Panda reached out to software engineer, musician, and artist Andrew Eckel for some great insights about the programming world, why debugging can be so much fun, and about those rare ‘eureka’ moments that are so rewarding and make the pursuit of coding all worth it. Scroll down for my full interview with him. Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out about Andrews’s newest art project that was made using code, it was recently featured on Bored Panda—you can read about it right here.

#1 Days Since Last Timezone Issue

Image credits: Sharpie_Extra

Software engineer Andrew told Bored Panda that the essence of any programmer’s joy lies in creating new and exciting things, and seeing them work as intended, in all of their glory.

“The best moment for any programmer is seeing something you built work for the first time. It seems almost too good to be true, when something goes from an idea to a bunch of lines of code, to something that actually works and is helpful,” Andrew explained a part of what drives his passion for coding.

“You don’t even need to invent anything to experience this thrill. Often it’s just a matter of taking a well-known algorithm and applying it to a new situation. There are many great teachers out there who can teach about algorithms and the thought process of how to apply them—people who can take something that has the potential to be really dry and make it fun and interesting,” he explained that our mentors can shape how we view and experience the entire field of programming.

#2 It Hurts My Soul To Type ‘Color’

Image credits: MrMartin777

#3 Based On A Real Story

Image credits: FedorMoiseev

Andrew opened up to Bored Panda about how excited and joyous he felt when his software-based art project started working as intended. “I certainly had that kind of moment when my image processing program LeastAverageImage spat out the ‘airplanes’ image and it was exactly what I had been hoping for,” he said. However, this wasn’t the only time he felt like this.

“But I had a similar feeling when a program I intended to reduce photos to only the colors available on a Lite Brite completely failed but made a ‘running paint’ effect much cooler than anything I was intending to make,” he shared. “That program isn’t called LiteBriteColors now; it’s called The ErrorSpreader,” Andrew clarified.

The software engineer was honest about the fact that we can’t expect huge breakthroughs and adrenaline-fuelled moments to happen too often in our daily lives. Though that doesn’t mean that the job’s all dull and dreary. Far from it! “Those ‘eureka’ moments don’t happen every day, but the day-to-day fun in programming is debugging. I know that sounds crazy because if you’re debugging it usually means the code you wrote doesn’t work! But everyone I work with feels this way. The more confusing and strange the program’s behavior is, the more fun it is to unravel the mystery, find the cause, and fix it. It’s like a puzzle.”

#4 Same Happened To This Meme

Image credits: lookslikes

#5 As Long As You Code, You’ll Have These Feelings !

Image credits: taralino

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#6 They Are Not Intresting Anymore

Image credits: lechristmas

Finally, Andrew shared an exclusive glimpse into the world of programming with Bored Panda by giving us a taste of the kind of wit he heard during a grad class that he took.

“Teacher: Since we don’t care about the language specifics, I’m going to write the example in pseudo-code.

Student: Pseudo-code…isn’t that the puzzle with numbers on a grid?

Teacher: No, that’s Sudoku.”

Who said that learning can’t be fun?

Currently, the r/ProgrammerHumor subreddit has just over 1.6 million members. It has been steadily growing as a community for the past decade. The sub will be celebrating 10 years since its founding on January 22, 2022, so if you’re a fan of what they do, why not pop in and say a quick, ‘Congratulations!’

The online group documents any and all memes and jokes that are related to everything to do with programming and computer science. So if you’ve got a coding meme that’s been on your mind for a while now or you’ve stumbled upon a programming joke online, don’t be shy, share it on the sub. However, you should put in the effort to be original. Check if you’re reposting a popular meme before sharing it.

#7 Conspiracy Forever

Image credits: yuva-krishna-memes

#8 Nothing Can Match This Feeling!

Image credits: dodongdfht5

#9 We Have All Been There

Image credits: lunasorcery

The subreddit’s moderators have some guidelines for new and existing members. According to them, members ought to avoid generic memes that could apply to any profession and should also steer clear of general tech-related jokes that have been done to death. Jokes about putting your USB drive in the wrong way several times in a row would be an example of something that’s already been laughed at enough, it’s time for something fresh.

What the community is not, however, is your personal army of tech-savvy geeks who will fix any and all IT, PC, and coding issues you might have. If you want advice, there are plenty of online communities for that. r/ProgrammerHumor does what it says on the tin: it’s about programmer humor. Nothing more. Nothing less.

At the end of the day, as long as you put some effort into your jokes and titles, you should be fine. Part of the subreddit’s success can most likely be explained by the fact that they set the bar higher than average. This, in turn, leads to great jokes and even better memes that make internet users chuckle and subscribe. It’s an upward spiral of success that starts with extra effort on an individual redditor’s scale.

#10 Strange Kind

Image credits: yuva-krishna-memes

#11 Really It Is A Mystery

Image credits: adhdeveloper_dude

#12 Bullet Proof

Image credits: dan_abramov

When it comes to humor, especially niche humor that’s related to coding, some Pandas will, inevitably, miss the joke. However, that’s part of the fun. It’s a learning process that helps reignite our curiosity about the world and hones our sense of humor.

#13 4 Months Into My First Sof-Dev Job And Getting Serious Impostor Syndrome

Image credits: insafian

#14 I Got This Advice

Image credits: code_snail

#15 All Good!

Image credits: girayozil

British comedy writer and stand-up comedian Ariane Sherine explained to me a while back that some people have jokes go over their heads because they weren’t looking for them. “I think some people just aren’t used to looking for the humor in situations,” she told Bored Panda that if we’re aware that there should be a joke coming, our minds will work in overdrive to try and get it.

#16 Companies Stuck In 2019 Still Tryna Be Like Amazon

Image credits: riseofthenothing

#17 Depression Is No More

Image credits: Obroten54

#18 Oh No

Image credits: ShetlandJames

“Many people take life very seriously (like my mum, who can vaguely identify a joke but always laughs in the wrong place!). Alternatively, it could be the fault of the person telling the joke—the humor might be too subtle and not signposted enough,” Ariane explored some other reasons why someone might not get the joke.

#19 My “Web Server” Halloween Costume— 404 Champagne Not Found!

Image credits: pkpenton

#20 Ghaas

Image credits: HenryHoffman

#21 Comment Your Code People

Image credits: memes-of-awesome

If you simply don’t get the joke no matter what, however, it’s best to be humble and ask for someone to explain it to you. There’s no shame in that! I would know, I had to ask my programmer pals to walk me through a few of these memes myself. Sure, the explanation might mean that you have a moment of epiphany instead of one of laughter, but you still come out as a winner in the end. This way, you’ll be ever more capable of getting better, faster, stronger coding jokes in the future.

#22 Right?

Image credits: NickTheTiger

#23 Nice Meme I Just Found

Image credits: MG-10

#24 Why?

Image credits: half_blood_prince_16

“There’s no other way but to ask people what the joke is. Or you might want to keep it to yourself that you have an under-developed sense of humor,” comedy expert Ariane joked that some people simply don’t want to admit that they don’t find something funny or have a limited sense of humor.

#25 It Really Be Like That Though

Image credits: WinterSoldier1315

#26 I Wouldn’t Want Someone Who Knows Java Either

Image credits: thePiscis

#27 Behind The Scenes

Image credits: Ok_Contact_1234

According to Ariane, some people are simply far too serious and look at life in a way that leaves very little room for fun, laughter, and quips. In her view, meditation could help people “tune into the lighter side of life,” help reduce their stress levels, and improve their happiness. [Text ends, pictures continue. Read again? Y/N.]

#28 Seen At Computer Lab

Image credits: Not-original

#29 True Or Not?

Image credits: gedda

#30 You Shall Never Disrespect The Ways Of The Elders

Image credits: pantherBlitzz

#31 It Only Takes A Few

Image credits: Electronic_Mess

#32 Found In A Book Of Facts

Image credits: Feetpmn95

#33 In My Case It’s Intentional

Image credits: AusLeviathan

#34 I’ve Just Ended A Thousand Years War (Credit: Florian Roth)

Image credits: a1bius

#35 Don’t Bash Me

Image credits: yuva-krishna-memes

#36 Every Single Time

Image credits: Unelith

#37 *sigh*

Image credits: oimanaqeel

#38 Give Me Some Clues

Image credits: yuva-krishna-memes

#39 He’s Got A Point

Image credits: Dumbhosadika

#40 This Might Just Be A 100% Elimination Round

Image credits: Maximilian1271

#41 I Was Annoyed How Outdated That Meme Was, I Bumped Up The Specs A Bit

Image credits: Kipter

#42 My Professor Edited Our Java Program In Wordpad One Day Because Eclipse Crashed

Image credits: midijake

#43 Worth It!

Image credits: xbftw

#44 Don’t Be Scared. Math And Computing Are Friends

Image credits: yuva-krishna-memes

#45 Alien Language!

Image credits: esberat

#46 Based On A True Story

Image credits: The-IT

#47 The New And Improved Error Messages In Python 3.10 Are A Game-Changer

Image credits: zazzedcoffee

#48 Trying To Learn C

Image credits: bestertfgd

#49 Guess, I Will Try Next Year

Image credits: TheFrostSnowball

#50 Ah Yes, Linkedin Elitist Gatekeeping At It’s Finest!

Image credits: TheMaskedDriver

#51 Hanoi Horror

Image credits: Admirable-Map-5387

#52 Any Js Developer Out Here?

Image credits: ValuecoderOffical

#53 Little Contribution To The Indentation War

Image credits: ablaniar

#54 Facebook Is Gone Next Let’s Tackle The Real Problem

Image credits: duolc84

#55 Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy My Fellow Dev’s

Image credits: Koolboyee6969

#56 Foss (Forced Open Source Software)

Image credits: SegFaultHell

#57 More Commits Messages From The Twitch Leak !

Image credits: BaguetteOmelette

#58 Because The Cpu Can’t Address Anything Smaller Than A Byte

Image credits: orhnofficial

#59 “The Idea Guy” Pitching His Startup To Developers

Image credits: hamelj

#60 Why?

Image credits: Ok_Contact_1234

#61 The Key To Readability

Image credits: grolschiehx

#62 Her Husband Must Be A Programmer Tyhe

Image credits: arathirtyhder

#63 X Markup Language

Image credits: DemonKillerh29

#64 Peak Hacker Ability Unlocked

Image credits: saravanakumar17

#65 Seriously Why?

Image credits: Saksham__Verma

#66 A Programmer’s Solution

Image credits: LoyallySmall

#67 My Girlfriend Is Learning Some Coding For Her Job

Image credits: agressieftv

#68 Why Shouldn’t I Keep It?

Image credits: visene

#69 The Real Problem In Industry!!

Image credits: nonsenseis

#70 Why Do Java Programmers Wear Glasses? Because They Don’t C#

Image credits: jyoti_6727

#71 The Only Reason Java Is Still Relevant Is Because It Is Shoved Down The Throats Of High Schoolers And College Students

Image credits: ImplosiveTech

#72 Xkcd 2347

Image credits: amazed_spirit

#73 Did They Just Invent On-Prem Hosting?

Image credits: Hypersapien

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