75 Of The Funniest Animal Haircut Fails (New Pics)

Whether it’s to keep them cool in the scorching summer or to prepare them for surgery, there are a number of reasons why a pet might need a haircut. However, not all of them go the same as the owners imagine in their heads. Some furry friends end up with the most comically unfortunate looks! So we at Bored Panda collected pictures from all over the internet, showcasing our beloved companions who will just have to grow it out.

#1 My Dog Got A Haircut Yesterday, Someone Please Tell Me Why He Now Looks Like An Emo, Goth Teenager Who Tells His Mom “It’s Not Just A Phase”

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Image credits: mikah_sloan

#2 Sheep Dog?

Image credits: theRealNihilist911

#3 I Was Told To Save Whatever I Could, And That They Wanted Clean Face/Feet. How Did I Do?

Image credits: skeletonrae

#4 I Accidentally Found This While Looking Up Dog Haircuts. It’s So Ridiculous, I Had To Share

Image credits: whoaisthatatesla

#5 Mr. Kitty Took A Hit At The Groomers Too

Image credits: foxtato

#6 Thank You Pet Groomer

Image credits: SonoriousRBLX

#7 He Looks Like He’s Ready To Teach Some Kung Fu

Image credits: dog_rates

#8 When My Dog Comes Home From The Groomers

Image credits: asianfromthecongo

#9 I Might Have Failed At Dino Cutting My Cat

Image credits: flyduckie

#10 Is It Me Or Does She Look Like Sid’s Granny?

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Image credits: andrezzapata_

#11 My Cat Has Also Just Got Back From The Groomers, But I Am Not Laughing I’ll Be Sleeping With One Eye Open Tonight

Image credits: ywuldyoudothat

#12 This Dog

Image credits: isthereanecho

#13 Dad Took The Dog To The Groomers And Told Them To Shave Off As Much As They Could. I Promise You It’s The Same Dog

Image credits: tvlerlavv

#14 My Sister’s Dog Is Not Pleased With His New Haircut

Image credits: wisdombabies

#15 Interesting Cut I Did Today

Image credits: peaceinharmony

#16 Pretty Sure She’ll Want To Talk To The Manager About This Haircut

Image credits: PTSDgroomer2021

#17 Told The Groomer To Leave Him A Goatee

Image credits: CejusChrist

#18 Barley, The Shoodle (Sheep/Poodle)

Image credits: rookeryking

#19 Olive’s Fur Got Matted While We Were Out Of Town. Took Her To The Groomer, And This Is The Result

Image credits: IDontKnowHowToPM

#20 Forgot About This Photo From 11 Years Ago. Yes, This Was The Requested Cut. Dog’s Name Was Cutie

Image credits: steventhegroomer

#21 Be Specific With A New Groomer Or Your Dog Can Turn Into A Poor Picture Of David Bowie

Image credits: zadmiralcattzz2

#22 Took The Dog To The Groomer. I Don’t Know To Feel Sorry Or Happy For Him

Image credits: barcopirata

#23 When The Groomer Shaves Off Your Eyelashes And Nothing Else

Image credits: odiethesheepadoodle

#24 I’m Not Gonna Name The Place Where He Got His Haircut From… Not Happy With It

Image credits: itsnattybabyyy

#25 Chico The Rock Star, Before And After

Image credits: amsterdamgold

#26 So Cooper Got A Haircut Today And I Refuse To Believe That This Is The Same Dog I Had Yesterday

Image credits: rebeccamyersh

#27 The Mohawk Is Doable

Image credits: victoriacagle

#28 Sheepdog

Image credits: boggled_

#29 It’s Morgan Pawlen

Image credits: arobi177

#30 My Friend’s Cat Had A Really Bad Haircut And He’s Drinking To Forget

Image credits: Dien78

#31 My Friend’s Cat Is Definitely Not Impressed With His New Haircut

Image credits: Maathuwu

#32 The Groomer Came For My Orange One Yesterday. Summer “Lion Cut”

Image credits: SuntoryWhiskey

#33 It’s Not A Phase, Mom

Image credits: _bluethroughyou

#34 Client Requested This Cut. It Was So Freaking Difficult To Do A Schnauzer Cut The “Wrong” Way

Image credits: motosurfingUSA

#35 When Your Expectations Are Not What You Get

Image credits: sarah_jade_

#36 Sir Simon Got A Haircut. He Does Not Approve

Image credits: Bird_Nerd_2point0

#37 The Groomer Torched My Dog

Image credits: WarsawFrost

#38 Petco Is Fired

Image credits: shelbyjames11

#39 That’s Why I’m Afraid To Go To The Hairdresser

Image credits: user0511051736526

#40 I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

Image credits: sharivari

#41 A Travesty Of Justice When Groomers Refuse To Follow Directions. My Poor Girl Is Naked And I Can Barely Recognize Her

 I’ll have to put her in a t-shirt to protect her from sunburn.

Image credits: shinadoll

#42 Dougal Goes To The Groomer

Image credits: Soupynorman

#43 Cat Came Back From The Groomers Looking Like Elon Musk. Also, She Lost 4 Lbs

Image credits: sendme1000dollars

#44 I Think The Groomer Gave Me The Wrong Dog

Image credits: lexi16frost

#45 Lazy Orange Cat Gets A Haircut

Image credits: No-Delay-120

#46 My Poor Gizzy

Image credits: hwainright

#47 I Don’t Know If To Laugh Or Cry

Image credits: lilifloresh

#48 Wife’s Cousin Took Her Dog To The Groomer. Asked Them To Leave As Much Hair As Possible

Image credits: kargman23

#49 We Dropped Off Our Dog To Groomers Looking Like That And They Gave Us Back This Scrawny Alien

Image credits: TroubleBaby92

#50 My Friend’s Cat Got A Haircut

Image credits: LordOfGears2

#51 My Mom Decided To “Trim Him So He Could See”. Y’all I Looked Her Dead In The Eyes And Said “What Happened?”

Image credits: xXHobblesXx

#52 Mom Gave The Cat A Haircut

Image credits: A_Plethora

#53 So My Mum Took Our Fifteen-Year-Old Cat To The Vet For A Haircut. Normally I Or My Dad Take Her. Poor Bugger

Image credits: Jedben

#54 Our Poor Sadie. The Grooming Did Not Go Well, We Asked For A Little Shorter This Time But All She Was Left With Was The Mop On Top

Image credits: wereallalittlemad.here

#55 A Very Unfortunate Before And After Of Max’s Quarantine Haircut

Image credits: max.and.ginger

#56 The Importance Of A Good Groomer

Image credits: whyohwhyohio

#57 That Was Half A Jumpscare. I Wasn’t Expecting That

Image credits: talaalbala

#58 I’m Heartbroken

Image credits: itsjustelena_

#59 No, She Doesn’t Need To Speak To The Manager. She Is The Manager

Image credits: Prestigious-Adagio63

#60 Groomer Shaved My Woolly-Coated Husky When I Only Asked Him To Be “Neatened” Up

Image credits: MadamMiko

#61 So My Dog Went To The Groomers Today. I Don’t Know Why My Mom Took Her Back Looking Like This. Here’s A Comparison

Image credits: McCarthy_13

#62 Took My Little Dog To The Groomers For A Trim, Now She Looks Like Half A Chicken

Image credits: Rebecca1307

#63 Brush Recommendations For Long-Haired Cat: Before And After Pictures

We have her on a schedule now every 8-10 weeks, she has a dense undercoat and I want a quality brush for daily maintenance between appointments so I don’t have to shave her again.

Image credits: Mojo_of_Jojos

#64 I Think “Lion’s Cut” Is Groomer-Speak For A Really Ugly Haircut. Boo Won’t Be Speaking To Us Until Her Hair Grows Back. Sorry Boo

Image credits: lisagh13

#65 Took My Dog To The Groomer And He Comes Back With A Bowl Cut

Image credits: 13ofus

#66 Cursed Grooming

Image credits: mypetscontrolmylife

#67 My Groomer Totally Messed My Baby Up

Image credits: bilboswaggginz

#68 My Wife Took Our Dog To The Groomer And Picked Up Severus Snape

Image credits: Codypowers28

#69 Took My Dog To The Groomers And Wanted It Cut Like The Dog On The Left. They Nailed It

Image credits: 420kushirino

#70 “We Home Groom, But Thought We’d Give A Professional A Try”

Image credits: skeletonrae

#71 My Co-Worker Sent Out An E-Mail That She Had To Leave Early Because Her Cat Was Stuck In A Hole At The Groomer’s. She Then Sent This Result Of His Haircut

Image credits: lunanugget

#72 Not Everything Goes As Planned

Image credits: valecheverri0

#73 Our Pomeranian Recently Got Her Haircut. The Groomer Didn’t Do So Great, And Now She Looks Hilariously Adorable

Image credits: benbarcomb

#74 I Genuinely Tried My Best And Feel Horrible. I’m Buying Her An Outfit Tomorrow

Image credits: fernaliciousdeff

#75 Husky X Poodle

Image credits: captainschlumpy

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