80 Buildings That Got Repurposed For Something Their Architects Probably Didn’t Even Dream Of (New Pics)

While my renovation means getting a new rug from Ikea, changing a lightbulb that’s been out of order for the past year (or five, if I’m being totally honest), and keeping my succulents alive, some people turn it into an art form.

Welcome to the inspiring collection of renovations that deserve their own place in history compiled by Bored Panda. From the abandoned church that’s been remade into a skater’s dream park to a defunct subway entrance that’s been cleverly turned into an actual entry to the Subway eatery, and it only gets better.

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Scroll down, upvote your favorite remakes and repurposed buildings, and be sure to check out our previous posts with some more wonderful building conversions right here.

#1 The Building Used For The Swimming Events At The 2008 Summer Olympics In Beijing Was Transformed Into This Dope-Looking Waterpark

Image credits: TheTwoSeventeen

#2 Moved Here 4 Years Ago. Converted Victorian Church In England. Love This Room

Image credits: misterzeee

#3 Dublin: An 11th Century Viking Well And Stone Under A Local Shop

Image credits: Parisduonce

#4 Stone Observatory Tower Converted To A Home

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 My Town’s Library Is Under Construction, So They’re Using An Old Grocery Store As The Temporary Library

Image credits: pooshins

#6 This Defunct Subway Entrance Is A Working Subway Entrance

Image credits: handsgrubber

#7 This McDonald’s In New Zealand Has A Decommissioned Plane You Can Dine In

Image credits: timfox1

#8 The Hospital I Work For Was Originally Designed To Be A Hotel

Image credits: reoltlaonc

#9 These Two UK Phone Booths Have Been Repurposed

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Image credits: axnu

#10 Gas Station Greenhouse

Image credits: ansquaremet

#11 Regional Coffee Chain Buys Gas Station, Uses Car Wash As Drive Through

Image credits: dephanitly

#12 In Germany There Is Waterpark Called Tropical Islands. It’s A Literal Tropical Island Built Inside An Old Blimp Hangar

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 My Gym Used To Be Part Of An Asylum Complex. The Pool Used To Be A Church And The Confession Booths Are Now A Sauna

Image credits: loopy53

#14 This Hotel Is An Old Prison

Image credits: pistrel

#15 Vienna Gasometers: Gas Storage Tanks First Built In 1896 And Converted Into Mixed-Use Developments Between 1995 And 2001

Image credits: archineering

#16 This Abandoned Church Was Purchased By Skaters And Renovated Into A Dream Park

Image credits: BirchTainer

#17 Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia, Designed In 2018 By Adjara Group And Located In An Old Printing House

Image credits: archineering

#18 Niccolò Paganini Auditorium, Parma, Italy, An Abandoned Sugar Factory Converted Into A Concert Hall By Renzo Piano In 1996

Image credits: archineering

#19 This Game Store Is A Converted Bank

Image credits: Bronze_Lemur

#20 Old Church Turned Into A 24/7 Pancake Restaurant

Image credits: ThatOldGuyWhoDrinks

#21 In The UK, Redundant Telephone Boxes Are Being Repurposed As Public Defibrillators

Image credits: skillian

#22 McDonald’s In The Art Deco Former “United Kingdom Hotel”, Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia

Image credits: IceColdFrozenDrip

#23 My Girlfriend’s Office Used To Be A Bowling Alley. The Original Lanes Are Still There

Image credits: joestn

#24 A Ship’s Bridge That Has Been Removed And Converted Into A House

Image credits: Washpedantic

#25 This Hotel Is Built Out Of Train Cars

Image credits: Cessnateur

#26 A Smartphone Repair Office Inside A Telephone Box North Of Holborn Station

Image credits: Kuzu9

#27 The Grand Concourse Built In 1898. Once Train Station Is Now A Restaurant In Pittsburgh, PA

Image credits: Dry_Way4135

#28 Mills In Buffalo From Industrial Revolution Protected From Full Demolition And Converted Into Art/Public Entertainment Space

Image credits: hangrydicappucino

#29 This Hotel’s Breakfast Lounge Is Inside An Old Bank Vault

Image credits: Matt_T024

#30 Old Bank Turned Into McDonald’s In Kristiansand, Norway

Image credits: Shell-fish

#31 A Former Grain Silo In Oslo, Now Converted To Student Housing

Image credits: heythere011

#32 Old Bank Was Transformed Into A Hotel, They Kept The Vault As A Meeting Room

Image credits: WoollyMonster

#33 These Apartments Used To Be A YMCA

Image credits: chumleesdog

#34 My New Apartment Still Has The Original Molding From When It Was A Hotel Ballroom In 1923

Image credits: vlcnus

#35 This Fast Food Drive Thru Used To Be A Car Wash

Image credits: garagehirohata

#36 Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre: A Former Commodities Exchange With A 750-Seat Theatre ‘Pod’ Tucked Inside. The Theatre Opened In 1976

Image credits: SirJohnUmfrevile

#37 Old Silo In Söderköping, Sweden, Repurposed As Housing

Image credits: paulplutt

#38 Old Church Converted Into A Gym

Image credits: Runikal

#39 This Covid-19 Testing Station In Calgary Is Inside An Old Rona Store

Image credits: Stegosaurus_Peas

#40 Former Movie Theatre, Now A Library

Image credits: ForgingIron

#41 While The Library Is Under Construction, An Old Grocery Store Is Being Used As A Temporary Library

Image credits: sjthree

#42 The Old Don Jail (1864) In Toronto Converted Into Offices For The Newly Built Hospital Beside It In 2013

Image credits: sledgehammer_77

#43 Old Estate By My House Was Converted To A McDonald’s

Image credits: Reasonable_Tell3228

#44 Hotel We Are Staying At In Newark Was Once A Bank

Image credits: thefonswithans

#45 Carpet With Tracks In A Hotel In An Old Train Station

Image credits: miaaowwow

#46 This Old Gas Station With A Car Wash Was Converted Into A Caribou Coffee Drive Thru

Image credits: ApoIIoJon

#47 Our Locally Owned Movie Theatre Finally Gave Up And Is Becoming A Sports Bar

Image credits: Musicferret

#48 My House Turned 101 Today (Originally A 1920’s Corner Grocery)

Image credits: haganwalker

#49 Armory In West Philadelphia Repurposed As US Squash National Training Center

Image credits: phiarc

#50 Good Morning From My New Neighborhood’s Trader Joe’s

Image credits: justkiddingmumu

#51 Another Historic Tesco: The Perivale Store Is In The Grade II* Hoover Building, A 1933 Art Deco Masterpiece

Image credits: Chris Sampson

#52 Former Hot Topic Now Veterans Museum Denton, TX

Image credits: hipsterdaddyo

#53 Urban Outfitters That Used To Be A Savings Bank – Northampton, Ma

Image credits: wrinkle-crease

#54 This Thrift Store Is An Old Bowling Alley

Image credits: USAFIDMT

#55 The 1929 Tammany Hall Building. Once The Headquarters Of NYC’s Most Notorious Political Machine, It Has Been Converted Into Offices With A Modern Glass Addition

Image credits: Imipolex42

#56 This Old Bowling Alley Was Turned Into A Thrift Store In Canton, OH

Image credits: drewkazizzle

#57 This Old Bank Turned To CVS In Manhattan

Image credits: Ferrari5746

#58 1883 Opera House Now A Market And Bakery In Florence, Kansas

Image credits: astraennui

#59 Brooklyn Army Terminal: Was A Rail Freight Yard, Now Individual Office Spaces

Image credits: deadeye614

#60 This Parking Garage Was Once A Theater

Image credits: BoxBopChallenge

#61 Jail Cell To Brewery Storage Room

Image credits: ssfoxx27

#62 The Scottsdale Bank Building In Connellsville, PA. The Building Originally Built For The West Penn Railway And Served As Both A Station And Offices

West Penn operated from 1904 to 1952 and was an electric interurban, or trolley line, that ran in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Image credits: AGuyFromMaryland

#63 Wynnewood Barns, Once A Streetcar Barn Is Now A Community Centre/Artspace/Event Hall With Affordable Housing For Artists As Well

The dark grey lines are where the streetcar tracks used to be.

Image credits: sledgehammer_77

#64 Former Pizza Hut In Albany, Oregon. Now House Of Noodle

Image credits: Hoosier_Oregonian

#65 Former McDonald’s Is Jumbo’s Pub And Grill, On The Boardwalk Of Wildwood New Jersey

Image credits: markaritaville

#66 Former Woolworths, Now A Walgreens. It Feels Like A Happy Accident That The Historic “W” Letter Still Works For The Building

Image credits: methodwriter85

#67 Dunkin’ Donuts Drive Thru In A Former Gas Station Car Wash

Image credits: ICA2015

#68 Little Caesar’s Pizza In A Former Sonic Drive-In

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#69 The Disney Store Of Inland Center Is Now A Furniture Store. You Can Still See The Outlines Of The Film Reels Around The Entrance, And Mickey Shapes Etched Onto The Windows

Image credits: 360inMotion

#70 CVS Pharmacy Used To Be A Theatre, East Los Angeles, CA

Image credits: NERPG

#71 Starbucks In A Former Gas Station – Miami, Florida

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#72 Former Arby’s In Boynton Beach, Florida, Now A Funeral Home

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#73 Church That Used To Be A Toys R Us In Bridgeport, WV

Image credits: jonbmx3

#74 Holy Cross Fit

Image credits: oczysrebrne1

#75 This Drive Thru Is Inside An Old Car Wash

Image credits: realcanadianbeaver

#76 Former Sonic Drive-In Converted To A Dominos – Maumelle, Arkansas

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#77 This Little Caesars That Used To Be An Auto Shop

Image credits: QueenGoodra

#78 This School In My Town Was Transformed Into Apartments. I Think It’s From The 1890s

Image credits: An00bisOsiris

#79 Not Sure If This Fits. But Pretty Cool. Taco Bell In A Former Bank. Muncie, IN

Image credits: jordss20

#80 2-For-1: Repurposed Original Taco Bell And An Old IHOP

Image credits: reddit.com

Source: boredpanda.com

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