80 Posts From People Fed Up With Unrealistic Requirements And Expectations When Trying To Find A Job (New Pics)

Finding a new job can be really stressful. Creating the perfect CV, scrolling through countless ads, keeping up with the ever-changing marketplace—it’s certainly a tough task.

Not to mention the companies that place unreal expectations on their potential employees. We’ve all heard them asking for years of experience for an entry-level position that offers very little to no pay at all. No wonder you get sick and tired of the whole process.

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But don’t worry. You’re not the only one: r/recruitinghell is a subreddit where both recruiters and candidates share their ridiculous hiring experiences, so keep scrolling if you want reassurance that the universe hasn’t conspired against you and check out some of its best posts below!

After you’re done, don’t forget to check out Bored Panda’s previous post about the horrors of finding a new job.

#1 Thoughts?

Image credits: Advanced_Doctor2938

#2 Burn

Image credits: Wajeehrehman

#3 Wise Words To Live By From Anime

Image credits: Foxedup-

#4 No One Wants To Work For Condescending Pricks Like This. Shocking

Image credits: TwilitSky

#5 Better Start Hiring Then…

Image credits: alaskastardust

#6 More Inspiring Career Advice From Bosses. Overwork, Because It’s Not Normal To Want To Have Other Things In Life…

Image credits: Koala0803

#7 It’s Really Not That Complicated…

Image credits: danpriceseattle

#8 This

Image credits: Wajeehrehman

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#9 Why So Secret?

Image credits: jo_bazz

#10 Hard Same

Image credits: toktoktwan

#11 And Don’t Forget We’re A Family Here!

Image credits: lolennui

#12 Low Pay But Rewarding?

Image credits: heldonbyastring

#13 So On Brand

Image credits: blakes_online

#14 Welcome To The Next Level Of Recruiting Hell

Image credits: LauraMiers

#15 “No One Wants To Work!”

Image credits: VT_Forever

#16 I Just Want A Paycheck While Not Having To Join A Cult

Image credits: RaxKingIsDead

#17 Not Sure If It Fits Here But Reminded Me Of R/Recruitinghell

Image credits: Maddy186

#18 Well Now I’m Just Confused

Image credits: WadeLikesPlanes

#19 Power Move

Image credits: pscle

#20 What The Heck Is This?

Image credits: youthisreadwrong-

#21 Why Is This True

Image credits: _robertschultz

#22 Wow. How Cute

Image credits: clones2go

#23 Sundays Are Not Your Weekend

Image credits: barryjordan586

#24 Who Were You In Your Past Life?

Image credits: Wajeehrehman

#25 Viva La Revolución

Image credits: danielmarven

#26 I Hate It Here

Image credits: amcclurk21

#27 Not Sure If This Is A Repost

Image credits: beetagolsh

#28 Call It Childhood 2.0

Image credits: _robertschultz

#29 After 22 Online Rejections And Ghostings, I Finally Got An Interview! When I Arrived I Was Told They Had No Intentions Of Hiring Me And Just Wanted To Encourage Me To Continue My Education

Image credits: damntheelctricfence

#30 Spotted On Indeed. This Can’t Be Real… Can It?

Image credits: hayleexa

#31 Never-Ending Interviews

Image credits: littleroo45

#32 Easiest Way To Get Me To Not Fill Out An Application

Image credits: thetalkingrock

#33 So Inspiring

Image credits: neatokra

#34 The Truth About “Nobody Wants To Work” (That We All Knew Already)

Image credits: MrZJones

#35 An Employee Asked Me For A Raise But I Didn’t Give It To Him So He Resigned. I Really Need Him Now For A Project. How Can I Get Him Back?

Image credits: ddh85

#36 Us Labor Statistics: ” The Shortage Of Engineers In The Us Will Exceed 1.2 Million By 2026.” Ok So Then Why…

Image credits: hospitalizedGanny

#37 Come On, It’ll Be Fun!

Image credits: yelpisforsnitches

#38 Personality Tests Are A Scam!

Image credits: sarthikg

#39 I Would Watch That

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Can I Vibe?

Image credits: skhndh

#41 Accurate

Image credits: Opal_Shadow

#42 Remote Job

Image credits: D92dDGkcxoD

#43 Sounds Like An Easy Job!

Image credits: FutureInside8596

#44 Don’t Know If This Has Been Posted Here Yet

Image credits: Tardigradium

#45 Ooooof

Image credits: kschin1

#46 All This [stuff] For A Grocery Clerk Job

Image credits: DandyBanana

#47 Reading A Resume Of An Applicant? Sorry We Don’t Do It Here

Image credits: defnothing

#48 I Have Been Interviewing With A Company For Over 6 Weeks And Have Talked To Ten Different Interviewers. Emailed Today Saying I’ve Moved To The Next Round. Finally Sick Of It

Image credits: its233am

#49 Another Way Of Putting It : My Quality Of Life And Mental Health Is Being Dictated By Others

Image credits: WROL

#50 Response To Your Job Proposal

Image credits: frankreyes

#51 Is This Supposed To Be Inspiring?

Image credits: courtesa

#52 That’s For Getting Back To Me

Image credits: dcikid12

#53 Sick Of The Lack Of Professionalism

Image credits: blackshheep

#54 Better Late Then Never I Guess

Image credits: CraftBeerMountaineer

#55 12 Month Ban From Applying Because Of A 5-Minute Personality Test

Image credits: StraightOuttaMaine

#56 Short Staffed

Image credits: Nosduj_VT

#57 Test Of Submission

Image credits: monkeybuttlover92

#58 Um

Image credits: sqideys

#59 Every Single Time

Image credits: slutella1

#60 Enough Said

Image credits: IncongruousKamble

#61 Thanks Facebook

Image credits: elsquibble

#62 Jesus Christ…

Image credits: redroseMJ

#63 Welcome To Almost Every Company You Want To Work For Post-School

Image credits: a000o

#64 As A Naturally Optimistic Person, I Go Through This At Least Once A Week

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 That’s A Lot Of Words To Say – We Want People To Work Extra Hard, But We Don’t Want To Compensate Them Accordingly

Image credits: coljacobson

#66 Could Very Well Be A Real Headline

Image credits: MysteriousDillPickle

#67 My Interview Is Tomorrow

Image credits: frnk55

#68 An Embarrassing Reminder To Not Reveal Your Salary Expectations

Image credits: NeverJustaDream

#69 Robert Half Being Called Out On This Linkedin Post

Image credits: Soo_ee_sauce

#70 Disclosed My Adhd In An Interview, This Is The Feedback I Got Back…

Image credits: Ukuleleplayingnun5

#71 The Kindest Rejection I’ve Received Still Hurts Like A Ton Of Bricks

Image credits: suchmeerkat

#72 At This Point I Would Be Happy Just To Receive A Rejection…

Image credits: ploekje

#73 Is It Bad That My First Thought Was…now You Know How It Normally Feels For Job Seekers…? Lol

Image credits: YoItsMCat

#74 … I’m Sorry, What?

Image credits: WadeLikesPlanes

#75 Quit My Horrible Job And Posted A Glass Door Review A Month Ago. Received A Cease And Desist Letter For Defamation. Edited And Re-Posted An Even More Scathing But Legally Passable Version. F**k Our Capitalist Overlords And Their Intimidation Strategies

Image credits: eraofcara5

#76 Sigh

Image credits: Wajeehrehman

#77 This Is Just Sad…

Image credits: TheEvilBread

#78 Boss Posted This Job Description On Facebook And Then Commented This A Week Later. Well I Wonder Why No One Applied…

Image credits: meowley-

#79 Somebody Tell This To The High-Tech Companies

Image credits: farrukhsshah

#80 I Try To Give Back To Recruiters Now And Then

Image credits: reddit.com

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