81 Things That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time And Ended Up In The ‘Aged Like Milk’ Online Group (New Posts)

Comic books, Porsche 911s, and Vincent Van Gogh paintings are just a few examples of things that have managed to stand the test of time; they have remained popular and valued for decades and centuries. However, there’s plenty of stuff that have a much, much shorter lifespan. And you can find most of it on the subreddit ‘Aged Like Milk.’

This online community of over 1 million members offers a humorous look at ideas, opinions, and items that were once (somewhat) popular or trendy but are now considered outdated and downright cringeworthy. ‘Aged Like Milk’ is like a magnifying glass, showing the changes happening in popular culture and broader society that we might miss otherwise. It’s a reminder that the world evolves and we need to as well.

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So continue scrolling to check out its latest content and for more, fire up our earlier publications on the subreddit here and here. Enjoy. Or hate it. Sometimes these two acts can be equally addictive and pleasing.

#1 …

Image credits: john_rabb

#2 Nice One Google

Image credits: jablanovix

#3 9 Days

Image credits: GriffinFTW

#4 A Lot Here On Andrew Tate At The Moment, But This Really Sticks Out

Image credits: DarkDerekHighway

#5 Aged Like Milk In 24 Hours

Image credits: OurLeagueIsShit

#6 If You Can’t Even Clean Up Your Own Room, Who The Hell Are You To Give Advice To The World?

Image credits: Fertility18

#7 Cnn Strikes Again

Image credits: NoFaithInTheAdmins

#8 The Musker Really Showing His True Colors…

Image credits: Bigringcycling

#9 So, Is That A No To Dignity?

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Image credits: Cactusaremyjam

#10 A Truly Awful Aged Like Milk

Image credits: BrokenShutters

#11 “They Don’t Put Pretty People Like Me In Jail”

Image credits: jhovudu1

#12 “I Can Say Antisemitic Things And Adidas Can’t Drop Me” -Kanye

Image credits: gregmasta

#13 Classic Law & Order

Image credits: weirdlittleflute

#14 Kanye In Highschool

Image credits: A_Parks_

#15 Fyi They Do Now

Image credits: TheLostCaptain03

#16 Lots Of Experience With Little Kids…

On the 2008 reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar and his wife Anna announce that they are expecting a new child. In a cutaway, his little sister Jessa comments on how he’ll be a good dad, considering his extensive experience with little kids. In 2015, allegations against Josh came out that when he was 14-15 years old, he molested 4 of his younger sisters. Today, Josh is currently serving a 12 year prison sentence after being convicted for downloading images of child sex abuse from his work computer.

Image credits: b_enn_y

#17 An Ad From The 1950’s Gives Tips On How To Dispose Of Batteries

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#18 Milk Normally Lasts Longer Than A Day

Image credits: elbowpatchhistorian

#19 Sugar As Diet Aid 1971

Image credits: bycrackybygum

#20 This Postcard Aged Bad

Image credits: technix_the_fox

#21 Widely Aged Like Milk Things

Image credits: SackCody

#22 Lol

Image credits: LeeYan2007

#23 No One Forces You To Have A Baby

Image credits: Spirited-Draw-8189

#24 A “Victorious” Prime Minister Declares “Peace For Our Time” After Hitler Agrees Not To Invade Any More Territories In Europe, 1938

Image credits: screen_name

#25 This Toothpaste Had To Be Rebranded Twice, First For The Name, And Then For The Logo

Image credits: AboutHelpTools3

#26 From Hero To Villain

Image credits: Logan_Mac

#27 Mmmhh Love Me Some Aged Milk

Image credits: abyigit

#28 10 Years Later

Image credits: radiatia

#29 This Dude Was Caught Robbing A Bank 3 Days After He Tweeted This

Image credits: _Atoms_Apple

#30 This Oil-Disposal Tip

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 How To Ruin Your Company

Image credits: WhoCaresAnyway2017

#32 How It Started / How It’s Going

Image credits: happymancry

#33 Thanks A Lot Anti-Vaxxers!

Image credits: sheisthebeesknees

#34 Oh, Netflix

Image credits: BulljiveBots

#35 Stick To Weekly Programming “Predictions”

Image credits: Str33twise84

#36 This Did Not Take Long

Image credits: diegolpzir

#37 No Symbol Of My Childhood Have Aged So Horribly

Image credits: Superquzzical825

#38 This Photo

Image credits: use_vpn_orlozeacount

#39 “Don’t Tell Ruth Ginsburg To Retire” In 2014

Image credits: dev_vvvvv

#40 This Pastor Just Admitted To Having Sexually Abused A Teenager (Or, As He Tried To Frame It, “Committed Adultery”) 20+ Years Ago

Image credits: ExpiredExasperation

#41 Makes Me Think About The Iraqi Wmd

Image credits: damn_boy17

#42 Speaks For Itself. I’m An Antique Dealer, And This Is From My Personal Collection

Image credits: No-Beginning1846

#43 This Quote By Author Of The Witcher Books

Image credits: Just-Aman

#44 Surely

Image credits: Logan_Mac

#45 Justice Served

Image credits: Pachalafaka24

#46 This Knitting Recipe From 95

Image credits: desperadomaco

#47 This Aged Beautifully

Image credits: Dirty_Gurdy

#48 Drew Is Our Last Hope

Image credits: Environmental_Ear148

#49 “I’ll Put My Reputation On The Line. Multiple Times”

Image credits: Mrmini231

#50 Terrifier 2 Scene

Image credits: israelfdez06

#51 1st Edition Ussr Guide Book Published Less Than 26 Days Before The Ussr Collapsed

Image credits: lemonmouse45

#52 This Article From 2013 Just Before The Final Season Or Breaking Bad

Image credits: WhiteKnight1992

#53 Aged Like Milk, Literally

Image credits: throwaway-3000003

#54 They Confirmed It Today

Image credits: Inspire_resistal

#55 Back When Netflix Didn’t Only Care About Money

Image credits: Foochie506

#56 South Dakota Attorney General Impeached And Criminally Charged For Killing Pedestrian While On His Phone Shared A Picture Taken While Driving

Image credits: MathStudent95

#57 Not Anymore After Being Dropped By Almost Every Brand That Used To Work With Him

Image credits: canadiandude321

#58 End Of Traditional Consoles, You Say?

Image credits: Magile

#59 Twitter Announcing It Would Allow Employees To Work From Home Forever

Image credits: ButchWilly

#60 How Innocent Were We

Image credits: absolutelinoob

#61 This Old Kanye Tweet

Image credits: nlolhere

#62 Made $1b In 12 Days

Image credits: tofu-fighter

#63 Facebook Memories Reminding Me Of This L From 2014

Image credits: Kevo55

#64 There Could Be 99 Elon Posts In A Room, And They Could All Be Different

Image credits: Tryptophan7

#65 Geralt No Longer, Man Of Steel No Longer

Image credits: tonystark254

#66 Only 6 Months To Go!

Image credits: reddiciraptor

#67 Both Ukraine And Russia Have A McDonald’s

Image credits: Parking_Web

#68 This Harry Potter Fan Theory From 2017 That Actually Got Its Own Vice Article

Image credits: forbiddenmemeories

#69 Pretty Self Explanatory

Image credits: thekeynesian1

#70 How Did It Get So Far Only To Be Canned?

Image credits: onyx1378

#71 2022 Daily Life Hack Calendar

Image credits: Lionfountain

#72 I Am Very Stupid

Image credits: CodPolish

#73 “Wait, I Have To Use Both Sticks?!”

Image credits: ThePopDaddy

#74 Because Why Be Prepared For A Hurricane?

Image credits: keepdude52

#75 ….. Sure

Image credits: Aki008035

#76 Buzzfeed At Its Finest

Image credits: AwareSuperCC

#77 Some Heroes Tend To Turn Into Villains Really Quickly…

Image credits: Future1985

#78 Arch Of “Unity” Between The Ukrainians And Russians. Photo Taken By Me In Kyiv – Summer Of 1989

Image credits: racedownhill

#79 Never Obsolete

Image credits: hazbaz1984

#80 On An Online Article About The Crimes Of Grindelwald Movie

Image credits: BluBlaz0r

#81 Tell The World Johnny, See How Many People Believe Or Side With You

Image credits: ads90

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