85 Times Kids Got Caught Being Wholesome And It Got Shared Online

Childhood innocence often brings about heartwarming moments of empathy and care, and this post is exactly all about that, Pandas. For example, picture a scene where a 3-year-old girl, noticing her large family dog appearing ‘weary’, decided to facilitate a good nap for him. With a sweet determination, she draped her favorite pink blanket over the dog, covering his head and back like a makeshift cape. It wasn’t big enough to cover the entire dog, but it turned him into something of a resting superhero.

In another instance, a little boy demonstrated an incredible bond with his Spaniel breed dog. As storm clouds gathered, heralding a thunderstorm, the dog began to shake in fear. Recognizing this, the boy’s parent explained that the dog was afraid of thunder. Instantly, the boy rushed to the canine’s side, hugging the scared dog tightly. 

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These are just a few of the examples you can expect to see in this post as the pure hearts of children continue serving as a beautiful reminder of the instinctive kindness and love they offer, regardless of the circumstances.

#1 My 3 Year Old Sister Wanted The Dog To Take A Nice Nap

Image credits: Ratboy102

#2 Do You Think You’ll Fall In Love?

Image credits: paigeloefflerr

#3 Awww

Image credits: PoutineMaker

#4 When I Told My Little Boy That Victor,our Dog Was Afraid Of Thunders (He Was Literally Shaking Because Rain Was Coming) Today,he Went Over And Gave Him A Hug!

Image credits: Toadby

#5 A Kind And Generous Boy, We Stan

Image credits: Good_Natured_Guy

#6 Out Of All The Kids At The Lake, Mama Duck Brought Her Babies To My Son. He Loves Animals So Much And It Made His Life!

Image credits: highpriestess13

#7 You Can Do It! I Support You!

Image credits: Clashallie

#8 A Flower For You

Image credits: scott44134

#9 The Boy Apparently Sacrificed His Own Bed For PC Dave Joey

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Image credits: SundayRay

#10 Pure Cupcake Enjoyment

Image credits: RebelAhsoka

#11 My Little Guy On Halloween. Love You My Little Headache

Image credits: blessed_dad

#12 This Belongs Here, Hope It Hasn’t Been Posted Here Before

Image credits: Relan42

#13 The Sweetest Way To Look At It

Image credits: twisteddoodles

#14 He Was Crying. She Thought He Needed A Hug

Image credits: TheCatWranglerX

#15 My Sons Amazement, Joy, And Happiness His First Time Seeing The Ocean. It Was About 45° But I Didnt Have The Heart To Stop His Enjoyment. (Crescent City, Ca.)

Image credits: Mango_Unchaind

#16 Sharing His Ice Cream With His Brother

Image credits: Mother-of-4-dragons

#17 My 10 Yr Old Nephews Goals

Image credits: fayeface365

#18 My Nephew Overcame His Fears And Stood On A Frozen Pond!!

Image credits: kylebabylove

#19 Kids Are Awesome 🙂

Image credits: expiredbagels

#20 When Kids Attack…with Loves

Image credits: TheAlphaSpoon

#21 Her Flower Broke

Image credits: jjemwalls

#22 I Hope This Counts As Wholesome

Image credits: SaintAsr

#23 My Nephews View On Family

Image credits: Itsjablesdude

#24 I Want To Be Pants!

Image credits: Noodlenoodle88

#25 I Wish One Piece Of Candy Would Put Me To Sleep

Image credits: jorgecan2

#26 My Niece Just Made Every One Friends And Said “No Fighting”

Image credits: rashdash

#27 Advice From A 7 Year Old

Image credits: vyx-xd

#28 My Son Taking His Mouse For A Walk

Image credits: lauraprenders

#29 I’ve Always Said Kids Are Aliens. Now I Have My Proof!

Image credits: human_geek

#30 My Two Daughters, Aged 5 And 6, Running Their First Business Together

Image credits: gumball_Jones

#31 My 4 Y/O Made Me Breakfast In Bed

Image credits: provoko

#32 My 3yo Treasures From Our Morning Walk

Image credits: bluevioletfire

#33 Let Go Of Your Negative Emotions

Image credits: elspells13

#34 My Youngest Was Scared At The Car Wash.so My Older Two Held His Hands To Comfort Him. They Also Kept Telling Him Silly Stories About The Car Getting It’s Butt All Clean

Image credits: milanesaconpapas

#35 The Post That Started It All

Image credits: BB-r8

#36 Hi Daddy!

Image credits: ValentinoMeow

#37 Ladies And Gents, My Baby Brother Who Has Decided He’s The Funniest Dang Thing To Grace This Planet Because He Can Stick His Leg Up Out Of His High Chair. Enjoy

Image credits: Kat-J

#38 Playing Hide And Seek With A Toddler Is Always A Thrill

Image credits: RebekhaG

#39 My Friend’s Brother Fell Asleep While Eating Yoghurt

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 My Boys First Concert And “Date”. As A Dad, I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Image credits: way2cool4school

#41 My 11yr Old Daughter Chose To Donate Her Hair Today

Image credits: tanyance21

#42 My Wife & I Have Read Stories To Our Daughter Almost Every Night Since She Was About 5months Old, & I Recently Started Having Her ‘Pick’ The Books. This Night, She Wanted Our Time Extended Past The Usual 2book Routine Lol

Image credits: Karotis624

#43 We Only Have One Planet

Image credits: Dmacattack89

#44 I’d Like To Think He Wanted A Car Wash… But It Doesn’t Explain The Sunglasses

Image credits: OnTheSubjectOfWeird

#45 She’s The Sweetest Little Girl ❤️

Image credits: TheMasonX

#46 A Good Fisherman Should Stay Organized

Image credits: shineallday187777

#47 My Son Decided He Wasn’t Going To Nap Yesterday, This Is Him 10 Minutes After His “Decision”

Image credits: Flash_Cramer

#48 Mom Tells Boy He Can Pick Any Animal At Shelter. He Picked This Elderly, Overweight And Shy Cat. ?

Image credits: Menof36go

#49 My Niece Gave Herself Tattoos To Match Mine ?

Image credits: trrrl

#50 Kid After Her Own Heart

Image credits: Visual_Antelope_

#51 Your Nose Looks Ugly

Image credits: Artsy-Mesmer

#52 Told Him It’s Nap Time. He Found A Dark Spot To Chill

Image credits: sunniestgirl

#53 Was Playing LEGO Worlds. Little Sister Found An Old Rc Car Remote. She Then Started To “Play The Game” With Me

Image credits: UncomfyUnicorn

#54 Chonky Law

Image credits: MakeMeRichIDC

#55 My Silly College Kid. Lol

Image credits: Kittstatoo

#56 Noticed It Was Too Quiet & So I Looked Around The House & Found This Guy (Almost 4) Just Relaxing And Staring At The Ceiling. When I Asked Him What He Was Doing He Said He Was Just Chillin. Love My Boys And Their Growing Personality

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Found On The Floor Of My Classroom, Kept It, And Just Remembered This Masterpiece Was A Thing. Good Days Ahead

Image credits: lilqueertor

#58 This Is So Cute

Image credits: AFuckingGayWeeb

#59 Kids Doing There Best To Be Inclusive

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 My Friends Kid And Triangle Strawberry Store

Image credits: Loveinacase

#61 My Heart

Image credits: reddit.com

#62 He Got You There

Image credits: ruckusfuckus96

#63 A Letter To Santa For Her Dog That Is Being Put Down Tomorrow. Heart Broken

Image credits: grambo1984

#64 Toddler Asks For A Cuddle, Stranger Obliges

Image credits: zariaah

#65 My Other Son(Almost 6) Brought Me A Penny From School That He Found “Since I Dont Work Anymore” (He Also Tries To Give Me His Savings From His Piggy Bank From Time To Time) ?

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 Eyler’s Story Of How Jesus Was Born. And Then Then Tractor Came And A Car Came And A Race Car Came

Image credits: bgharambee

#67 Me And My Friend Were Going Through His Old Schoolwork And Found This

Image credits: MrFluffy115

#68 My Wife Gave Her Coworker’s Kid A Couple Of Japanese Headbands From A Previous Japan Trip And She Got This Thank You Card

Image credits: Uberdork0

#69 The Way The Sunlight Hit This Water Fountain When My Son Was Taking A Drink

Image credits: yeetmobile69420

#70 Oh No The Kissing Ads

Image credits: izuku—midoriya

#71 What A Thoughtful Newphew 🙂

Image credits: TheMasonX

#72 This Belongs Here More

Image credits: WigglyButtNugget

#73 F

Image credits: PokeMeme1120

#74 My 3yo Painted Some Flowers For Her Uncle

Image credits: TheMasonX

#75 Day At The African Lion Safari, Also An Extra Day This Week With The Kids ❤️❤️❤️

Image credits: kevymac07

#76 When The Kids Ask For Another Snack

Image credits: cmdalessandro15

#77 My Little Brothers ‘Mothers Day’ Poem!

Image credits: Sheareallycooldancer

#78 While I Was Ordering Take Away My 7 Year Old Set Up This Picnic Table Up Outside For Us

Image credits: sarebot18

#79 Who Was The First President? (Oh Dear.)

Image credits: NoLongerNorwaysTroll

#80 When You’re Trying To Yell At Your Kids But Their Response Leaves You Speechless

Image credits: human_geek

#81 Wonderful Day Today. That’s All I Wanted To Share

Image credits: kevymac07

#82 9-Year Old Me’s Venusaur

Image credits: rzlasher39

#83 12-Year Old’s Instructions For Solving A Rubik’s Cube

Image credits: expiredbagels

#84 Kid Got Comfortable While Mom Was Shopping. (Sorry For Bad Resolution, Camera Was Dirty)

Image credits: tyarecalifornia

#85 Daughter Illustrated Her Request For Dinner

Image credits: pygmy

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