87 Times People With A ‘High IQ’ Thought They Were Better Than Everybody Else

I’m, like, totally smarter than you are. [Adjusts glasses; laughs in geek]. My IQ is over 9,000 and I play 5D chess in my spare time. Mozart? Bach? Those are for amateurs. Me? I only listen to the music that planets make in our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy (it’s 2.537 light-years away from Earth — bet you didn’t know that). My favorite book is the Necronomicon. By the time I have breakfast every day, I’ve already come up with a hundred new fantastic ideas about how to improve the world, and my brain works at a 69.999% (recurring, of course) higher capacity than yours. I would’ve totally made a better protagonist than Yagami Light in Death Note. You wouldn’t ever be able to comprehend my complex thoughts because, like, you’re so beneath me, and I’m, like, super awesome. [Adjusts glasses again; uses inhaler]. Plebs.

Don’t you just hate it when people start bragging about what geniuses they are when they’re actually the complete opposite? There are those who think it’s OK to be an arrogant <ahem> equus africanus asinus <cough> just because they know a bit of obscure trivia or have a niche hobby.

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Bored Panda brings you this amazing compilation of examples of people bragging about their sky-high IQ and coming off in the worst way possible. So put your thinking caps on, start scrolling and let us know which high-IQ memes you loved best, and why. Upvote and share the smartest (pun not intended) ones!

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