90 Times Dating Profiles Were So Horrible, They Had To Be Shamed Online

Looking for love is probably one of the toughest missions a hooman can set out on, apart from staying in love happily ever after. All jokes aside, the Pew Research data has shown that nearly half of U.S. adults – and a majority of women – say that dating has become harder in the last 10 years.

As if that wasn’t enough, the worldwide pandemic and uncertain times we live in have made people reevaluate their dating priorities, as more singletons now read people’s bios on dating apps instead of just swiping based on looks. We all seek lasting connection, and a good dating bio can surely give you at least a distant prospect of it, right?

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Well, except that a nice dating bio is not a common occurrence. On the contrary, people who’re in the dating scene keep coming up with introductions that are weird, questionable, arrogant, you name it. Below is a selection of the most eyebrow-raising ones that will make you wonder what on earth they were thinking!

#1 She’s Got A Point Though

Image credits: Raksup

#2 Part Of The Time-Honored Tradition Of Making A Dating Profile That Demands Everything And Provides Nothing

Image credits: kabukistar

#3 And Now His Bio Is Blank… Probably Cause He Realised No One Enjoys Seeing This

Image credits: ttough

#4 Alright Let’s Calm It Woman

Image credits: heartofgold0

#5 Found On A Dating Site. Why Create A Profile When You Hate Women So Much?

Image credits: stmpkgurl92

#6 This Guy Is A Literal Content Gold Mine. I Don’t Think Any Woman Would Want To Date You Buddy

Image credits: Prof_RPNT

#7 I’m On A Dating App With Fake Name And Pictures And I Super Liked You But I Expect You To Talk To Me First!

Image credits: rainythursdays

#8 “Women Hate Good Men Like Me”

Image credits: JustJuniperfect

#9 First Time I’ve Personally Come Across One Of These Trash Bios

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Image credits: softlemon

#10 Well That’s Interesting

Image credits: kasell22

#11 A Nice Girl On Tinder

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Can’t Imagine How He’s Still Single

Image credits: _regionrat

#13 I’ll Laugh At How You Think Your Opinion Matters

Image credits: Billymayshere23

#14 Idk How He’s Never Been On A Date Before. He’s A Total Catch

Image credits: saltysaltine98

#15 The Choosing Beggars Of Tinder

Image credits: GreyCloud59

#16 I’m Not Even Sure What To Say Abt This Bio

Image credits: binggrae_melon_milk

#17 Guy Uses Tinder Like He’s Ordering A Mail Order Bride

Image credits: BartLacerda

#18 When She Puts Her Red Flags Up Immediately

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Ah The Latest And Greatest From Tinder

Image credits: DaytronTheDestroyer

#20 Do You Think His Wife Wrote This?

Image credits: FiveEver5

#21 This Is Tinder, Not Build-A-Bae Workshop

Image credits: asherLdisaster

#22 Just Went On Tinder And Saw This Bio… Well I Am No Cute Girl But Holy, That’s A Very Nice Idea Xd

Image credits: UwUSeraphineMain

#23 The Audacity Of The Unattractive Man Who Wrote This In His Bio

Image credits: Proper-Crazy-8511

#24 I Had Low Expectations For Fb Dating Already, But Damn

Image credits: milk_man16

#25 Does Anyone Fit Into This Girl’s Insane Bio Requirements?

Image credits: rymo50

#26 Dating Site Profile. This Has To Be /S, Right??

Image credits: lumberepi

#27 There’s Only One Point Circled By The Op On Twitter, But There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

Image credits: galactiicpup

#28 I Feel Bad For Whoever Fran Chooses As His Wife

Image credits: Savr2113

#29 She Wants A Disney Prince Apparently

Image credits: Explainer003

#30 This Reads Like A 19th Century Tinder Profile

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 This Douche

Image credits: InfatuatedCoconut314

#32 Oof

Image credits: sorry4thesoup

#33 He Will Not Settle For Anything Less Than Perfection Ladies! Be Warned!

Image credits: jaundicesurvivor69

#34 Found On A Bumble Profile. His Provided Full Body Photo Appeared To Be Him Passed Out Drunk On The Floor

Image credits: deepfriedawkward

#35 Blunt. Feminist. Liberal

Image credits: _easy_

#36 Saw This On Tinder

Image credits: 98bnelson

#37 Mhmmm

Image credits: Ionic3127

#38 I Was Bored And Decided To Use Tinder, Came Across This Delightful Profile. At Least I’m Mildly Entertained Tonight!

Image credits: bluejeanswhiteshoes

#39 Alright Boys I’m Done With Tinder

Image credits: aerostrike22

#40 What A Keeper

Image credits: rgdubb5

#41 Glad I Read The Bio!

Image credits: RogueYet1

#42 This Dude

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#43 So Obviously I Should Have Swiped Right?

Image credits: amusedmusings285

#44 Seems Like A Tinder Beggar

Image credits: noirfurorem

#45 The Good Guy You Need!

Image credits: mouldbag

#46 Just Go Ahead And Put That All Out There

Image credits: MachoManRandyRanch

#47 Is This A Weird Meme, Or Are These Actually People?

Image credits: thedeadpill

#48 God Speaketh Through Her

Image credits: JayVee-AG

#49 Too Much Info?

Image credits: JohnnyBGood10

#50 Do You Think He Ever Wonders Why No One Matches Him?

Image credits: reddahliacosplay

#51 Is This The Longest Sentence On Tinder? P.s. You Must Own A House To Proceed

Image credits: reaganImpression

#52 Uh… Phrasing!

Image credits: cirq21

#53 Found A Real Gem On Tinder

Image credits: MoreThanThis22

#54 I Just Created Bio Based On Inspiration From This Sub. What You Guys Think?

Image credits: Environmental-Ice-23

#55 Nothing Attracts Women More Than A Huge Disclaimer On Your Tinder Profile

Image credits: katebee333

#56 What Do Y’all Think

Image credits: 5_6_2_9

#57 Why Are People Like This

Image credits: JERRYBOIZ

#58 Didn’t Even Have To Match With Him (Tinder)

Image credits: catsnothats

#59 Of All The Movie Quotes To Use

Image credits: VampireChild

#60 Tinderbeggar! Lol

Image credits: DeceasedBaby

#61 Found On Tinder

Image credits: theblackchemical

#62 Found On Tinder, She Sounds Like A Great Catch!

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 International Niceguy With That Tinder Game

Image credits: OptimusOnline

#64 So We Have A Tinder Page At School…

Image credits: wtfmac

#65 You Might Be Surprised! (Spoiler: You Won’t)

Image credits: m3atxx

#66 Tinder With Its Usual Shenanigans

Image credits: AngeryCatto

#67 Found On Tinder

Image credits: theforgottenddplayer

#68 Found This Gem Today. Kind Of Want To Swipe Right Just To See What’ll Happen.

Image credits: cpt_rogers89

#69 Using Tinder To Try And Barter Skilled Labor And Toys In Exchange For Their Practice Domming

Image credits: roswright

#70 Oh Tinder, I Have Not Missed You.

Image credits: Soniq268

#71 Jonathan, The Choosiest Of Tinder Beggers

Image credits: LyanGamer

#72 Browsing My Tinder Likes And Saw This. I Cant Believe I Found My First One.

Image credits: Jiin666

#73 Most Interesting Chemist On Tinder

Image credits: Zombie-Mommy

#74 Found On R/Tinder

Image credits: surfing_programmer

#75 Wondering If This Tinder Bio Has Ever Worked For Him…

Image credits: heimatlosenfriedhof

#76 Tinder Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Image credits: p1esiosaur

#77 Found On Tinder, Says The Truth Right Out Of The Box Lol

Image credits: pandaqueen4799

#78 I’m Not Sure If She Knows What A Hooker Is, But Here We Are

Image credits: spaghettifore

#79 This Girl Wants Almost An Entire Baseball Team Of Kids

Image credits: ClassyCilantro

#80 Reward For Worst Tinder Bio Of The Year Goes To!

Image credits: Lonesome_Boy

#81 Tinder Surgarless Sugar-Daddy Wanted

Image credits: Daveyin-Blade

#82 Maybe Take Care Of Your Kid Instead Of Going On Tinder

Image credits: totalyrespecatbleguy

#83 Hates Tinder – Is On Tinder

Image credits: mcswagstaff

#84 Try Tinder

Image credits: GrenGhost

#85 Um….wow. This Winner Showed Up On My Tinder This Evening…

Image credits: rosierose89

#86 You Have Become The Very Thing You Swore To Destroy

Image credits: reaganImpression

#87 Not Sure If This Is Technically A “Nice Guy,” But Definitely Has The Energy Of One…… Most Times I Hate Tinder

Image credits: naptimeplzz

#88 This 37 Year Old Guy’s Tinder

Image credits: missmauly

#89 Is Tinder Cheating?

Image credits: reddit.com

#90 An Independent Woman

Image credits: niklas_s_b

#91 How I Feel When People Stand Too Closely

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