91 Examples Of People Being Very Entitled And Abusing Venmo

Despite the evidence to the contrary, we still firmly believe that there’s hope for humankind. Though we’re not gonna lie, it temporarily becomes quite hard to believe that when you’re faced with so many stories of mind-boggling entitlement on social media.

To show you what we mean, Bored Panda has scoured the internet for some of the very worst Venmo request stories. From people shamelessly begging for money (just because they’re bored) and asking for refunds for bad dates to miserly family members demanding you pay for staying over, this is just the tip of the iceberg of Truly Awful Behavior.

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Scroll down for a peek into what unfiltered greed looks like, Pandas. Got any similar Venmo or other cash app stories to tell? Drop by the comments to warn everyone else. Meanwhile, as you’re scrolling down, try to remember that the majority of people are kind and decent. At least… we hope.

#1 Stealing From A Guy Who Asked You Out

Image credits: SydneyShyanneS

Personal finance expert and best-selling author Rick Orford kindly shared his perspective on Venmo as a service and gave his opinion about the current state of the economy, as well as how to save money. Read on to see what he told Bored Panda and why it’s not necessarily all financial doom and gloom despite what’s on the news.

“Venmo is a simple, secure, and efficient way to send money to friends. You can use it to split the bill at a restaurant, pay your rent, or even buy a coffee,” the personal finance expert told Bored Panda about the upsides of using an app like that.

“Another reason Venmo is popular is that you can connect it to a debit card or your bank account, and there are no fees for loading up your account or sending money. I’d advise against loading up your Venmo account with a credit card though, as it comes with a 3% fee—and it would be better to use a credit card in this case,” he warned.

There’s “little reason to keep more than cab fare in your wallet” due to the “amount of point-of-sale terminals and the seemingly unlimited array of awards cards (points, merch, cash back, etc.),” Rick said.

#2 Rent

Image credits: ngvyenvlly

#3 Got A Venmo Request From A Friend “Conducting An Experiment” ($1)

Image credits: Chachi404

Meanwhile, the personal finance expert shared his thoughts on the current economic climate, as well as saving money. He noted that the situation, currently, may not be as bad as it’s presented in the news.

“Thanks to inflation and geopolitical issues, stock markets worldwide have taken quite a hit in 2022. And similar to what happened during the COVID-19, the media has latched on to the ‘2022 issues,’ hammering in this idea that a rough time is coming. But so far, the job market is resilient, and people continue to spend,” Rick told Bored Panda.

“That said, the entire picture isn’t so rosy. For example, last week, Target suggested caution regarding 2022 holiday sales, as their customers are looking for ‘the big deals.’ So, in my view, yes, folks are watching their dollars closely, but there’s still no immediate threat to Americans’ bottom lines.”

However, for anyone who is feeling the pressure, Rick shared that there are many ways to save money amid the current economic backdrop.

“Cooking at home, taking a vacation at home rather than abroad, and shopping around are 3 easy ways that anyone can do today to start saving money. But, it doesn’t need to end there. Long-term, sticking to a budget, increasing income, and creating a monthly surplus (and investing it) are tried and tested ways for a secure financial future,” he said.

#4 On A Cabin Trip With Some Friends. I Had Brought My Own Food, But I Guess I Dipped Into That Salsa One Too Many Times

Image credits: ashleyddobson

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#5 I Think I See Why Things Didn’t Work Out

Image credits: mclaineileen

#6 Yes, Gary. I Will Pay You $25 To Pick Up An Item I’m Giving You That You Want For Free

Image credits: starksnarksharks

For those of you Pandas who might not be aware, Venmo is an American mobile payment service. It was founded all the way back in 2009 and has been owned by PayPal since 2012.

In short, the app (and others like it) is meant for peer-to-peer transactions and makes digital payments easy and smooth.

It also makes the hassle of splitting a dinner bill or the cost of going to the cinema among family and friends way easier. You send out a Venmo request for a specific sum and they forward you the money on their phone.

Roughly 70 million people in the US use Venmo. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? 

#7 She Did Pay Because She Worked With The Person And Wanted To Avoid The Drama

Image credits: film_girl

#8 Dodged A Bullet

Image credits: lildovzz

#9 Ex-Boyfriend Trying To Talk To His Ex-Girlfriend Through The Cash App

Image credits: Jackb2204

The issue here is that with the rise of digital payments and transactions, the entire dynamic of how people approach money subtly shifts.

If the entries in this list are anything to go by, people begin viewing money as something more intangible than if e.g. we’d be using cold hard cash or lengthier bank transactions via our computers. Which may lead to some pretty shameless behavior in some cases.

#10 Not Very Nice

Image credits: MollySmithNews

#11 I Wonder How Many Drinks She Got

Image credits: Last_Braincell_Cant

#12 This Is Why I Haven’t Opened The App In A Week

Image credits: TheFrogPrints

For instance, learning about the woman who stole $2,000 from a guy at a bar was appalling.

Meanwhile, seeing how brazen other people are begging for small sums of money just boggles our minds. No matter how much time you spend on social media, you’ll still stumble on something that surprises you. And not always in a good way.

#13 The Girl I’ve Been Flirting With On A Dating App, Suddenly Turned 180° And Tried To Extort Me For Money

Image credits: PlasticRice

#14 Sous-Vide Burgers Are The Worst Part Of This

I think we all paid. It was $7. I’m grateful just to be able to hold this bitterness for years now. Worth it. Really.

Image credits: shanepang

#15 She Did Pay Him

Image credits: threelisabeth

There have always been and will always be entitled people in the world, we’re not naive.

But with the rise of the internet, social media, and smartphones, all of this nasty behavior becomes more and more apparent. It would have been far less noticeable in the past.

#16 It Was A Group 20 Miler. We All Had Assigned Beverage/Snacks To Bring After Finishing. He Was The Only One Who Venmo’d Everyone After

Image credits: hc1059

#17 Her Profile Said “Venmo Me $5”

Image credits: Mulligan0816

#18 CashApp Beggars

Image credits: Hemingwinehouse

On the one hand, seeing all of this can be demotivating, forcing you to consider that the future might not be all that bright if we continue on the current trajectory.

On the other hand, it becomes far easier to call out such entitled behavior—which is exactly what some people are doing.

#19 Beggar Randomly Came Up To Me And Drew A Portrait That Looked Nothing Like Me

Then he goes on to tell me stories. I feel bad for him and I give him $5 on Venmo for his effort. Day later, he refunds that and asks for more.

Image credits: DP3PO

#20 I Sent Her A 50 Dollar Request

Image credits: guerrierojt

#21 Well That’s A Good Reason

Image credits: tay_lortab

Smithers recently published a report where they found that digital currencies are becoming more and more popular in society.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, the use of cash has dropped substantially, from 21% in 2016 to 12% in 2020. Meanwhile, in developing economies, the share of adults making digital payments rose from 35% in 2014 to a whopping 57% in 2021. The world is going digital.

#22 Just Because Of Freedom And Law

Image credits: sighidaa

#23 Someone Kept Counting

Image credits: amyxwang

#24 I Think I’d Call It “Golf Ball Disposal Fee”

Image credits: jhanderson83

Some people are very worried about the world slowly going cashless. Some feel that institutional trust isn’t enough: currencies also need to be backed up by tangible assets.

In the past, that would have been precious metals like gold and silver.

Alas! Times change and more and more people are embracing a fully digital way of life. Which is (arguably) better for transparency and convenience, but it also means that your movements and transactions are far more regulated than some would like. It’s a delicate balance between convenience and independence.

#25 Asking For 200$ Or More From People

Image credits: 1LargeFriePlease

#26 Venmo $20 Or So For A $10 Meal

Image credits: ijacobson216

#27 For An Early Birthday Present

Image credits: chimchimmyy

Meanwhile, when all transactions are logged in a (metaphorical or very real) digital spreadsheet, you might argue that the question of ‘value’ becomes a very important one to raise. How much are your wages and savings really worth if some central bank can inflate the money supply? Do you really own as much as you think you do if you can’t take out all of your savings whenever you want to?

#28 I’m A Landlord. This Is What I Get For Giving My Tenants Money For The Gas

Image credits: bruce656

#29 No Broke Boy Birthday Wishes

Image credits: eddrriley

#30 It’s So Specific. To Think That She Spent Time Itemizing Every Little Cost In Order To Charge Down To The Penny. Mind Boggling

Image credits: lauren_messman

One thing’s for certain, though: digital payments aren’t going the way of the dodo any time soon. So Venmo responsibly and try to avoid becoming entitled like some people! Don’t let money (either its lack or desire for it) distract you from life’s real priorities like family, generosity, travel, and all the other things that your heart yearns for.

#31 When Your Favorite Artist Disappoints

Image credits: lmfaorick

#32 Entitled People

Image credits: reneeadamsdj

#33 Maybe She Should Take Her Out On Her Own Money

Image credits: kemilligan

#34 Take Advantage Of People’s Superstitions

Image credits: Nico_Cassese

#35 It Finally Worked. Every Time I See Girls Put Their Venmo Or Paypal In Their Bios And Say “Send Me $ And See What Happens”, I Always Request Money. I Finally Got One To Bite

Image credits: asBad_asItGets

#36 This One Is From The Florida Of The North. Seen Today In The Wild On A Trip

Image credits: pi-are-round

#37 My Friend Is Charging Everyone In Her Venmo Contacts

Image credits: NordyNed

#38 Oof

Image credits: bren_24

#39 You All Should See The Number Of Women Dropping Their Venmo Codes There, Pathetic

Image credits: ilandedhereyesterday

#40 Jealous Girlfriend Airs Out Relationship Issues Publicly On Venmo

Image credits: metaldrummerx

#41 It Is Fair To Say That Wasn’t A Great Date

Image credits: Belanie_

#42 No Money, Gifts, Or iPhone

Image credits: Sniff_Leck_Ket

#43 They Post Their Venmo Code At Least Once A Week, And From The Amount They Post On Snapchat They Definitely Have Time For A Job

Image credits: toast_2002

#44 Using Your BF As Pity Then Posting A Venmo In The Comments

Image credits: jackjackson123456789

#45 When She Lists Her Venmo In Her Bio

Image credits: Chrise762

#46 I Sent A Friend A Payment On Venmo And Forgot To Set It As Private. Seconds Later I Got Inundated With People Scrounging For Money

Image credits: Hans_Grubert

#47 She Gets The Money And Then Demands More

Image credits: mehtabmahir

#48 That’s An Interesting Way To DM

Image credits: afton_laurel

#49 Give Me Money For My Birthday Or Get Deleted

Image credits: mrblue387

#50 This Isn’t The First Time I’ve Seen Someone Casually Soliciting Venmo/Paypal Payments. Is This A Trend I Don’t Know About?

Image credits: redditorsaretheworst

#51 One Way To Make Money

Image credits: realradel

#52 Venmo

Image credits: alphabravoccharlie

#53 What A Winner

Image credits: Badjib

#54 Friendly Reminder To Request Money From Girls Who Put Their Venmo In Their Bio

Image credits: imjustadudeguy

#55 I Ordered Food On Uber Eats

Realized my tip through Uber eats was going to put me over my daily per diem. Asked for delivery drivers Venmo to tip through there instead. Tipped $10 because he was phenomenal. Later he asks for $6 more.

Image credits: Natalia_626

#56 Thinks He Can Sell Good Luck

Image credits: AppelDylan

#57 So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

Image credits: slinkmon

#58 This Entitled Person

Image credits: blowing_ropes

#59 Am I Wrong Here? (Bio Said Venmo Me)

Image credits: literallyliquid

#60 You Can Request Money On Venmo Too

Image credits: afoundfootagefilm

#61 My Dad Sent Me This Pic Of A Car He Saw Today. Newlyweds Are Now Asking For Money From Strangers Via Venmo And CashApp. This Has To Be Trashy, Right?

Image credits: PristineCow5582

#62 For Good Luck

Image credits: anyguey

#63 So Petty

Image credits: meg_koush

#64 Attempted Birthday Venmo

Image credits: rvanasty

#65 This Has Gone Too Far. To Tip Your FedEx/UPS Drivers

Image credits: Ok_Shelter6614

#66 Things Like This Bugs Me So Much

Image credits: topskee780

#67 Surprised There Wasn’t An Onlyfans Option

Image credits: Lonnification

#68 My Profile Said “I’ll Venmo You A Dollar If You Message First”

Image credits: Savage_Arrow

#69 Using Cash App To Beg Your Ex To Unblock You

Image credits: buckbrown89

#70 Person Mad That People Liked Their Video But Didn’t CashApp Them Money

Image credits: bbylblu00

#71 A Random Stranger Asking For Money On A Year Old Venmo Transaction

Image credits: jewvenchy

#72 Bumper Sticker Trying To Jedi Mind Trick Other Drivers Into Sending Them Money

Image credits: dreemkiller

#73 I Had An Idea. Every Time I See A Girl With A Venmo Or Cash App In Their Bio I’m Going To Request Money To Swipe Right On Them

Image credits: argmartin

#74 Guy Lets His Neighbor Use His Phone To Make A Call. She Decides To Send Herself $59 Using His Cash App

“Now yesterday my neighbor knock on my door asking to use my phone. I let her use it with no problem, while she was using my phone she decided to cashapp $59 to a number she later erase from the call log as if I wasn’t going find out. I had to log into my t-mobile account, found the number she sent it to. She better give me my money now.”

Image credits: Jaydon1

#75 Had A Normal Hang With My Friend Last Night, We Got Food And Put It On One Tab (Mine) To Make It Easier

They got a 4 piece chicken strip basket, cheese curds, mini McFlurry and drink. They texted again, I haven’t even looked i’m so dumbfounded.

Image credits: cat_collector88

#76 For Luck

Image credits: lalamitchell_

#77 Using Facebook Friends To Make Some Money

Image credits: PMmeYourHopes-Dreams

#78 My Friend Hit Me Up For The First Time In A Year On Venmo

Image credits: Rgupta99

#79 When You Have A Petty Roommate

Image credits: BestOfVenmo

#80 An Ex-Coworker Of Mine Reached Out With The Most Inappropriate Request Regarding Another Ex-Coworker’s Terrible Loss

Image credits: naturallyhanna

#81 I Can’t Believe How Entitled Some People Can Be

Image credits: hombredeoso92

#82 CashApp Me For My Dog

Image credits: ahornywolfie

#83 I Get Sharing. I Don’t Get Asking The Person You Kicked Out So You Could Get Someone To Still Share For The Cost Of The Room You Hogged

Image credits: sosomanysarahs

#84 He Should Pay Double

Image credits: courtney_rainey

#85 Money Will Be Well Spent

Image credits: DevinaRodrigue2

#86 This Panhandler Works Remotely

Image credits: dirtypark

#87 Venmo Is Only Private If You Set It To Private

Image credits: Quarentus

#88 Begging For Money Online

Image credits: uhhhnic

#89 Saw This On The Freeway

Image credits: superb_sheep

#90 People Who Venmo Request You After Being Invited Over For Dinner. He Charged Me For The Burger Patties

Image credits: IndecisiveChisel

#91 Seeing Birthday Present Requests On Facebook From People Who Are 30+ In Age. How Do I Send The Birthday Punches? Maybe Through The CashApp?

Image credits: BeardedBrotherJoe

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