92 Times People Went Above And Beyond With Their Christmas Food

The holidays are about many things. Spreading peace and joy, spending lots of time with our loved ones, and arguably the most important thing: eating delicious food. From cookies to cakes to kringles to cheese balls, Christmas is a wonderful time to indulge in all of your favorite festive sweets and scrumptious savory dishes. But we don’t want just any cake or charcuterie board gracing our Christmas tables. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So we should go all out with tree-shaped boards, reindeer-shaped cupcakes, cookies that could pass for snowmen and slices of fruit that look far too adorable to eat.

Down below, we’ve gathered some of the most beautiful and impressive holiday food selections that might inspire you to get a bit more creative with your culinary selection this week. While some of these items are best left for the experts, plenty of them can be recreated by an amateur chef with just a bit of patience and attention to detail.

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Enjoy devouring this delicious list, and be sure to upvote all of the creations you’d like to feast your eyes (and your tummy) upon this weekend. Then let us know in the comments what whimsical, festive treats you plan on whipping up this holiday season! And if you’re interested in finding even more inspiration for your gorgeous Christmas table from Bored Panda, you can find jolly food ideas that Santa himself would approve of right here!

#1 Christmas Mood Cake! Hand-Drawing On The Mirror Glaze

Image credits: XeniyaSaviJones

#2 My Wife’s Chai Coconut Christmas Cake! She Says There’s “No Way The Internet Will Care About This,” But I Think It’s Really Well Done

Image credits: Landon_Punches

#3 Gingerbread House My Dad Made For Christmas

Image credits: OccultDaddy

#4 Home-Made Christmas Cake My Dad Made

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 My Mom Always Makes Christmas Cookies That Are (Almost!) Too Pretty To Eat

Image credits: RonSwansonsChair

#6 My Gingerbread House This Year. I Won First Place At My City’s Festival Of Gingerbread. This House Is Based Off Of An Old Long Gone Detroit House

Image credits: viktor72

#7 My Little Buttercream Christmas Penguin Cake. I Just Think He’s The Cutest

Image credits: therobynsnest

#8 My Wife Made This Beautiful Gingerbread House For Christmas

Image credits: panache123

#9 First Christmas As A Single Dad. I Did My Best And She Enjoyed Herself I Think

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Image credits: tokyo_swan

#10 I Made From Scratch A Gingerbread Semi Truck For A Friend. Though Y’all Would Like It. We Appreciate You! Merry Christmas And Stay Safe

Image credits: sogingerly

#11 A Snowy Winter Landscape Composed In A Cake

Image credits: a.bite.of.heaven

#12 Home-Made Knit Hat Cake For Christmas Eve

Image credits: julianaschuyler

#13 Matcha Cookie Christmas Tree Stacks

I just stack up the matcha shortbread cookies, sprinkle them with powdered sugar, top with an almond, and wrap them up for inexpensive little Christmas gifts. One batch of dough makes 10 Christmas tree stacks.

Image credits: morganeisenberg

#14 Home-Made Reindeer Christmas Cake

Image credits: lordcik

#15 Gluten-Free Christmas Focaccia

Image credits: erin324098

#16 Christmas Tree Snack Board

Image credits: flybyknight665

#17 Home-Made Apple Pie For Christmas

Image credits: SubMiscreant

#18 Home-Made This Year’s Christmas Gingerbread Creation

Image credits: MissTeacherFace

#19 Been Making Cookies For About A Year Now. I’m A Junior In College And Do This On The Side For Fun And Just Started Seriously Selling Them

Here are my 2019 Christmas cookies!

Image credits: dippingsticks991

#20 Christmas Cookies Are The Best Cookies

Image credits: Iusetoomuchtp

#21 Home-Made Christmas Cupcakes

Image credits: xspidermonkey

#22 Cookies I Made For Christmas

Image credits: huyener

#23 First You Chose Dinosaurs, Then You Chose Robots… What Will My Christmas Cookie Theme Be This Year?

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 The Christmas Cookies I Made This Year

Image credits: cateamanda7

#25 Did Some Christmas Baking Over The Weekend

Image credits: Cynerdolly1

#26 Made This Cake For My Sister-In-Law’s Christmas Party Tomorrow

Image credits: fakeforfunsies

#27 I Am A Full-Time Cake Maker (From My Home) And Thought You Guys Might Be As Excited As I Am For My Christmas Selection This Year

Image credits: littleredsquarecakes

#28 Made A Christmas Pizza At Work, And The Boss Actually Approved

Image credits: areyouseriousno

#29 This Past Christmas Was A Blur And Didn’t Feel Christmassy Enough, So I Tried To Evoke The Spirit Of The Season In Cake Form

Chocolate cake with Nutella ganache filling and vanilla buttercream decor.

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 Home-Made Some Candy Cane Sugar Cookies I Made For Christmas Last Night

Image credits: MrDerfenstein

#31 Home-Made Cheese Stuffed Garlic Pull Apart Christmas Tree

Image credits: amaikko

#32 This Bread My Sister Made For Christmas

Image credits: boneapptheteeth21

#33 Pesto Puff Pastry Tree

Image credits: boothys_sw_insta19

#34 Ugly But Cute Sweaters

Image credits: Aggressive-Ordinary6

#35 Home-Made Gingerbread Carousel I Made For Christmas

Image credits: MissTeacherFace

#36 Merry Christmas From Norway – Viking Boat Gingerbread We Made

Image credits: korp8311

#37 Home-Made Christmas Sugar Cookies With Home-Made Buttercream Icing

Image credits: SleepyBear317

#38 Christmas Tree Focaccia

Second time making Samin Nosrat’s Ligurian Focaccia but my first time decorating it. Subbed agave for the honey in the recipe and decorated with flat-leaf parsley, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and a banana pepper star. Very pleased with the result!

Image credits: Herculicia

#39 White Chocolate Christmas Cake

Image credits: ShayCanBake

#40 Christmas Village Cake

Image credits: Thefreiguy

#41 So You Guys Like Gingerbread Structures?

Image credits: dasguud

#42 Home-Made Christmas-Wreath-Inspired Meat And Cheese Board

Image credits: TheCroatianCookie

#43 All About The Details

Image credits: Cyabro

#44 Home-Made Christmas Tree Macarons

Image credits: Gibby5683

#45 My Friend Made The Charcuterie Board For A Christmas Event

Image credits: Alone-For-Fun

#46 Home-Made Royal-Iced Christmas Sugar Cookies

Image credits: denali_lass90

#47 Such A Nice Christmas Twist On One Of My Favorite Fruits

Image credits: ericasweettooth.com

#48 Sicilian Cannoli For Christmas

Image credits: TheThinkerBigger

#49 Home-Made Christmas Charcuterie Board

Image credits: googleeoh

#50 Very Simple Little Cones, Which Will Also Be Fun To Make With The Kids

Image credits: a.bite.of.heaven

#51 I Was At My Local Hispanic Bakery And I Saw This Christmas Tree Made Entirely Of Conchas

Image credits: idkkimkim

#52 Made An Apple Pie For Christmas, Wanted Someone To See It

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 Christmas Cake I Made For A Holiday Baking Competition At My Office

Image credits: DolphinGirlLJ

#54 The Finished Product! 2 And A Half Hours And A Cramped Hand Later! I Think My Idea Of A Christmas Sweater Came Through

Image credits: kwarburton14

#55 My Christmas Trifle

Image credits: plantfoodcatlady

#56 Joy Cookies

Image credits: a.bite.of.heaven

#57 I Thought I’d Post Things I Baked During The Christmas Season

Image credits: daffodilkitty

#58 Linzer Wreath For Christmas With Pistachio, Raspberry, Bourbon, And Vanilla

Image credits: a.bite.of.heaven

#59 My 16-Year-Old Daughter’s First Batch Of Christmas Cookies For The Year! She Wanted To Try Something Different And I Am Obsessed With These

Image credits: SweetHeidiJo

#60 Madeleine Tree. For The 12th Box Of The Advent Calendar

Image credits: marieemilie.marlin

#61 Christmas Baking

Image credits: malusokay

#62 I Made The Cutest Darn Cookies

Image credits: tjsetze

#63 Home-Made Christmas Chocolate Bonbons, Cookies And Cream And Gingerbread And Speculaas

Image credits: Ctrl_Alt_3lite

#64 Home-Made Sweet Potato Christmas Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Image credits: allonsyalonsooo

#65 Tear And Share Christmas Tree Dish

Image credits: donna_tackles_slimmingworld

#66 Raspberry Chantilly Mascarpone Log. A Simple Recipe To Make, Accessible For All, And You Won’t Need A Particular Mold

Image credits: repas_du_quotidien

#67 Tasty Christmas Cake

Image credits: a.bite.of.heaven

#68 Home-Made The United States Of Christmas Cookies

Image credits: hawkypunk

#69 This Year’s Christmas Cookies

Image credits: archdork

#70 Merry Christmas Eve! Red Velvet With Ermine Frosting

Image credits: NinjaPikachuOnMoon

#71 I Made 20,144 Lbs Of Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls For Family And Friends This Christmas

Image credits: ali1510

#72 Is There A Word For A Chocolate Charcuterie-Style Tray? I Made This For My Annual Christmas Party This Evening

Image credits: PoukieBear

#73 Home-Made Christmas Sugar Cookies

Image credits: HeroBrothers

#74 Christmas Tree Charcuterie

Image credits: bcp92

#75 Home-Made Sea Salt Caramels For Christmas

Image credits: Maxmitchell3000

#76 Christmas Cookies Done

Image credits: summerluvver

#77 Home-Made Eggnog Frozen Custard With Christmas Cookie Crumbles

Image credits: thecookingofjoy

#78 My Mom’s Hand-Painted Christmas Cookies

Image credits: AgentAlonzoMosely

#79 Obligatory Christmas Cookies

Image credits: towerfella

#80 My Gingerbread “House” Contribution This Year

Image credits: JustJay80

#81 Wanted To Share My Family’s Take On Christmas. Meet The Shrimp Tree

Image credits: DANK_DOCTOR

#82 My Friend Who Runs A Baking Business Gave Me Hot Chocolate Bombs For Christmas

I’m a social media manager, so I decided to do a little photoshoot for her socials! I think they came out pretty rad.

Image credits: PeetasPants

#83 Home-Made Christmas Cake

Image credits: MykMage1

#84 Maple Glazed Christmas Ham

Image credits: atomicberri

#85 Home-Made Cookies For My Daughter’s Kindergarten Christmas Party

Image credits: GoonieGal1

#86 My Incredible Coworker’s Charcuterie Board For Our Christmas Party

Image credits: brneyedgrrl

#87 Christmas Cookies

Image credits: Jane_Vakarian

#88 Home-Made Christmas Light Cupcakes Or Stranger Things If You Are A Fan

Image credits: Tinylittleperson

#89 Since They Are Always Sold Out, I Decided To Make My Own Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes. Happy Holidays Everyone

Image credits: BrandonsGotCakes

#90 Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes. She Was My Favorite

Image credits: _Jevita

#91 First Day Of Christmas Cookie Baking

Image credits: flightriskrn

#92 Marie Callender Sugar Cookies, Ready To Ruin Christmas

Image credits: mustbethedragon

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