95 Times Pets Almost Gave Their Owner A Heart Attack By How Terrifying They Looked (New Pics)

Pets are known for their ability to fill our lives with sweet and heartwarming moments. With their extraordinary skills to make every day better, they become great companions and help us forget about all the struggles and stress we experience. Sometimes, it’s the way they welcome us when we come back home after a hard day, join us and lay next to us on the sofa while we watch some series, or even when they ask to share our dinner that we can finally eat. All these moments are truly priceless and make us feel loved and peaceful.

There are also other situations when our pets can trigger some strong emotions and not necessarily ones that put us in a calm state of mind. Today, we would like to share with you an interesting collection of images that were shared by pet owners online. All of them have something in common – they feature sweet pets but are captured in a very specific way. The statement “cute pets” doesn’t apply here unless we put it together with “got possessed”. Scroll down to see the funniest photos of dogs, cats, and others, captured in the most frightening moments.

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#1 Cat Got Into A Bowl Of Flour

Image credits: _fly-on-the-wall_

#2 Mentioned We Were Out Of Treats On My Way Out Of The Room. Came Back To This

Image credits: JennDG

#3 I Present The Most Terrifying Image In My Camera Roll

Image credits: pixelandsophie

We reached out to Alyson Kalhagen, the owner of the amazing cat duo – Pixel and Sophie. The reason we contacted her is our post also features hilarious images of Pixel watching Alyson from the top of the shower. Can you guess which one we are talking about? In case you’re struggling, you can click here to see it! We wanted Alyson to describe the first time she noticed her cat doing this, and her initial reaction. Kalhagen shared with us: “The first time I saw Pixel climb to the top of the shower honestly scared me because I was afraid he was going to fall, but I was kind of stuck doing my business and wasn’t really able to jump up and grab him. After I saw him doing it a few times I became more confident that he knew what he was doing, so now it doesn’t worry me as much.”

#4 Switch From Cute To Evil

Image credits: EnvySugarCover

#5 I Saw This On My Way To Bed. Why Do My Cats Do This To Me

Image credits: CaptainEdibles

#6 Time For A Nap. Scared Me For A Moment

Image credits: emcasi

Funny pet moments often create lasting memories. We were wondering if Alyson can recall any other instances where Pixel has startled or scared her in amusing ways. The cat’s owner told us: “People always assume that it would be scary to see Pixel in the middle of the night, but when he startles me it is usually because he decides to scream at me for no reason. He is quite vocal when he wants to be and sometimes he will just come running out of nowhere to have a very loud chat.”

#7 My Cat Matt

Image credits: Tnasty006006

#8 Cat Tried To Give Me A Heart Attack

Image credits: Novel_Syllabub1091

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#9 I Knew Cats Could Defy Gravity. I Didn’t Know They Could Do So In Such A Terrifying Eye-Laser-Equipped Ways

Image credits: qwer1627

Asked if Pixel has any other entertaining habits or antics that bring joy to the owner’s daily life, Alyson mentioned: “When Pixel was about a year old, I noticed that he had a tendency to show his teeth at things he wanted to catch, usually toys that were shiny or had a bell or shaker. After a while, I figured out how to use certain items that pique his interest to encourage him to “smile” for the camera, which has led to endless hilarity in creating photos and videos. He is just the most incredible creature I’ve ever been privileged enough to know, and I will never understand how I got this lucky.”

#10 He’s Been Sitting Like This For 15 Minutes. It’s Starting To Scare Me

Image credits: zarkvark

#11 A Pet Crow Holding A Knife In His Mouth

Image credits: SydneyRoo

#12 Mom Turned Her iPhone Light On To See To Go To The Bathroom, And I Took The Opportunity To Freak Her Out When She Came Back. Boo

Image credits: peachesandnellie

Lastly, we were curious how Kalhagen would describe Pixel’s temperament and if she could tell us more about some of the things that he enjoys doing. Alyson said: “Pixel is really energetic, on the go, and likes to have all my attention 100% of the time. He has spent most of his life in front of the camera at this point, so he really enjoys the attention that he gets when we are playing dress-up and making videos. I’ve even got a video of him bringing me his sunglasses so we can dress up and play! We’ve been able to start using the content we create to raise money for my favorite cat rescue, and later this year we plan to produce content in support of various other nonprofits as well. Pixel seems to really have a knack for fundraising, and I feel like this is what we are supposed to be doing with all this.”

#13 This Is Gar. Gar Likes To Aggressively Watch Me Pee

Image credits: discoheaven97

#14 This Really Messed With My Head For A Few Minutes Before I Realized

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 Those Are All Cat Eyes

Image credits: PoetsSquareCats

#16 This Is When I Realized My Cat Was… Different

Image credits: tacoconnoisseur1

#17 My Dog Holding A Pinecone

Image credits: ArktickWolfie

#18 Why Even Own A Hairless Cat?

Image credits: Panuccis_Pizza

#19 My Cats Are Haunted

Image credits: BlackSheep717

#20 My Dog Holds This Look For About 5 Minutes If You Don’t Rub His Belly

Image credits: loona_lovebad

#21 Fork Thief

Image credits: sweet3pea1588

#22 My Friend’s Cat, Winston. Either He’s Seeing Beyond The Veil, Or He Just Found Your Late-Night Internet Search History

Image credits: ephemeralbiscuit

#23 Took A Picture Of A My Dog Yawning With The Flash On

Image credits: bulgariandoll

#24 A Sleeping Cat

#25 My Roommate’s Cat Was Being Cute In The Middle Of The Night So I Took A Picture With Flash And Saw This

Image credits: elliotgranath

#26 Cat Looks Like He’s Researching How To Commit Homicide

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 This Little Jerk Scared The Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: mavienoire

#28 Last Thing You See If You Forgot To Fill The Food Bowl

Image credits: Gordon_Freeman_TJ

#29 How To Stop My Keyboard From Lighting Up When My Cat Steps On It At Night?

Image credits: Clara_Clayton

#30 Scared The Bejesus Outta Me

Image credits: Sphuny

#31 There’s A Monster Under My Bed

Image credits: bokononpreist

#32 Stanley The Dog

Image credits: Energylegs23

#33 I Think My House Might Be Possessed By A Demon

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 I Almost Got A Heart Attack When I Heard Meowing Above Me

Image credits: Oskarpohto1

#35 I Think My Mom’s Cat Might Need An Exorcism

Image credits: yourzebrasready

#36 She Stayed Like This For Solid 10 Minutes Just Staring At Me

Image credits: Ellielovesfoxes

#37 My Cat Suddenly Looked At The Security Camera

Image credits: Cattardis

#38 I’m Scared

Image credits: kokosnootkrab

#39 Blue Likes To Hide Under The Couch And Pop Out To Scare Me

Image credits: bluehasinsta

#40 I Looked Down And Saw Her Staring At Me From Under The Rug. It Scared Me Until I Realized It Was Her

Image credits: Leila_Koch

#41 Just Trying To Take A Peaceful Pee. But Now I’m Terrified

Image credits: cleofknpatra

#42 This Is Stanley, Instead Of Telling Me He Needs To Wee He Plays Deceased For Attention And Then Gets Up Once I Walk Back Over

Image credits: Nellewilsox

#43 Sometimes When He’s Dreaming Really Hard His Eyelids Open A Tiny Bit And He Looks Like A Demon Dog

Image credits: zombioptic

#44 Our Demon

Image credits: infinitytomorrow

#45 Rictus Grin

Image credits: bladpaul

#46 This Toy Makes My Dog Look Scary

Image credits: Daminite

#47 Goose Has The Ability To Scare The Hell Out Of Us. Should’ve Called Him Johnny

Image credits: YourNameWisely

#48 He Shadowmelds Near Open Windows At Night, Hoping To Give Me A Heart Attack

Image credits: Granet

#49 Every Year On Christmas My Sister’s Dog Greets Me With This Cute/Terrifying Grin

Image credits: DField118

#50 Sat Up In Bed And

Image credits: buttni

#51 My Cats At The Top Of The Steps

Image credits: CloveyBunn

#52 Demon Time

Image credits: Electrical_Hornet459

#53 He Scared The Hell Out Of Me When I Went Into My Closet Tonight

Image credits: mairghread_

#54 My Little Demon

Image credits: obamaweeb

#55 Honestly, The Way She Sleeps Scares Me Sometimes

Image credits: sakurachanxxx

#56 She Scares Us When She Decides To Nap Like This

Image credits: DNA_is_life

#57 Her Afternoon Nap Face Scares Me

Image credits: numnumyummy

#58 My Friend’s Dog Woke Her Up, And She Saw This

Image credits: Frozen_Regret

#59 Oh You Think You’re A Spooky Cat

Image credits: Kyoshi_love

#60 Our Dog As He Patiently Waits In The Hall For My Partner To Finish Using The Restroom

Image credits: atomicpoo

#61 Not Sure If This Is Cute Or Creepy

Image credits: alepermessiah

#62 Dog Loves To Stare Into My Basement Office And Scare The Hell​ Out Of Me When I Look Up

Image credits: patchoulius

#63 I Look Behind Me And This Is What I See. She Scares The Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: Bright-Put-4128

#64 This Morning I Woke Up To This. I’m Scared

Image credits: DonnyToAshes

#65 I Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night To Go To Pee And Saw My Dog Being Very Creepy

Image credits: pkopo1

#66 I Came Home Late At Night And Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image credits: GiannisDS

#67 I Nearly Had A Heart Attack When I Saw My Cat At The Window

Image credits: amylsx

#68 Ollie Occasionally Brings Me Presents From Outside. Today, She Brought This. I’m Slightly Terrified

Image credits: theangryllama18

#69 This Sneaky Bastard Scared The Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: jcpennygex

#70 I Heard A Thump At The Window Through My Headphones, Turned On My Phone’s Flashlight To See This

Image credits: Sillyvanya

#71 When You Get The Feeling You’re Being Watched

Image credits: mowithak

#72 I Woke Up Feeling Watched And Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image credits: lhamazenaide

#73 I Learned My Cat Yawns With His Eyes Open Today

Image credits: tu_rtle

#74 “I Ate His Liver With Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti”

I was playing my normal game of “catch me if you can” with my mom’s hair clip, and she said I looked like the creepy Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Image credits: theta.may

#75 Thor Is Either Getting Ready To Sneeze Or Is Thinking Devious Thoughts

Image credits: AndreaCrazyCatLady

#76 My Foster Has A New Habit Of Climbing Things… Especially In The Dark In Hopes Of Giving Me A Heart Attack

Image credits: WigglyButtNugget

#77 He’s Just Sitting Like This Staring At Me. I’m Scared

Image credits: dragon2777

#78 Tried To Take A Picture Of My Dog While He Was Sleeping. He Woke Up

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 My Dog Sleeps With His Eyes Open, It’s Not Scary At All

Image credits: er3465

#80 Not Frightening At All

Image credits: Texas_OT

#81 Void Goblin Scrunge

Image credits: Mycatissnootsy

#82 Rosy Scares Me Sometimes But I Love Her

Image credits: ice_here_n_there

#83 I Thought She Was Gone – Said Her Name So Loud She Spooked And Started Barking Which, In Turn, Scared Me And Made Me Bark, I Mean Scream

Image credits: Raeboni

#84 Snapped A Picture Of My Cat The Other Day

Image credits: andgonzalez123

#85 Scary Scrunge

Image credits: KimBruleeOF

#86 He Was An Abnormally Creepy Puppy. One Year Later, Barney Looks Possessed

Image credits: p01s0nivy95

#87 I “Felt” Someone Looking At Me. I Turned Around And Saw My Good Boy Having His Creepy Moment

Image credits: janalovesdogs

#88 She’s Possessed

Image credits: LeSuspence

#89 Scary-Looking Cat

Image credits: Gengar4life

#90 I Caught Him Mid-Yawning. Very Scary

Image credits: -LoremIpsumDolorSit

#91 My Cat Was Flying While Possessed

Image credits: imma_off_myself

#92 My Cat Has Adorably Frightening Yawns

Image credits: mmmmsacrilicious

#93 So This Is The Most Terrifying Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me

Image credits: rubber_necker

#94 Scared Of My Little Dude

Image credits: Many-Ad-561

#95 Demon Scrunge

Image credits: aercvz

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