98 People Before And After Cutting Off Their Long Hair To Donate It (New Pics)

There are unsung heroes out there who are willing to donate their hair to adults and children going through cancer treatment out of the goodness of their hearts. These folks part ways with their hair, then it is processed and made into real hair wigs for people who have lost their own.

Fortunately, through the magic of the internet, these heroes can get at least a moment in the spotlight, as many show before and after pics, which we have gathered here. Get comfortable, upvote your favorites, and comment your thoughts below. We also got in touch with the Little Princess Trust to learn more about donating.

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More info: Littleprincesses.org.uk

#1 I Shaved My Head For Charity. I Shall Now Proceed To Run My Hands Over My Scalp Constantly Because I Like The New Texture

Image credits: argonautory

#2 After Growing My Hair Out For Nearly 3 Years, I Finally Decided To Cut And Donate It

Image credits: GoofyGooberBoi

#3 This Young Man Did A Very Brave Thing Today. He Donated His Hair

Image credits: hairstylesbysheri

Bored Panda got in touch with the Little Princess Trust to learn more about what they do and what people can do to donate. First and foremost, we wanted to know more about their activities. 

“The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair to cancer treatment or to other conditions like Alopecia. Thanks to its supporters who not only donate their hair but also fundraise, The Little Princess Trust provides around 2,000 real hair wigs every year to children and young people up to the age of 24. It was set up in 2005 in memory of Hannah Tarplee. A year earlier, she had been diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor and the loss of her hair was especially traumatic.”

#4 Owen’s Hair Has Been A Trademark Of His For Over Six Years. His Family Referred To It As His “Lion’s Mane”. He Decided He Wanted To Cut It Short And Donate All 18 Inches

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#5 After 61 Months, It Was Time For The Big Chop. 30 Inches Of Hair Is Going Towards Children With Hair Loss

Image credits: Zealousideal_Code535

#6 Just Donated My Hair

Image credits: thehaircutpage

“Her parents felt the most fitting tribute to the five-year-old would be a charity dedicated to providing wigs to children who had lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions. The Little Princess Trust was born, and the charity has now provided wigs to more than 15,000 young people of all genders. The charity is also one of the largest charity funders of childhood cancer research in the UK.”

#7 Before And After I Donated My Hair

Image credits: vurvesalon

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#8 My Daughter Donated Her Hair Today

Image credits: CookieDeville

#9 After Almost 6 Years Of Growing My Hair Out, It Was Finally Time For The Big Chop. Donated, Might As Well Help Someone Out Who Needs It More Than Me

Image credits: Space_Velvet

There are people who wonder why resources are spent on making wigs, ostensibly aesthetic items, so we wanted to hear actual experts’ opinions on the matter. “We know from speaking to the young people who receive our wigs the difference the real-hair wigs make at what can be a really distressing and challenging time.”

#10 Anghelo And Takuma Are Friends And Students At The University Of Florida. The Pair Decided To Donate Their Hair Together For A Good Cause

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#11 The Amazing, Smart, And Selfless Makayla Donated Her Hair To The “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#12 Last Year, When Reese Discovered That Her Nana Was Dealing With Alopecia, She Made A Heartfelt Decision. She Would Donate Her Hair In Her Nana’s Honor

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

“The wigs help to give a little sense of normality to a child when so much else is changing and they can also help to restore a young person’s confidence and identity. The words below are from three of the young people who have received a wig from The Little Princess Trust:”

“My biggest fear when I found out about having cancer was losing my hair and what I was going to look like. Having this wig gave me my confidence back and has made me feel like me again.”

#13 She Had Her Very First Haircut And Was Able To Donate Fourteen Inches Of Her Hair To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#14 Meet 10-Year-Old Zach. He Has Trouble Making Friends In School, So He Thought He’d Do Something Nice To Help Other Kids Feel Confident

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#15 I Donated My Hair Today After Growing It Out For 2 Years

Image credits: LauraRawr

“Losing your hair can be quite intimidating and signals that everything in your life has changed. So getting a wig fitted and styled helps to bring back some sort of normality and boosts your self-esteem.”

“Before I had a wig, I was a completely insecure and different person. But after receiving the wig from The Little Princess Trust everything has changed.”

From these testimonials, it’s pretty clear that a wig is more than just an accessory.

#16 Hair Donation

Image credits: miahaircut22

#17 I Was Inspired To Donate My Locks And Raise Money For Charity. I’ve Lost 12 Inches But Raised Over 3k For St. Jude. Keep The Good Vibes Going And Keep The Manes Flowing

Image credits: RyanIsSmall

#18 Avrey’s Second Time Donating Her Hair For A Better Cause

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

We also wanted to know how people could help right now. “There are many ways that people can support the work of The Little Princess Trust. The most common way is for people to donate their long hair to us and ask friends and family to sponsor their big cut. That way they not only support us by sending hair but also help with the cost of making, fitting, and styling wigs.”

#19 Alex’s Hair, Which Has Become A Part Of His Identity Over The Years, Will Now Embark On A New Purpose – To Bring Confidence And Happiness To Another Child

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#20 He Grows His Hair Out Every Three Years To Donate And Wants To Share It With People Who Can Benefit From It

He is a pediatric physical therapist and works with a wide variety of patients. A lot of them have had to shave their hair due to surgeries.

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#21 This 93-Year-Old Grandmother Donated Her Precious Hair To The Cancer Patient

Image credits: Beatvn

“We encourage all supporters to try to donate a minimum of 12 inches of hair to help us meet the demand for our popular longer wigs – and hair must be dry when it is cut. Many people set a target of £700 as that is the average cost of providing a wig to a child or young person with hair loss,” they shared with Bored Panda. 

#22 After 9 Years, I’ve Decided To Finally Cut My Hair, And Donate 16 Inches Of It

Image credits: Jelly-Ruiz

#23 We’re Thrilled To Welcome Sweet Stella And Her Momma To The “Wigs For Kids” Family. Thank You For Your Beautiful Donation

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#24 Meet Five-Year-Old Aliya. She Wanted To Donate Her Hair On Her Birthday And Donated Almost 21 Inches. Thank You So Much For Your Selfless Act, Aliya

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

“We understand that there are lots of people who cannot donate their hair – or would prefer not to – and there are many supporters who help us in other ways by taking part in sporting events or holding parties to fundraise for our charity. Anyone wanting to request a free wig can do so by emailing [email protected] or calling 01432 760060. Meanwhile, those wanting to support our charity can visit www.littleprincesses.org.uk and request a free fundraising pack.”

#25 Nikhilesh Thota Is One Of Our Most Recent “Wigs For Kids” Donors

Nikhilesh says, “I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my hair. Growing up, teachers used to tell me I needed to comb my hair, and the other kids would say it looked like a bird’s nest. This created a lot of insecurity about my hair, so I started straightening it in high school to try and fit in with everyone else. One day, I didn’t straighten my hair, and a girl told me my hair looked beautiful. Long hair has given me so much confidence and helped me care less about other people’s opinions. Although I’m nervous about losing this part of my identity that has grown with my hair, I think I’m ready to experience something new. These locks have empowered me in so many ways, and I’m glad they will continue to make a difference, empowering kids that have lost their hair to help them look like the rockstars they truly are.”

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#26 Trevor Did An Amazing Thing Today And Donated His Hair For Kids. Thank You, Trevor

Image credits: hairstylesbysheri

#27 I Had A Baby And Couldn’t Be Bothered Dealing With All That Hair. So 14 Inches Got Donated

Image credits: MyCatisATimeLord

#28 Considering Cutting Your Hair Short. Use This Picture Perfect Hair Donation As An Example. Heather Decided To Donate 18 Inches Of Her Long Hair To The “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: thehaircutpage

#29 I Just Donated My Hair

I had my personal “great cut” today. After 4-5 years of growing, I donated my hair. Let’s go for another round!

Image credits: Flohky_

#30 After 2 Years Of Growing His Hair, My Son Christian Has Reached His Goal Of Donating Over 10 Inches In 4 Ponytails

Image credits: Deeanna Thomas

#31 I Donated My Hair To The “Wigs For Kids” After Growing It For Four Years

Image credits: PrometheusPhunk

#32 Shane Has Been Growing Out His Hair For Over Four Years With The Intention To Donate It To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#33 I Donated Some Curls Today. I’m Feeling Chic

Image credits: merlefindhammer

#34 I’ve Cut And Donated 10 Inches Of My Curls. Loving The Results

Image credits: emmattack

#35 She Donated 21 Inches Of Her Hair To “Wigs For Kids”. Why? Encouragement From Her Mother, The Desire To Help Children Feel Confident

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#36 This Is Sweet 6-Year-Old, Katie Jo. She Donated 17 Inches Of Her Hair In Honor Of Her Aunt

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#37 Yesterday, I Cut Off 27 Inches Of Hair To Donate To Children With Cancer

Image credits: -Solarsoul-

#38 Anabelle Expressed Her Desire To Donate Her Long Hair To “Wigs For Kids”. Just Like Her Incredible Big Sister, Sam, Did In The Past

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#39 I Shaved My Head And Raised $1300 For Charity. Looking Forward To Experimenting With Styles As It Grows Out

Image credits: missaira

#40 Donated 9 Inches Of My Hair Today. I’ve Known I’d Have To Cut My Hair For Work For A Few Months Now, But That Didn’t Stop My Eyes From Welling Up A Little While They Did It

Image credits: wolfman8dice

#41 Today Was An Emotional Day, And I Couldn’t Stop Smiling. My Son Has Been Growing His Hair For 4 Years And Donated 12 Inches To The “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: Chevy_Bowtie

#42 Before And After, I Donated My Hair To The “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: skyactive

#43 Today I Donated My Hair

Image credits: Lauren

#44 Before vs. After Cutting And Donating

Image credits: thehaircutpage

#45 My Third Donation. 18 Inches This Time

Image credits: daN0m4d

#46 Meet 6-Year-Old Emily. She Donated Her Hair To “Wigs For Kids” Because She Wanted To Give Someone Else Beautiful Hair And Put A Smile On Their Face

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#47 Meet Barbara. She’s Been Growing Her Hair Out For Five Years And Says, “If My Hair Will Help A Child Feel Better About Themselves, Then That Makes Me Happy”

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#48 Welcome To The “Wigs For Kids” Family, Jay. We Are So Grateful For Your Generous Heart And Your Beautiful Donation

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#49 Four “Locks Of Love” Donations In One Haircut

Image credits: ladyloowho

#50 Before vs. After I Chopped Off My Hair To Donate It

Image credits: newhoc

#51 My Daughters Just Donated Their Hair. 9″ From My 3-Year-Old For “Pantene” And 14″ From My 6-Year-Old For “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: travellerswife

#52 After 3+ Years Of Growing Out My Hair I’ve Finally Took The Plunge. Now I Just Need To Find The Best Organization To Donate To

Image credits: xsharklegx

#53 I Decided To Chop The Flow For Charity. It’s A Big Change But Feels Good

Image credits: PartyMyHouseBeThere

#54 Meet 11-Year-Old Charlotte. She’s Been Growing Out Her Hair For 3 Years. After Her Mother Explained Why Some Children Lose Theirs, She Immediately Wanted To Help Them

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#55 I Cut Off A Total Of 16 Inches And Will Be Donating 4 Ponytails To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: emnemz

#56 Before And After, I Donated 12 Inches Of Hair

Image credits: AOkkiutmoura

#57 After 3 Years, Our Son Decided It Was Time To Donate His Hair. Before vs. After

Image credits: CQfrostingfingers

#58 19 Inches. What A Transformation. 3 Years Of Growth. Donated To “Wigs For Kids”

Vince was inspired to grow out his hair because our niece had alopecia. The time he grew his hair, her hair started growing again. So we are hoping his donation will help another sweet child in need.

Image credits: thegoldenhomestead

#59 2lbs Donated To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: BoyYinn

#60 Just Donated My Hair

I just donated my hair to “Wigs For Kids”. I do it every 4-years cause I was a patient who had a procedure to remove a tumor in my brain when I was very young. I was lucky enough not to go through the chemo treatment,  but it still took a long time to recover.


If anyone here reads this, it would be kind to donate something like money, plasma, blood marrow, hair, or even just a little bit of your time to spend with those who don’t have the privilege to even step out of the hospital so they know they’re not alone. This would be a kind gesture.

Image credits: thefriendlychef1991

#61 “Wigs For Kids” Hair Donation

Image credits: kmhairsystems

#62 Patrick Had The Patience For 3 Years To Grow His Hair And Donate For A Great Cause

Image credits: capello_salon

#63 I Donated All My Hair To “Locks Of Love”. I Don’t Think It Turned Out Too Bad

Image credits: eldinnire

#64 My Son Donated His Hair To The “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: Wittyfem

#65 Today My Son Donated His Hair To The “Little Princess Trust”

Image credits: GregDraven

#66 I Promised My Daughter I’d Donate My Hair With Her. It Took Two Years, But It Was Worth It

Image credits: Ikniow

#67 Decided To Donate My Curls After 3 Years Of Growth

I started growing out my hair at the start of the pandemic. I was able to avoid catching COVID for 3-years, only to get it about a month ago. Felt like it was time to get it cut. I work for an organization that hosts 5k each year to support a local family in need. To help raise money for the little boy we are running for, I challenged my employees to donate money to the 5k. For every dollar that they donated, they could vote for a hairstyle. At the end of the voting period, whichever hairstyle had raised the most money would be how I cut my hair. Bald pulled ahead and won by a landslide.


I cut off 14 inches of curls yesterday and donated them to “Wigs For Kids”. I will miss my curls, but hopefully, I’ll be able to help someone else have their own head full of curls.

Image credits: thwartted

#68 I Cut Off 19 Inches And Donated It To “Wigs For Kids”. I’m Loving My Short Hair Now, And I Hope Someone Else Enjoys My Long Hair

Image credits: Braided23

#69 Before And After. I Donated 14 Inches To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: Flowgdan

#70 Fifth Time Donating My Hair. I Did 11 Inches This Time

Image credits: emdelgrosso

#71 I Said Goodbye To My Hip-Length Hair Because It Was A Struggle. I Donated It. Maybe I Should Start All Over Again?

Image credits: bumpinpumpkin468

#72 Yesterday Was Donation Day. This Has Been My Cycle For 20 Years Now. Grow Long Enough To Give To Kids With Cancer And Start Over

Image credits: ilikeicecream17

#73 I’m Restarting My Hair Growth After Donation

Image credits: SHIFTed-1

#74 I Chopped Off And Donated Nearly All My Hair

Image credits: Shirley B. Wang

#75 I Donated 20 Inches Of My Hair After Almost 4 Years Of Growth

Image credits: meesterpeekles

#76 My Husband Doesn’t Know Yet That I’ve Cut Off My Hair For Donation. What Do You Think?

Image credits: Aurora_96

#77 I’m So Proud Of My Little Girl. She Chose To Donate Her Rapunzel Hair To A Little Girl Who Needs It

Image credits: namhob

#78 I’m A Proud Daddy Today. My Little Girl Donated 8.5 Inches Of Her Beautiful Red Hair To Charity

Image credits: GoshDarnMamaHubbard

#79 Today I Decided To Cut And Donate My Hair. Hopefully, I Can Make Someone Really Happy With It. Just The Thought Puts A Smile On My Face

Image credits: Femmus

#80 I’ve Made A Much-Needed Change By Chopping Off My Hair Today. I Was Able To Donate To Make Wigs For Kids In Need

Image credits: pinkettalatte

#81 Cutting My Hair Never Felt More Meaningful. Donated To The “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: bryanldanielson

#82 I Went Bald And Donated My Luscious Locks

Image credits: mrclover60869

#83 17 Inches Looking For Trustworthy Place To Donate

Image credits: No-Owl-9146

#84 My Daughter And I Cut Our Hair Today. We’re Donating 16 And 18 Inches Of Hair. It’s Our First Time Donating Hair And Our First Time With Short Hair

Image credits: wigs.for.kids

#85 My 10-Year-Old Sister Let Me Chop Off 14 Inches Of Her Hair To Donate To “Wigs For Kids”

Image credits: longhairidontcare

#86 After Almost 4 Years, I Donated My Hair. How Do You Like My New Cut?

Image credits: stuiees

#87 I Cut Off 21 Inches And I’m Going To Donate It All

Image credits: Sallea101

#88 I Donated 12 Inches Today

Image credits: xxLilStompy

#89 My 5-Year-Old Daughter’s First Hair Donation. We’re Sending The Locks To Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Program

Image credits: queen_mcgina

#90 I Donated My Hair For Cancer Patients

Image credits: Avinash Rajendran

#91 I Donated My Hair To “Locks Of Love” Yesterday

Image credits: Chase Clymer

#92 She Wanted To Donate All Her Hair For Good Cause. We Shaved Off All Her Hair And Made Sure To Donate It All

Image credits: cuts4cause

#93 I Donated My Flow To Charity. If You’re Ever Considering Chopping Your Hair, Please Donate If You’re Able

Image credits: gaedikus

#94 18″ Of Hair Cut Off And 14″ Are Going To Charity

Image credits: CharlotteBee

#95 Giving Is Not About Making A Donation. It’s About Making A Difference

Image credits: luana.cauchi

#96 I’ve Been Growing My Hair Out Since January Of 2018, And This Week I Finally Chopped It All Off And Donated It

Image credits: ComebackKidGorgeous

#97 Check Out This Before, During, And After Of A “Wigs For Kids” Donation. 12+ Inches Of Hair Bound, Cut, And Mailed

Image credits: amber_at_greatclips

#98 The Big Change For A Good Cause

Image credits: mochi__hair

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