98 Questionable Tattoo Designs People Willingly Chose To Get

Welcome to a fascinating journey through the world of questionable tattoos! Body art has been a beloved form of self-expression for centuries, allowing people to wear their hearts on their sleeves – quite literally. While many tattoos are a testament to creativity and meaningful stories, some ink choices end up being quite strange.

For this article, we’ve compiled a collection of some of the most bizarre tattoos ever inked onto human skin. From astonishing works to designs that seem to have come straight from a crazy dream, these tattoos might make you raise an eyebrow or two. It’s important to note that we do not aim to ridicule but rather to find amusement in the quirky and sometimes questionable decisions that people make when choosing their ink.

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Scroll down to celebrate the beauty of body art and find humor in these unique ink creations. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

#1 Just Why Would You Want This On Your Body, Forever

Image credits: AlPafredo

#2 M&Minem

Image credits: GOloGOlo7

#3 One Night In Budapest

Image credits: beermoney71

#4 Unsettling “Shronkey” Tattoo

Image credits: exaggeratedsarcasm

#5 Biggest Regret

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 Why Would You Get This Tattooed On You?

Image credits: RossNub

#7 You Guessed It

Image credits: ActionHousevh

#8 Snake’s Skin Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 Protect Your Neck

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Image credits: PandaCompanion

#10 Toad And Yoshi Making Out

Image credits: funnylittlecharacter

#11 Yes, Someone Actually Got This

Image credits: watzit_t00ya

#12 McDonald’s Receipt… Tattoo?

Image credits: ShamiVideos

#13 Armful Taste

Image credits: Lysergsaurdiatylamid

#14 Thumbs Up

Image credits: fyflate89

#15 Jason From The “Friday The 13th”

Image credits: vrphotosguy55

#16 Jasmine Spitting On Aladdin

Image credits: avihoo_tattoo

#17 Why Would You Pay Someone For This?

Image credits: mvhae

#18 After 10 Long Hours, Sailor Devito Was Born

Image credits: jamennoodle

#19 Finger Gun

Image credits: ittybittytittykitty

#20 The Tattoo On The Back Of This Head Is Way Creepier

Image credits: jfailing

#21 Not Sure Why You’d Want These As Tattoos

Image credits: robinhoood666

#22 Bald People’s Tattoos Be Like

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#23 Posted To A Local Tattoo Shop’s Facebook Page. Pretty Sure That’s A Lower Back, By The Way

Image credits: ystinfection

#24 Got My Leg Tattooed

Image credits: john_sharkey

#25 This Bro Shake Tattoo

Image credits: heIvetica

#26 Why? Just Why?

Image credits: ChaoxiangAoi

#27 Braid

Image credits: OwnScientist6395

#28 This Might Be The Best/Worst Tattoo I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: mofield1101

#29 Had To Post This Absolute Beauty I Spotted On Holiday

Image credits: homo-heisenbergensis

#30 I Hope This Guy Is Doing Ok

Image credits: vrphotosguy55

#31 “All About That Mayonnaise Life”

Image credits: Ulluxyll

#32 Pretty Sure These Bruise Tattoos Belong Here

Image credits: MikkiD4311

#33 Felt Like This Belonged Here

Image credits: Far-Matter4792

#34 An Impulsive Decision At 18 Years Old While Traveling In Copenhagen. I’ve Gotten It Lasered 5 Times

Image credits: lacabracita

#35 The Kid I Went To High School With Was Actually “Trying” To Get A Tattoo He Would Regret. I Think It’s Safe To Say He Did Just That

Image credits: Maburlyne

#36 Found This Gem While Researching Tattoo Artists In My Area

Image credits: elainaka

#37 Don’t Have A Cow, Man. Or Have One… Permanently Across Your Whole Torso

Image credits: AloofAltruist

#38 Not Sure If Incredible Or Terrible

Image credits: ShowMePuppers

#39 A Healthy Relationship

Image credits: Raccoon_king17

#40 I Thought The Point Was He Did Tap Out, For Our Sins

Image credits: ohmonticore

#41 My Friend’s Tattoo. When Asked “What Does That Mean?” He Replies, “I Don’t Know, I Don’t Speak Chinese.” That Is Literally What It Means

Image credits: chojurou

#42 Here’s A Tattoo

Image credits: MyFaceSaysItsSugar

#43 Tried To Camouflage A Birthmark

Image credits: SchwierigerHase

#44 My Tattoo

Image credits: crystalxholic6

#45 My Brother’s Friend Went To A “Tattoo Party” And Got This Texas Tattoo

Image credits: pipinngreppin

#46 Spotted This On Facebook

Image credits: zoyaa5

#47 Kick Me Sign

Image credits: DasHarris

#48 Being A Tattoo Artist Is So Funny. Like One Day I’m Tattooing A Memorial Piece And Then The Next Day It’s This

Image credits: sp000kysam

#49 Unique Design

Image credits: capital.t.tattoo

#50 So This Eagle-Headed Clown Tried To Hit On My Friend. She Asked If He Had Tattoos

Image credits: thatjamesguy0

#51 Why

Image credits: intotheocean5

#52 Cosmetic Scar

Image credits: broken.teeth.tattoos

#53 Matching Terrible Divorce Tattoos

Image credits: TinderSubThrowAway

#54 A Dachshundasaur

Image credits: clutchguy84

#55 Hand-Poked Black Gums

Image credits: puppywater

#56 That Tattoo

Image credits: TangerinePuzzled

#57 This Crossover Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 Blooming Onion

Image credits: sephiroth1630

#59 What?

Image credits: LuckyCharmsNSoyMilk

#60 I Don’t Know Why You’d Ever Want This

Image credits: TranquilAlpaca

#61 Shared On Local Tattoo Shop’s Social Media This Week. I Am Speechless

Image credits: mysaviourelia

#62 All Hail Dalek Jesus

Image credits: amortalwitch

#63 Been Saving This Blobfish Tattoo For Today, So Ugly It’s Beautiful

Image credits: Easy-Hovercraft-6576

#64 Air Fryer

Image credits: cappsy04

#65 Bow To The Scorpion King

Image credits: gramkracker

#66 Busted Knees

Image credits: broken.teeth.tattoos

#67 Such A Good Tattoo Of A Cat

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 I Just Don’t Understand Why You Would Ask For This

Image credits: xbluewolfiex

#69 A Half-Black, Half-White Teenager’s Parents Finally Allowed Him To Get A Tattoo. This Is What He Picked

Image credits: SandpaperThoughts

#70 Frog-Dog

Image credits: SirMrDrEvil95

#71 The Longer You Look At It, The Worse It Gets

Image credits: Surabar

#72 Reverse Mermaid

Image credits: I_Am_A_Real_Hacker

#73 Local Artist’s Latest Project, He’s Been Tattooing Since 1997

Image credits: reddit.com

#74 My Friend Got His First Tattoo. He Said He Chose It Because He Just Liked The Way It Looked. I Don’t Know How To Break It To Him

Image credits: TKrios

#75 It’s Tough To Find A Good Face Tattoo But This One Is Especially Awful

Image credits: Cleverusername18

#76 Was Told To Post My Tramp Stamp Here

Image credits: HalfAdult

#77 Shirt Tattoo?

Image credits: alezamin

#78 I Drew A Zoidberg Virgin Mary Tattoo Design And Got It Tattooed On My Leg. Enjoy

Image credits: Pacanator666

#79 This Tattoo

Image credits: cappsy04

#80 Imagine Thinking “Yea, This Is Exactly What I Want”

Image credits: Mathijs_vnbsn

#81 My Buddy Got A Tattoo Of His Only Regret

Image credits: reflexestoofast

#82 Yikes

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 Sexy Ned Flanders

Image credits: nevets777

#84 The Cookies Taste Good But Getting Them Tattooed On You? Not So Much

Image credits: vrphotosguy55

#85 I Donut Like This

Image credits: cappsy04

#86 Remember That One Episode Of Winne The Pooh Where He Gets Stuck In A Hole And Rabbit Turns His Bottom Into A Decoration? Well

Image credits: iamnotawindmill

#87 Pro Tip: A Real Good Way To Distract Yourself During These Times Is To Get A Tattoo Of Your Wife In A Squid Costume. I Recommend It To Everyone

Image credits: TallMime

#88 Katt-Dogg

Image credits: sh33pd00g

#89 I Don’t Know Why I Got This

Image credits: papazzzit

#90 So Creepy

Image credits: beanjuicebrew

#91 Technically Very Sound Tattoo, But

Image credits: graypupon

#92 This Dumb & Dumber Tattoo I Saw Is Possibly The Worst Thing Anyone Has Ever Done To Their Body

Image credits: polizman20XX

#93 Sassysquatch

Image credits: EpicHeather

#94 Jimmy Neutron Head Tattoo

Image credits: drcinder

#95 These Family Guy Tattoos

Image credits: Gaza1121

#96 Here’s My Tattoo

Image credits: Cdenton12

#97 Butterfly Elephant Tree

Image credits: 123nixon

#98 Being British I Want This Tattoo

Image credits: TwentySevenMusicUK

#99 Was Told To Post My Tramp Stamp For Tuesday

Source: boredpanda.com

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