A Bent-wood, Single-Wheel Lightweight Bicycle Touring Trailer

The Beez is a lightweight bicycle touring trailer made with laminated wood and steel.

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French manufacturer Beecyclo reckons their design has at least seven advantages:

Attachment to axis: fast and universal

Attachment to the axis in less than 30 seconds. Compatibility with all 26 to 29 inch hollow axle bikes: road, touring, mountain biking, full suspension, tandem, recumbent, etc. Allows the use of panniers.

Driving comfort: self-damping structure

The laminated wood structure provides flexibility and cushioning, like a skateboard deck. It replaces heavy and maintenance-intensive mechanical damping systems.

Simple and total dismantling: compact transport

Its small size once disassembled allows it to disappear in a bag to travel neither seen nor known by bus, train and even by plane (at no extra cost).

Large carrying capacity: 20 Kg or 100 L

Strapped onto the steel baggage hoop, your backpack, travel bag or even better a waterproof bag, follows you everywhere. The space under the tray allows you to hang a tent, water bladder, etc.

Longevity and rigidity: steel frame

It allows for rescue repairs at a lower cost, during a journey far from the beaten track (it is easier to weld steel than aluminum).

Ultra-light empty weight: less than 5 Kg

What you save in trailer weight, you gain in payload. The Beez is the lightest self-damping trailer on the market.

The Beez was designed and manufactured in, and is only sold in, France.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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