A Diminutive Folding "Chair" Designed for Meditating or Kneeling for Long Stretches

In Japan, certain practices like meditating, mourning, praying or participating in a tea ceremony can require spending long stretches in seiza, a formal kneeling position. This can be uncomfortable even if you’ve grown up doing it. I did not, and during my time living in Japan I found the position impossible to hold, with my feet constantly falling asleep.

This Anywhere Kneeling Chair sold by Ippinka was designed for people like me. It folds flat and weighs less than half a pound; unfurled, it provides a saddle-like surface that supports your weight, allowing you to retain circulation to your feet.

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More importantly for Japan, where appearances are important, “when in use, the [seat] is inconspicuous.”

Source: core77

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