A Drinking Straw for Beer, Shaped Like a Hot Dog

I feel queasy writing this, but: A year ago this video went viral. If you’ve not seen it, it’s a guy at a Mets game methodically using a drinking straw to hollow out a hot dog. He then uses the hot dog itself as a straw to drink his beer. As I’m typing this bile is coming up the back of my throat.

Well, Oscar Mayer saw an opportunity, a greenlit a small production run of silicone straws shaped like hot dogs. “Using a delicious Oscar Mayer wiener as its muse,” the company writes, “the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw mirrors the same size and color of a delicious, cooked dog and is made using food safe soft silicone to replicate the feel of a real Oscar Mayer hot dog.”

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The Hot Dog Straws sold out almost immediately.

Source: core77

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