A Gallery of US Presidents with Mullets

Cam Harless gives us a gallery of digital images of the American presidents sporting mullet haircuts. They are hilariously strange. One reply summed it up: “Plenary power in the front, executive privilege in the back.”

Some of the presidents are rendered much hotter than they really are (or were): Biden, Trump, W, Buchanan, Lincoln. Harless doesn’t say, but one might suspect that artificial intelligence is involved here and automatically gave quite a few presidents a model’s square jaw. Some others came out uglier than their photographs: Bush the Elder, Nixon, Eisenhower, etc. The earliest presidents don’t look all that different from their portraits, because they rocked that long haired look in real life with their powdered wigs.

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John F. Kennedy looks more like his brother Bobby. Or his son, JFK Jr. In the comments, we learn that LBJ really grew his hair out after leaving the White house, and even wore a ponytail in retirement.

I rather doubt LBJ ever wore an earring. After showing us all the presidents, Harless added mullet portraits of Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and Hilary Clinton by request. All the presidents’ images are available on a poster titled Mullet America at Etsy. See the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Twitter thread or at Threadreader.   -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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