A Look Inside Bentley's Super Hi-Tech Woodshop

At the Bentley Crewe factory in England, a series of craftspeople with both hand skills and access to high-end production machinery turn out the elaborate wood panels that festoon the cars’ interiors. Laser cutters, veneer presses and five-axis CNC mills with automatic tool changers are all put into service alongside the expert eyes and hands of what appears to be a small army of workers. 

Take a look:

Of all the unusual (to me) machines on display, I can’t decide which was my favorite: The veneer sewing machine or that crazy manual-press belt sander thingy.

A question for our European craftspeople readers: What brand are those air-driven sanders? I want to say they’re Mirkas but the color scheme doesn’t match what we have from them over here in the ‘States.

Source: core77

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