“A Lovely Gift For The Guy Hitting On My Partner”: People Are Loving This Guy’s Delightfully Evil Revenge On A Neighbor Who Wouldn’t Leave His GF Alone

Someone consistently hitting on your partner can be flattering at first, but there are lines that, once crossed, mark these individuals as an enemy. Getting back at someone for their wrongdoing is a story beat as old as time, but it’s just as satisfying when it happens in real life as well. So sit down and enjoy this very clever and petty plan of vengeance shared by an internet user.

A guy got a clever bit of psychological revenge on a mechanic that kept hitting on his girlfriend. He simply gave him a gift, but one that would simultaneously alarm and confuse him, but ultimately accomplish OP’s goals.

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Having your significant other constantly hit on can probably end up being annoying for both of you

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So this man decided to do something about the guy who started sending his GF flirty texts

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OP’s revenge was perfectly proportional to the “wrong” he suffered

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As many readers already noted, this was a particularly clever bit of revenge, as it accomplished two things. First, the mechanic was not actually harmed in any way, as he was at worst, annoying, hardly worthy of physical damage. At the same time, the guy’s “revenge” was completely innocent from the outside, but also conveyed a sense of danger to the mechanic. Wrapping the apple is a truly devious move, as it’s simultaneously harmless, yet it seems so suspicious. And in the tradition of revenge, he literally served a cold dish, which at least the French believe is the best method available.

Leave it to France to hide their revenge idioms in cooking terms. If you are wondering what makes “cold” revenge so enticing, it’s the idea that any plan of retribution is more enjoyable if it’s been planned, prepared and the execution is perfected. Imagine a dish, cooked, plated, then left to sit for hours. The food will, of course, have gone cold. So “revenge is a dish best served cold” uses food losing its temperature as a metaphor for time. A truly French way of seeing something. But the point stands, OP planned something after multiple instances of the mechanic flirting with his girlfriend, then he executed the idea with perfection. Perhaps not the Count of Monte Cristo, but should someone truly anger this man, he could probably put together a more complex bit of revenge.

Tales of vengeance are a staple of human fiction, as we love justice

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We as humans do enjoy a revenge tale as in fiction, as in real life. The aforementioned Count of Monte Cristo or more contemporary tales like John Wick all point to the fact that we as humans like justice and to see bad things happen to people who deserve it. Interestingly, humans aren’t the only species out there that enjoys revenge as a concept or experience. Camels, elephants, fish, lions, and most primates also exhibit joy at seeing a perceived opponent or enemy hurt. Interestingly, these animals also understand the concept that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and will assist another being that is fighting someone they dislike. So The Lion King meets John Wick seems like a blockbuster waiting to happen. Interestingly, even fish will attack other sea creatures that have “wronged” them in the past, which opens up the fascinating question of what exactly does fish drama look like.

Internet users wanted some more juicy details and OP delivered

Commenters loved his absolutely insidious plan

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