A Netizen Wanted To Hear Some Creepy Facts About Human Nature, The Internet Provided 40 Chilling Answers

Being human means sometimes being deeply ignorant about how anything works. As a child, you may have thought this was strange and, obviously, you needed to know everything, but a part of adulthood is realizing that, often, not knowing is better. 

Regardless, one person decided to indulge in the more eerie side of life and asked the internet for all the creepy facts about human existence. They got what they asked for, so scroll through, if you dare, and be sure to upvote your favorite facts and comment any you know that were mentioned below. 

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We’re smart enough to make a perfect society, but too greedy to make it work.

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The call of the void. This occurs when humans are on high places, like rooftops or cliffs, and get the urge to jump. It’s actually pretty common.

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I don’t know if this is fact, but apparently humans have an instinct to know when they’re being stared at by someone, so when you feel like you’re being looked at you’re probably right.

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Despite the fact that many of these ideas are presented as downright creepy, humans do have a weird psychological desire to artificially feel this feeling. Maybe it’s a surge of adrenaline or a sort of heightened state, but this sort of internet content and the entire horror genre all revolve around it. 

For example, sometimes our hair will stand on end and we’ll break out in goosebumps when we feel, often unknowingly, unsettled. A horror franchise of the same name exists probably for this reason. In humans, there is some speculation that we have this reaction when our bodies are being moved without our control, such as an earthquake. 


That pretty much everyone has the capacity for extreme evil given the right circumstances.

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Most people that die due to hypothermia get naked before dying.

This is because, blood stops flowing to your extremities, so you don’t lose body heat. Just before death, the brain kinda “gives out” and allows blood flow to return to normal. This sends warm blood to your cold limbs, making you feel very hot and sweaty, so you strip.

Before this was understood, people that had died of hypothermia were believed to have been sexually assaulted because they were fully naked

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You only need 30 people in order to trigger mob mentality in order to control an entire cowed of anywhere upwards to 10,000+ people blindly copying them.

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This is all fine and good, the strange part is that many people actually enjoy the sensation of goosebumps and a heightened heart rate. It’s very human, it seems, to take a biological marker of fear and danger and turn it into entertainment. Even more weirdly, there are people who can actually induce goosebumps, and this state of tension manually, which is a good party trick, but a strange ability to have


Risks during birth are abnormally high compared to other species. Because of our upright gait (mother’s narrow pelvis) and big heads, fetuses cannot ‘fully’ gestate until being born. Humans have to be born prematurely while the head is still tiny and squishy. Otherwise, childbirth would not be survivable at all.

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If you happen to have brain injury, there is a condition that makes you unable to recognize objects around you. Like, you will see a fork, the colors and the shape of it, but you can’t know how to use it, if it’s edible or not, etc. Pretty scary thing to imagine.

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Learned memories, i.e. people 100% sure they remember things which actually never happened but were told many times by media/memes/others. I observed this for certain episode which happened less than 10 years ago and which everyone whom I asked witnessed themselves personally, but they all “clearly remember” it in a way it was presented in memes and jokes and not how they actually saw it happen.

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There are also sounds that create this feeling despite no good explanation for them. Nails on a chalkboard and the scraping of metal utensils on metal both have this effect on many humans, but there does not seem to be a good evolutionary explanation. Our early ancestors did not need to feel fear at wasting chalk in such a manner, so there are all sorts of wild speculation as to why we have this reaction. 


One of my favorite aspects about human nature is how there are things in nature that we are the best at. Sure we’re not the fastest, strongest, or most agile. But out of everything in the animal kingdom, we can run the longest.

Humans are adapted to do what very few animals can do, which is run for extended periods of time. Here’s where it gets creepy, I saw it explained like this:

Imagine you’re a gazelle on the plains of Africa early on in human history. You see some hairless apes running towards you, but f**k are they kind of slow. So your instincts kick in and you sprint away. Once they’re out of sight you relax and go back to eating grass or whatever you’re doing. But f**k, there they are again, running slowly towards you. How’d they figure out where you went?

You don’t know, you’re a gazelle. So you sprint away again and think you’re safe, again. Then, here come the hairless apes, slowly coming for you once again. You keep repeating this until you can’t sprint anymore. You aren’t adapted to continuously run long distances, but they are. Eventually you collapse and they get you.

That’s creepy to me. A slow moving predator who somehow always finds you and chases you until you can’t run anymore.

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After a back surgery, your organs might have been moved to perform certain parts of the surgery. The doctors don’t move your organs back to their original place. This funny feeling you get after the surgery is your organs moving themselves back to their original place. Yes, they are capable of that.

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Humans lose rationality overtime when given power.

One possible explanation for some people’s love of horror could be that the adrenaline and intensity of the fight or flight emotion is not that far from the feelings we have when dopamine is produced in our body. Domaine, famously, feels pretty damn good, so there are people who enjoy acquiring it or “similar” experiences from other means. 


We do not have any undeniable way of proving that ANYTHING going on right now is real. This might all just be an illusion made by the mind. In the grand scheme of the universe, every event that led to this exact moment are all impossibly unlikely to happen, and comparatively, it’s way more likely that the life we all see ourselves is a figment of a briefly lived consciousness in the endless nothingness of an empty space.

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We are all addicts, just to different things.


We possess the genes for regeneration similar to starfish and salamanders. They are on the same chromosome as the genes for scar tissue formation. However they are not turned on whereas the scar tissue genes are.

So technically, we could pull a Piccolo and regenerate limbs like a starfish. But we don’t because it’s waaay too metabolically demanding on energy. If we could do it, you’d likely shave years off of your life in exchange. Instead we make scar tissue to reinforce the injured area.

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On a more general note, there is not actually a good reason why we call them goosebumps. Many other birds have similar skin, including the considerably more common chicken. Other mammals also have this reaction, but for some reason, in multiple languages, waterfowl of some sort are used to describe this biological reaction. For example, in Hebrew, it’s a duck, not a goose. 


How one person can rule over millions of people. 100 million humans can fear one person collectively, and that person will remain in power for years until death. Once they die, that collective fear morphs into the worshipping of that evil person.

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Your stomach acid can dissolve a razor blade, right? Well another thing is that your stomach is constantly fighting to not get dissolved by the acid. Have a nice day 🙂 also thank u for 257 upvotes, most ive ever gotten

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Because the eyes are not only incredibly vulnerable to infection due to the moisture, they’re also a direct connection to our brain. This necessitates an additional layer of immune security.

A seperate immune system has several advantages. Firstly, pathogens cannot travel from the eyes to the body, or the body to the eye. You wouldn’t want a stomach virus to make you go blind! A normal immune response in the eye would mean swelling, which would destroy the eye. The eye has several different layers of security specifically because they’re so important.

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Almost 4% of people do not have visual imagination, and cannot use the “movies in the head” effect at all. Their imagination works on either language, abstracts and raw emotions or on imagining sounds and tactile input.

Imagine how absolutely creepy and alien their thoughts must be to a regular phantasic person. Their minds work more like hyper advanced ChatGPT than like those of other homo sapiens.


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I remember reading that if you look at pictures of sick people, your immune system will automatically give itself a little boost just by looking at the pictures

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On a recent date with a CSI I learned that a lot of people die naked on or near the toilet. Apparently people get very hot and try to strip down when close to death.

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There really is no profile of a person who falls victim to a cult. Anyone is susceptible. Cult members can come from any socioeconomic or educational background, any race, sex, religion.

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We are one of the most violent things on earth, yet so social. We legit will help even our enemies when needed.
Its creepy, because we will easily team up snd go back to killing eachother.

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The Uncanny Valley phenomenon suggests that we’ve had to fear something in human history that *looked* human but wasn’t

(Edit: I’m talking things that are ALMOST human but not quite. Corpses don’t creep me out as much as duplicate horror or life-like dolls.)


We’re an invasive species. By definition.

> An invasive or alien species is an introduced species to an environment that becomes overpopulated and harms its new environment. Invasive species adversely affect habitats and bioregions, causing ecological, environmental, and/or economic damage.

From Wikipedia.

An opinion that’s heavily disputed is humans are cancer. I think it’s true, but this isn’t officially a fact and therefore shouldn’t be counted as one.


If you’re bored enough you will begin to intentionally hurt yourself.

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“Cute Aggression.”

Have you ever seen a cute little puppy? or a soft fuzzy chinchilla? or a cut tiny little baby, and gotten this urge to squeeze it? The reason for this is not nearly as innocent as you might think.

It’s highly speculated that the reason humans develop this urge is because our wirings do not allow us to comprehend what we are feeling when we see something “Cute” our sensors go kind of haywire, and because of this we have a subconscious urge to “Destroy” this cute entity to relieve us of the distress we are experiencing as a result of its existence.

Very dark stuff

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Your frontal cortex makes it breaks you via your decisions. It’s where all the critical thinking goes through the manual computer of dopamine pathways.

Ever wonder why decisions are so crazy in your dreams? Or why it ask makes a little too much sense in the moment? Frontal cortex is off during rem.

Grandma didn’t abandon having a filter with age. The decay of her frontal cortex is no longer preventing her from saying awful or embarrassing things.

Bump your head in some kind of accident? Hope it wasn’t the front, because if so your chances of committing crime just rose more than 100%

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[Humans are hard wired to see faces in things](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia). It’s thought it was to help us stay away from sabre toothed tigers and such, but now we see the Virgin Mary in a tomato slice.


I don’t know what this is called but this is when I realised that human beings are extremely selfish. And I was equally horrible and a part of this.

I was in second or third grade, around 8 years old I guess? So when school got over, it was the last day or something and all the kids in my class (about 40-50 kids) ran out the door at the same time. One of the girls in my class fell over. Kids kept trampling over her. And some of us noticed that. But if we stopped to help her or bent down, we would also get trampled over. So we just ran and left. I still feel so bad about that. Thankfully nothing happened to her and she just scraped her knees and elbow. But I feel so bad about it till today.


You’re not as perceptive to touch as you might like to think. Particularly in areas like your back, I could poke you with two fingers inches apart and you’d think I was only used 1 finger.

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Eventually, all our graves go unattended.

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The eyes have a separate immune system than the rest of the body. If your body’s immune system realizes your eyes exist, it’ll attack the eyes and reject them from the body as it would a virus.

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We create weapons and kill other humans just because we disgaree with each other.


Some people play sick twisted games with other people’s lives .


We all have our flaws and quirks, but there are some aspects of human behavior that are just plain creepy. Here are some creepy facts about human nature that will make you shudder:

**We’re drawn to the macabre:** Whether it’s horror movies, true crime podcasts, or haunted houses, many people have a fascination with the darker side of life. It’s thought that this interest stems from our primal need to understand and prepare for danger.

**We can be cruel to animals:** While many of us love our pets and consider them part of the family, there are also people who are capable of unspeakable acts of cruelty towards animals. From puppy mills to animal testing, it’s a sad fact that some humans view animals as nothing more than objects to be used and abused.

**We’re easily influenced by authority:** Studies like the infamous Milgram experiment have shown that humans can be easily influenced by authority figures, even if it means causing harm to others. This is a disturbing reminder of how easily we can be manipulated.

**We’re capable of extreme violence:** While most of us would never dream of harming another person, there are those who are capable of extreme violence. From serial killers to war crimes, it’s a chilling reminder that human beings can be both the best and worst of creatures.

**We’re fascinated by death:** From Victorian post-mortem photography to memento mori jewelry, humans have long been fascinated by death and the macabre. While some may view this as a morbid curiosity, others see it as a way to confront and understand our own mortality.

These are just a few examples of the creepy and unsettling aspects of human nature. While it’s important to acknowledge and understand these darker sides of ourselves, it’s also crucial to remember that the vast majority of people are good and decent. As always, it’s up to us to choose which aspects of our nature we want to cultivate and which we want to overcome.


Children are more or less sociopaths. We teach them empathy, kindness, and sharing. There are several psychologists that hold the belief that in a societal breakdown scenario children will actually fair better than adults once they arm themselves, because adults will have a harder time murdering another human.

Meanwhile, children who’s brains and emotional response centers have not fully formed will be much more able to mercilessly kill others for survival or supplies.


Bacteria dictates our behaviour.

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How some behaviours are so hard wired.


You want a weird design flaw? Our retinas are backwards. Meaning our cones and rods (cells that react to light) point to the back of the eye.

This is evident by the blind spots everyone has which are basically the optic nerve going from inside the eye through the retina and then out to the brain.

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