A Rare 1961 Chevy Pickup With a Side Loading Ramp

Mecum Auctions is selling off an antique truck lot this week, which you don’t see that often. I clicked through the 79 trucks in the lot, and while many of them look unusual, this one in particular jumped out at me:

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That’s a restored 1961 Chevrolet Corvair 95 Rampside, one of just 10,787 made that year. I’d never seen a side-loading ramp on a pickup before. The slope looks too steep to roll anything heavy up or down, and if carrying something on it, I think that’d be murder on the ankles; I think they should’ve gone with stairs. In any case, these kinds of auctions are more about novelty than function, so I imagine it will sell for a pretty penny.

If old, weird trucks is your thing, there’s more to see here.

Source: core77

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