A Shoji Screen Alternative? Semi-Private Rattan Weave Walls

Design studio Bouillon, based in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, created this semi-private Hikarino wall for a hair boutique, using an unexpected material:

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“The rattan basket weave sheet, which is often used for the back and seat upholstery of furniture, is a material that is light, durable, and has a beautiful delicate weave. By putting rattan in the partitions of the store, we give the entire space an organic and soft impression unique to natural materials.”

“In addition, by putting inorganic gray tiles on the floor and wall shelves, we have created a calm atmosphere that brings out the texture of rattan. Although it is a small store, it has become a space where you can spend a relaxing time.”

The arrangement seems it would be most useful in a hot, sunny climate; it provides shade, but still allows for ventilation. The fact that I haven’t seen this before—say, in Southeast Asia—makes me wonder if the fabrication is impractical or cost-ineffective.

Source: core77

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