A Square Kettle for Camping

Why on earth would you make a kettle square?

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“We have created a non-round kettle in pursuit of faster water boiling speed and stability when using a burner,” explains manufacturer Sugiyama Kinzoku.

A fair amount of design went into the 700mL vessel:

Point 1: “The handle is neatly stored in a concave groove on the top panel.”

Point 2: “The lid is also designed in a concave shape, so the top panel is always flat when not in use.”

Point 3: “The shape of the spout makes it easy to pour even small amounts of water.”

Point 4: “The claws on the lid snap into the body with a rotary lock. The knobs have been cut to create a flat shape.”

Point 5: “The lid has six uneven grooves. These grooves create a gap between the body and lid, allowing steam to escape to the side and preventing the handle from becoming hot.”

Point 6: “Made of rust-resistant stainless steel. To accentuate the form, the corners are minimally rounded.”

The Square Kettle runs ¥7,920 (USD $53).

Source: core77

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