A Surgical Bandage with User-Powered Pump, by Industrial Design Consultancy Goddard

This cleverly-designed NPseal Negative Pressure Wound Therapy patch is by industrial design and engineering consultancy Goddard. It’s a surgical dressing with a user-powered integrated pump; pinch it a few times and it establishes, and maintains, negative pressure. This draws fluid and potential infections out of the wound, allowing it to heal more quickly.

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The device reduces the chance of infection after surgery, and is more convenient for patients; Negative Pressure Wound Therapy typically requires attaching a small vacuum pump to the patient.

The NPseal is produced by Guard Medical. “NPseal helps to improve patients’ lives by freeing them to go about daily life at home as they recover, without batteries, tubes, or straps,” the company writes. “Our vision is to provide simple healing for patients, so you can return to normal.”

Source: core77

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