A Tiny Truck from Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. Except for this tiny electric truck, by Texas-based startup Ayro. Even the name suggests shrinkage: It’s called the Vanish.

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“The Ayro Vanish addresses a market that falls between full size trucks and golf and utility carts,” the company writes. “With the payload capacity of a pickup truck, it’s still compact enough to navigate narrow pathways and double doors.”

The company refers to the Vanish as an LSEV, for Low-Speed Electric Vehicle. (Top speed: 25 MPH.) It’s meant to be an on-road work truck for “campus mobility, last-mile delivery and micro distribution” as opposed to long-haul; the maximum range is 50 miles, and the maximum payload is 1,200 lbs.

“The lightweight architecture of the AYRO Vanish is designed to limit vehicle weight and maximize payload capacity. The vehicle offers highly adaptable bed configurations to support both light-duty and heavy-duty needs in a variety of applications.”

The vehicle is actually built in Texas, and as has become fashionable in the U.S. these days, “with components primarily sourced in North America and Europe.”

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The Vanish is currently up for pre-order, with a $250 buy-in and a starting price of $33,900; curiously, the company provides no transparency on how the different configurations affect the cost.

Source: core77

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