A Tracked E-Bike For Riding on Snow

Canadian electric mobility company Envo has designed the Flex, a modular step-through e-bike frame that can be kitted out four different ways:

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That last one surely caught your eye. The Flex Snowbike is a rear-tracked pedal-assist model that can handle both packed snow and up to a foot of the powdered stuff.

The 1,500-watt motor can get you up to 12 mph, can tackle a 25% uphill grade and has a maximum range of up to 31 miles (or 62 if you add the optional second battery). The company does note, however, that the max range could be as low as 9 miles per battery depending on terrain.

I’ve been fortunate enough to drive a snowmobile, and they’re fun as hell. They’re also noisy and spew fumes. To be able to cruise on snow, admittedly slower but in complete emissions-free silence, also seems like it would be a lot of fun:

The Flex Snowbike, which is scheduled for release this month, will retail for USD $3,255.

Source: core77

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