A Visual History Of New York Through Maps And Graphics

Reading through multiple paragraphs and pages of history can be somewhat boring or tedious. If you want to learn about the history of a city, or how it developed over time, why not view it through visual media? Antonis Antoniou and Steven Heller have presented the visual history of New York through their new book, Decoding Manhattan. The book compiles over 250 architecturalmaps,diagrams, and graphics of the island of Manhattan inNew York City: 

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In a very real sense, the island of Manhattan is a place created by a diagram:The Commmissioner’s Plan of 1811, which laid out the future streets north of Houston Street and south of 155th Street, was essentially a map disguised as a planning document. So there’s real conceptual beauty to Antonis Antoniou and Steven Heller’s new book,Decoding Manhattan, a rollicking, wide-ranging visual compendium of more than 250maps,diagrams, and graphics, all related to that incomparable chunk of bedrock. It’s a fascinating, visually vibrant book, often quite funny, and catnip for someone like me, obsessed withNew York City-themed historical images. I recently talked to the authors about the genesis of the book. 

You can check ArchDaily’s full interview with the authors here! 

Image Credit:  Steven Guarnaccia and Pentagram New York, from Decoding Manhattan (via Archdaily) 

Source: neatorama

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