Adults Are Sharing The Most Innocently Stupid Things Kids Have Ever Done And Said, Here Are 130 Of The Best

Children’s minds are incredible. Those little sponges are constantly soaking up information and knowledge as their understanding of the world deepens by the day. What I wouldn’t give to have a childlike sense of wonder again and an imagination that could keep me entertained for weeks on end. Observing kids’ infinite supply of creativity is a beautiful thing, but along with that shameless curiosity comes a few downsides. One of which being how they innocently do and say the stupidest things imaginable.

From putting food under their beds to trying to wrap their minds around how babies are made, we’ve gathered some of the funniest posts from the “Look How Stupid These Kids Are” subreddit proving that the logic of a child does not always hold up in the real world. Enjoy reading these stories and reminiscing on when you were a kid without a care in the world, going about your day totally ignorant to your stupidity. Keep reading to also find an interview with Melissa Wilson, mom and co-host of The Juggling Act podcast. Be sure to upvote all of your favorite posts, and then if you want to read about even more dumb things kids have done, check out Bored Panda’s last article on the same topic right here.

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#1 Greatest Potato Peeler

Image credits: Ehansaja

Being a parent is certainly not easy, so it’s only fair that by bringing a tiny human into the world, moms and dads also receive a small comedian as a roommate. It is so easy to forget that for children, everything we have seen and understood for decades is brand new to them. We learn to accept how society works, even if we don’t fully understand or agree with every facet, so somewhere along the line we stop exercising so much curiosity. But kids want to understand the world. They love asking questions, and they assume that adults must know everything, so there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

Obviously, pages like “Look How Stupid These Kids Are” are all in good fun. Each and every one of us was once a “stupid kid” who had to learn everything that we now know. Nobody emerges from the womb being able to tell time or quote Shakespeare. (That would actually be quite scary…) At the same time, there is nothing wrong with finding humor and joy in all of the silly little things children do that they would find hilarious ten or fifteen years later.

#2 I’m Sorry Cakey

Image credits: 8ozLambChop

We reached out to mom of two and co-host of The Juggling Act podcast, Melissa Wilson, to hear if she remembered any dumb things that she did as a kid. “I dropped a doll down the toilet when I was two, and went in after it,” she told us. “My feet got stuck in the u-bend, and instead of my mum getting me out, she went and got the camera. That picture was on the back of our toilet door my whole childhood.”

We also asked Melissa what the dumbest thing she has ever caught her kids doing was. “I caught my kids pulling chillies off the plant and rubbing them on their lips because they thought it was a lipstick. That was a fun half hour…”

Lastly, we asked Melissa why she thinks kids are so entertaining. She told us, “The innocence and brutal honesty that they approach life with often results in something funny being said or done. They are brilliant at saying the things adults think! They have no concept of consequences yet, which is so often where the LOLs happen (as long as no one loses a limb).”

If you’d like to hear more parenting stories and get some advice from moms who have been through it all, be sure to check out The Juggling Act podcast.

#3 Octopus In The Butt

Image credits: wund3rground

We all know that children do not simply wake up one day understanding logic and exercising critical thinking skills. Their development is a process that takes many years and involves various stages. According to Swiss psychologist and genetic epistemologist Jean Piaget, there are 4 main stages to a child’s cognitive development: the sensorimotor stage, the preoperational stage, concrete operational stage, and formal operational stage.

The sensorimotor stage is a child’s first stage of cognitive development and lasts from birth until they are two years old. This stage involves learning about the world through movements and sensations and through basic actions such as sucking, grasping, looking and listening, and understanding the concept of object permanence. Babies in this stage also start to realize that they are separate from the people and things around them and that their actions can affect the world around them. Babies or toddlers in this stage might not be doing or saying anything too stupid just yet, but don’t worry. They’ll get there soon.       

#4 Kids

Image credits: GomerP19

#5 Wholesome But Fitting

Image credits: Bigringcycling

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#6 Let Go Of Your Negative Emotions

Image credits: piratesushi

Between the ages of 2 and 7, children are in the preoperational stage of cognitive development. This is when they start to think symbolically and learn how to use words and images to represent objects. They start to get better at using language and thinking, but they usually only think in concrete terms. In this phase, they are still egocentric and have a hard time understanding anyone else’s perspective, but this is a time where kids experiment with “pretend play” and become more skilled at it. The older end of kids in the preoperational stage might be some of the most prone to doing and saying stupid things that might end up on this list. They are full of curiosity and have learned how to communicate well enough to express their thoughts, so while they can be surprisingly wise for their ages, dumb ideas can also come pouring out of them freely.

#7 How Are You Still Alive

Image credits: CaptinDerpII

#8 Good One Ellie

Image credits: ProofMammoth4

#9 That Kid Isn’t Normal

Image credits: KaamDeveloper

From ages 7 to 11, kids are in the concrete operational stage. This is when they start to think logically about concrete events and begin to understand the concept of conservation: “that the amount of liquid in a short, wide cup is equal to that in a tall, skinny glass, for example”. A child in this phase’s thinking becomes more logical and organized during this phase, and they can start using inductive logic, or “reasoning from specific information to a general principle”. During this time, kids start to imagine how someone else might be feeling or thinking, but they still have a hard time grasping abstract or hypothetical concepts. They understand that their thoughts are unique, though, so they become more curious about the opinions of others. Kids in this stage might understand a great deal, but they still have a long way to go before they are in the clear of stupidity.    

#10 To Be Fair, The Dad Could Have Been Honest

Image credits: claudiabonana

#11 Well, It’s The Spargel Season

Image credits: Ill_Earth8585

#12 Blinds Story

Image credits: Biig_Lasagne

The final stage of a child’s cognitive development, when they might finally start doing and saying less stupid things, is the formal operational stage. This is from the age of 12 up, when kids start to think abstractly and learn how to reason hypothetical problems. During this time, kids also start to think more about moral, philosophical, ethical, social and political issues and begin to use deductive logic. They typically begin to do less and less stupid things as this phase goes on, but no one is in the clear. Teenagers are famous for having questionable judgment, so if you’re a parent, don’t think the idiocy has ended once they reach thirteen.   

#13 Are You Poopin?!

Image credits: AlphaO4

#14 At Least He Had Good Intentions

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#15 The Turtle Sandwich Bites Back

Image credits: BeethovenNotMozart

To be fair to kids, I know plenty of adults who do stupid things regularly, including myself. We all have our dumb moments that we’re not proud of, but sometimes adults can get away with them if no one notices. Unfortunately since kids are under almost constant supervision, it is not so easy for them to forget to pack any underwear in their bag for a camping trip without anyone else realizing. Our brains are not fully developed until we’re 25, so we can’t blame the youth for being forgetful or not understanding how the world works. Think about how many adults don’t know how to ride a bike or swim. Plenty of kids probably think they are dumb too; it’s all just a matter of perspective.   

#16 Just 3

Image credits: AristonD

#17 This Picture Explains It All

Image credits: Ill_Earth8585

#18 The Pretty Mom And The Other Mom

Image credits: sharan29

Adults love reliving all of the stupid things they did as kids or things their children have done. To celebrate all of these hilariously, humbling stories, the book Not Your Mother’s Book . . . On Being a Stupid Kid was born. Featuring anecdotes from nearly 60 authors about “crazy capers, double-dog dares and those youthful escapades you never shared with your parents”, On Being a Stupid Kid has been loved by audiences for almost a decade now. 

Readers on Amazon have given the book rave reviews, with one woman saying that the book “takes you down memory lane with stories that we can all relate to”. “With the contributors of this book being based in America I was surprised at how kids worldwide are all the same,” she wrote. “Pranks may differ slightly due to the climate and resources available but one thing is for sure… All kids do things that are really stupid!”

#19 The Kiss Of Death

Image credits: NupeRanger

#20 Life Is Tough

Image credits: TooHigh2Die420

#21 Child Has Psychic Powers

Image credits: chatterchitchat

Another fan of On Being A Stupid Kid wrote in her review that the book is, “One of the best books in a series I have ever read and so funny you will pee your pants laughing. You can travel with those children ‘authors’ whose penchant for stupid antics leaves them in icy water, a Back Yard Armageddon of fire crackers and blowing up toy soldiers, Truth or Consequences in a tampon gone AWOL in a water skiing venture, Rollercoaster Bra that hinges somewhere not intended to a Night of Crime in tipping over an outhouse. It doesn’t stop there, school fights in First Grade Olive Branch (written by me and very proud to be included in this anthology), Doughnut Snitch … you name it, it is in this book. Each and every one of these stories will touch your heart and make you reflect on your own precious memories. It isn’t a mamby-pamby hide your head in shame book or cover it up under the sheet and use a flashlight in secret but one that is real, down-to-earth with true life happenings. You know, those stories you never told your parents! It’s universal, these stupid kids…”

#22 Oh My

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#23 It’s Spicy

Image credits: luna0420

#24 How Dare He

Image credits: i_am_mrs_nezbit

Sometimes kids themselves are not dumb, but they lack the forethought to make smart decisions. Or they want to learn lessons from experience. It is not enough for mom to tell me that if I bounce a basketball inside I might break something. I don’t believe her. So let’s just see what happens– oh! How did that vase get broken? When it comes to older kids, peer pressure is also a relevant factor in how likely teens are to do stupid things or take stupid risks. In fact, a study by researchers at Temple University found that teens are much more likely to take risks when peers are watching. Unfortunately, the older they become, the better kids get at hiding these stupid decisions from adults, but they usually come to light. Then you can mock your child for the next ten years about hitting the mailbox with your car or leaving their windows rolled down during a thunderstorm.   

#25 The Memory Still Brings Me Great Joy

Image credits: realsies11

#26 Wholesome

Image credits: NewInQuarantine

#27 3 For 1 Special

Image credits: BluntTruthGentleman

Sadly, children have to grow up and will not continue to do and say stupid things forever. (Well, some of them might, but let’s hope that they don’t…) If you are a parent or you have friends with kids, cherish those hilariously dumb moments while they last. And while you’re at it, feel free to share them on the internet, so the rest of us can laugh at them too. Be sure to upvote your favorite posts, and let us know in the comments if you remember any particularly dumb things you did as a child.

#28 Poor Granola Bar

Image credits: Lixalotapus21

#29 Times Up

Image credits:

#30 Stupid Are The Kids

Image credits: Wood-and-Whiskey

#31 But I’m A Minor?

Image credits: benedictholland

#32 Well Played

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#33 My Daughter Is Planning Her First Sleepover. I’m Concerned About #2

Image credits: impostervt

#34 Where Did It Go?

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#35 Important Questions For The Doctor

Image credits: orchid_breeder

#36 Probably Because She Was Hungry

Image credits: ahmed_1041

#37 We Shall Watch Your Career With Great Interest

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#38 A,b, C, D-O You Have A Cat

Image credits: rawng_hoal

#39 When I Was 8 I Was A God Damn Poet

Image credits: _Ign0red

#40 I Was Misbehaving At Dinner

Image credits: Bigringcycling

#41 I Learned When One Yelled At Me

Image credits: Acustic_Artist

#42 Would Not Stop Crying Until She Got Her Own Cone Of Shame

Image credits:

#43 Time To Renew

Image credits: delwrecks

#44 In A Flash

Image credits: Cofnused_soul

#45 40 Is The New 90

Image credits: BruceInc

#46 Big Jim

Image credits: CalifanoCation

#47 This Is Genius!

Image credits: WreathOfTheHeart

#48 She Was Scammed

Image credits: ChrisMMatthews

#49 Stupid But Wholesome

Image credits: Witty_Operation2486

#50 Oreo

Image credits: Quinnsterr98

#51 Caring For Grandma!

Image credits: Mesphisto

#52 I Could Even Visualize It Happening

Image credits: Pulchripes01

#53 Tity And Per China

Image credits: purple-circle

#54 Good Morning

Image credits: RichieUK-

#55 3 Months Later

Image credits: EquivalentSnap

#56 Good Effort Tho

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#57 Over And Out

Image credits: Pazluz

#58 I Used To Turtle Up When I Was Really Mad

Image credits: Seealpp

#59 Honestly, I Wonder Who’s Fault It Was

Image credits: Ill_Earth8585

#60 Can I Offer You An Egg In This Trying Time?

Image credits: LoveTowne

#61 My Son Thought This Light Switch Would Control The Lights In The Store

Image credits: IHateDolphins

#62 Ok, You Have Piqued My Interest

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#63 I Wonder What It Was About

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#64 That’s A Lot Of Cows

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#65 Oof

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#66 Reminded Me Of A Guy At My School Who Confused Circumference And Circumcision In A Maths Lesson

Image credits: elementarydrw

#67 End Of Story

Image credits: FootParmesan

#68 Hide And Seek With My Niece

Image credits: mrpogo88

#69 He Is Not Wrong Though

Image credits: Metalloid_Emon

#70 Not On The Internet

Image credits: americanthaiguy

#71 Mom’s Being Weird

Image credits: sreenath95

#72 Message To Parents Today

Image credits: ShitMax

#73 Kids

Image credits: InDespairHelpMeJK

#74 Of Course Not

Image credits: ResponsibilityDry938

#75 Watch What You Say Around 4yr Olds

Image credits: KaamDeveloper

#76 Not To Brag, But My Daughter Has Me Ranked As The 11th Best Dad

Image credits: No-Relation2437

#77 It’s One Way Out, I Guess

Image credits: brightblueson

#78 This Is Kind Of Cute Though

Image credits: ayi_kun_

#79 Honey, I Cheated On You

Image credits: orchid_breeder

#80 2yo Put Crayons In The Dishwasher. There’s No Coming Back From That

Image credits: CharmingTuber

#81 Thats A Cursed Piggy Bank Right There

Image credits: urMuMgAy567

#82 Battle Royale

Image credits: regian24

#83 I Am Not Sure If This Is Stupid Or Next Level?

Image credits: musicismylife-10568

#84 Connecticut Is Boring!

Image credits: NicholasHomann

#85 Kid Causing A Traffic Jam At Legoland

Image credits: Bigringcycling

#86 Flashback To When I Was 6 Years Old And Didn’t Totally Understand The Severity Of 9/11 When It Happened

Image credits: SirCharlieMcBrown

#87 This Would Be A Fantastic Condom Commercial

Image credits: horrorhead1996

#88 One Of The Students In My Class Was Searching For ‘Prawnhub’ In Class Today. When I Asked Him About It He Said He Really Wanted To Know More About Prawns

Image credits: lordoftheearrings

#89 “Part Of The Muffin Eating Experience”

Image credits: H_G_Bells

#90 He Started To Regret The Climb

Image credits: munn0014

#91 From A Book I Wrote In 1st Grade

Image credits: ItzSampson

#92 Apparently Our 12yo Just Discovered Rickrolling, Not Sure He Quite Gets It

Image credits: HunterSexThompson

#93 Feeding Dust

Image credits: doctormega

#94 Archduke Metallica

Image credits: NicholasHomann

#95 You’re A Witch

Image credits: lammsss

#96 The Disappointment In The Mother’s Eyes

Image credits: Hello_Im_the_world

#97 Love Spending $200 Just To See

Image credits: Monkey_Puzzle_1312

#98 Just Watched A Kid In My Apartment Lobby Get Excited About Seeing His Dad Outside, Run Face First Into The Glass Panel, And Crack It

Image credits: Doocoo26

#99 Sex Wedding

Image credits: ArtieJay

#100 Runaway Murderer

Image credits: memer876

#101 Ruthlessly Stolen

Image credits: Spartan775

#102 Very Deserved Grief In My Opinion

Image credits: Rslashhuman

#103 Parents Got Mad About It Too

Image credits: KimikoYukimura420

#104 My 10 Year Old Nephew Told His Mom He Doesn’t Know How His Phone Broke. He Just Woke Up And It Was Like That. A Few Days Later She Finds He Posted This On Youtube

Image credits: SisteroftheMoon16

#105 No Stupid Questions. Just Stupid People

Image credits: The_Tank_

#106 Entering A Stranger’s Place For Chocolates

Image credits: guychampion

#107 This Is Great

Image credits: quintropolis

#108 Legend-Airy

Image credits: pyromaniac_etal

#109 Goodnight Beans

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#110 Neighbors Kid Is Destined For Either An Electrifying Early Demise Or A Future Career In Electrical Engineering

Image credits: CMDR_Chris_Lane

#111 *sigh*

Image credits: Ness_902

#112 “Until The Materials Come In”

Image credits: Bucky__Goldstein

#113 A Cold Blooded Murderer

Image credits:

#114 Guess I’m Stupid

Image credits: angelboss13

#115 Pretty Much

Image credits: Unavalible-Mushroom

#116 Kids Are Masters Of Gossip

Image credits: KaamDeveloper

#117 What My Aunt Encountered When She Went To Pour Herself A Whiskey On The Rocks

Image credits: carbornz

#118 My Brother Is Crying Because I Have A Chair From My Dining Room In My Bedroom. Now He Is Laying Still On The Ground

Image credits: Rando_ontheinternet

#119 Petition For This To Be The Subreddit’s New Icon

Image credits: Ambrosem123

#120 If You Look Closely, You Can See My Son Hiding From Me

Image credits: tardis15

#121 The Physical Requirements For Being A Pilot Seem A Bit Too Restrictive

Image credits: KaamDeveloper

#122 Was Going Through An Old Family Album And I Found A Picture Of Me Posing With This Artistic Masterpiece

Image credits: SwagSerpent69

#123 Classic Movie Prank

Image credits: realsies11

#124 Blue

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#125 And He Never Carried A Pizza Again

Image credits: Character-Stretch697

#126 LEGO Cocaine

Image credits: Crayoneater12

#127 175%

Image credits: Miaisfunladybuglover

#128 Kids Theories

Image credits: skully_kiddo

#129 Younger Sisters Friend Tried To Open My Bottle Of Wine Last Night. I Just Found It Like This. Completely Ruined

Image credits: Sexyshark15

#130 Just A Reminder. Hide All Of Your Devices

Image credits: danithedan


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