Airbnb Guest Shares Ridiculous Rules And Regulations This Host Had For Her

Rules are generally a good thing because they help guide our behavior and act as condensed crystals of knowledge, laid down by other members of society. However, with all that being said, there might be such a thing as having too many rules. And that can be just as bad (if not worse) as not having enough, depending on your point of view. Though, sometimes, it’s merely amusing.

Well, TikToker and Reiki practitioner Tiffany Ingalls, who also goes by the online tag Authentiffany, shared her, errr, interesting experience staying at an Airbnb room that had a very peculiar owner. The host was very controlling and left instructions, guidelines, and rules written out on bits of paper absolutely everywhere. In every nook and cranny, you’d find explanations on how to do things in very specific ways.

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Scroll down for the full story and for Tiffany’s massively viral videos that got millions of views. Keep in mind that Tiffany simply wanted to share a funny and unique experience, not to make fun of the host. Tiffany only rented a single room, not the entire house. All of the Airbnb reviews were absolutely fine. Above all, she actually didn’t mind living there and made the initial video just for laughs.

When you’re done with the article, let us know in the comments what you think of this situation. And, if you’re feeling up to it, share your own peculiar experiences with Airbnb, dear Pandas.

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When Tiffany arrived at her Airbnb room, she was surprised by all the instructions the detail-oriented host left for her

My most recent Airbnb host had a few controlling quirks

Start before you even walk in, you get hit with a huge information guide on what to do

You have to take this off the door and make sure that you hang it here when you’re inside

Next is the amount of information that’s given just every moment after

In every way possible and every part of the room

But my favorite of all of the information pieces is this one where she draws a picture of the remote control and teaches you how to use each button

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But there’s even a note on how to use the vent

And how to use the storage bins

One of my top top favorites though, as she saw me using this cup

Instead of this cup and told me I’m using the wrong cup to drink my water.

This cup apparently is to hold my toothbrush

Another good one. You weren’t allowed to move the shower curtain from left to right

It had to be right to left.

I hope I slept here correctly.

Image credits: authentiffany_

Tiffany is a TikTok video creator, Intuitive Healer, and certified Reiki practitioner. She also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and aims to help people connect with their authentic selves, in order to lead “a life of passion, fulfillment, and wealth that far exceeds any monetary value.”

Not everyone on TikTok agreed on whether or not the host’s behavior was fine. Some thought that all the instructions were over the top, meanwhile, some others believe that more clarity is better than a lack of it. Besides, there was plenty of very useful information shared, too. Though, some internet users noted, a lot of the info was common sense.

The detail-oriented host thought to include nearly everything: starting from how to use storage bins to explaining which way to pull the shower curtain, and much, much more. There was even a diagram of the TV remote, explaining what each and every button does. However, the point where many might believe things definitely crossed the line was when Tiffany shared that the host told her she used the ‘wrong’ cup to drink water from.

Here’s how some people reacted to the woman’s videos

You can watch Tiffany’s full viral videos right over here

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♬ original sound – Authentiffany

@authentiffany_Part 2 of my Airbnb stay♬ original sound – Authentiffany

“This video was an idea that sparked as I was checking out of the room. I thought ‘this would be funny to share.’ It didn’t get much attention and then a week later I open Tiktok and see it had suddenly blown up,” Tiffany told Newsweek. “This video and the responses that it’s received highlights for me just how complex we humans are. Our range of needs stretches far and wide and it shows that no one person could please all of us (it would be painful to even try).”

She continued: “It also shows that many of us are still operating from a place where we judge and hate on others who are not aligned with our own specific needs and desires instead of seeing the value in their offering and how serving it may be for someone else. I hope if anything this video helps people to see that you can stand behind your own needs and desires while still holding compassion and understanding for others who aren’t meeting it. We are all doing the best we can.”

People found the videos very interesting and started discussing whether or not so many rules and regulations was a good thing

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