Airline Galley Carts Pitched as Objets D'esign

A company called Elements Eden is taking square aim at the “design lover’s” crowd with their repurposed airline galley carts. The staged photographs present them as Mac workstations, Monocle storage units and shrines-in-waiting to Dieter Rams.

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The company says these are designed in Thailand and manufactured in China. It’s not clear if these are off-the-shelf designs kitted out with stock or bespoke drawers; at press time the company’s website was down, and there’s virtually no information (beyond price) on the company’s social accounts.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The smaller footlocker-sized units are 14,500 Thai Bhat (USD $392). The shorter of the two carts goes for 24,500 Thai Bhat (USD $662), or 26,500 THB (USD $716) for a version with a transparent door. The taller versions go for 28,500 THB (USD $770), or 31,500 THB (USD $851) with the transparent door. The drawers are an additional 650 THB (USD $18) apiece and the felt pads, 420 THB (USD $11). Shipping isn’t included.

For reference’s sake, in the U.S. you can buy decommissioned carts of the taller size in the $220 to $400 range.

Source: core77

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