Alternative Form Factors: Non-Wrist-Based Watches

Designed for “people who live or work in environments where they don’t want something on their wrist [but] still want immediate access to the time,” these Clip Watches are by the Ohio-based Dakota Watch Company.

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They might not appeal to office dwellers, but for someone working in manufacturing, where wearing a wristwatch might be a safety no-no, they make sense. For that environment, the Cage Clip line comes with a protective aluminum cage that can be screwed on.

I think they could have done a better job with the cage, which to my eye greatly reduces legibility, but we live in the era of branding.

Their Ana Digi Miniclip model is aimed at outdoorsfolk and contains a compass.

There’s also this digital Digiclip version.

As for where on the body they’re meant to be worn, I suppose a belt loop. The orientation of the watch face makes sense, in that you’d be grabbing the object and flipping it towards you to read the time.

It might be neat if you could rotate the face to choose your own orientation, so that in a base camp setting it could serve as a tiny wall clock. But I suppose that would add a level of manufacturing complexity that would drive the cost up.

Speaking of cost, the Cage Clip models run $75; the Digiclip, $55; and the Ana Digi Miniclip is $70.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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