An artificial cloud that rains tequila (yes, you read that right)

This is not a drill.

In an attempt to lure in more people to their country and increase tourism, the tourism board of Mexico has commissioned LAPIZ to create an artificial cloud that rains not water, but tequila. It is currently on exhibit in Berlin, Germany and people can’t get enough of it.

Combining Germany’s chilly weather and Mexico’s sunny atmosphere, the Chicago-based creative agency purposely went for the cloud concept to highlight both. Ultrasonic humidifiers were installed in the cloud to produce tequila into mist instead of rainwater. People would only then have to raise their containers under the cloud to catch the liquor. But for those who are not so keen on waiting for tequila to start pouring, they can easily get their fill through a tap that is connected from the cloud’s storage.

Since Germany holds the second spot for the largest exporter of tequila in the world, the project was not hard to get into fruition. Unfortunately, it will not be flown to Mexico anytime soon. But the fact that a “cloud of tequila” is even possible is already something we’re all looking forward to.



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