An "Earthscraper" InterContinental Hotel Built in an Abandoned Quarry

An abandoned quarry is a blight on the landscape. But developers in Shanghai and British architect Martin Jochman saw an opportunity to turn one into an attractive destination.

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Jochman designed what would later be called the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, a luxury hotel and so-called “earthscraper.” Located 30 miles outside of Shanghai, the building stands (sinks?) 18 stories, with just two of the stories being above ground level. The quarry bottom has been flooded to form a lake.

Naturally, rock climbing is offered as an activity.

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While the bulk of the rooms feature views of the quarry…

…the two lowest floors are below the waterline, and placed adjacent to enclosed aquariums, to offer a unique view.

Here’s Jochman describing the project and what he was going for:

Source: core77

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