An Elegant Portable LED Lamp, Meant to Evoke Different Phases of Sunlight

This elegant portable lamp, called Salt, is by German lighting manufacturer Grau. Made of powder-coated aluminum and with a rubberized base, it features a touch-sensitive top that allows you to dim the LED, which maxes out at 450 lumens.

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While the lamp’s form is stark and technical, the light it puts out is meant to romantically evoke the sun:

“The innovative Sunset Dimming light feature from GRAU offers the broad spectrum of sunlight: from bright afternoon light (2700 K) to late evening glow (1300 K) – unique for a mobile light – Sunset Dimming creates a feeling of well-being and closeness. The light color can be adjusted in three curated light curves using the magic button on the newly designed underside of the lamp. Users can choose between Sunset Orange Light, Golden Light and Neutral Light. The unique light spectrum creates the right atmosphere for the desired mood and creates calming moments, especially in the evening.”

USB-C rechargeable, the lamp’s four battery units provide 150 hours of runtime on a single charge; if left at the dimmest level, that increases to 500 hours. And “in the spirit of sustainability,” the company writes, “Salt was designed so that its battery can be easily replaced in just a few easy steps.”

Salt runs €399 (USD $426).

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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